Downloads Are Offline

All downloads are offline and are accessible by request only. I do not give permission for my work to be hosted elsewhere and I will continue to defend my claim in all instances I find. If you want something of mine, you can ask for it like an honest person. Pardon the vitriol, but I(…)

Status on Ouroboros Legacy

Here’s an update on what’s going on with my game, for those of you who don’t follow me on Tumblr and aren’t aware of what the hold-up is The story is far from over; in fact much of this generation is already written, I just need to piece it together into chapters from my Word(…)

Sims 3 Autumn Moon

This Sims 3 moon was another gift for my visiting trick-or-treaters over Simblreen, now released publicly. It’s a little softer than my normal High res moons, and the off-white color is very natural. Enabled for all moon phases, uses my custom crescent design. I think this may rank in my top 3 or 4 favorite(…)

Simblreen 2014: Sims 3 Halloween Novelty moon

This gruesome spectre is sure to shiver your sims’s timbers this Simblreen! This Sims 3 moon is enabled for all moon phases, and uses my custom crescent design. Made for the 2014 Simblreen event on Tumblr.  Texture by Cycoze, used with permission. Downloads are now by request only  

Simblreen 2014: Sims 4 Halloween Novelty moons

Let’s just get the ridonkulous out of the way, shall we? These Sims 4 ‘moons’ are just some Halloween novelties I did for the Simblreen event. One is a jack-o-lantern, the other is a candy corn. My dirty secret is that I love candy corn. Pics are unedited. If you missed the more realistic moons(…)

Bloodmoon of 10/14 for Sims 3

Early this morning marked the second full lunar eclipse of the 2014-2015 lunar tetrad, and naturally I had to ‘convert’ it for The Sims 3! This moon is an actual image of the ‘blood moon’ as it was seen over central United States on October 8, 2014. Something a little different this time around is(…)

Sims 4 Crescent Moon

Since we do not have moon phases in Sims 4 yet, I made you one   Trying a little something different from my Sims 3 moons, this crescent moon is my own mask, rather than the one used by Sims 3 Supernatural. Install it to \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods as per usual. This is a(…)

Sims 4 Moon

EA merely recycled the Sims 3 blurry moon texture for Sims 4, so I’ll be converting my moons. Here’s the first, the normal moon from my Sims 3 Higher Res moon collection.     Downloads are now by request only

2.13: Fairy Wings, Among Other Things

Generation 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.   When we last left the story in 2.12: Ain’t No Sunshine, Annika was meeting the Riverhavens of Midnight Hollow, and feeling rather overwhelmed. As a few of you observed, it was interesting to see her without her usual unthinking self-assurance. While this(…)

2nd (and last) Tumblr Followers Sims 3 Store Giveaway

Another giveaway for anyone who follows me on Tumblr! I’m absolutely getting rid of all of my sim points this time. This time the contest is for a sim of your making to join my legacy village in the Ouroboros legacy. There will be a 1st and 2nd place prize. 1st place is up to(…)

Sims 3 moon size mods

For the Sims 3 moon version of the Majora’s Mask moon, I’d included a mod to increase the size of the moon. I received a few asks about it for different sizes, so I’ve uploaded a few flavors for you, including one smaller size, since I’ve seen at least one person say they wished the(…)

Meteor Strike! A Sims 3 moon

When I was looking for reference pics for Saturn for a Sims 3 moon (upcoming), I ran across this gem. Since I’ve been making new layer masks, I thought this might be doable, and was quite pleased with the result. I want to thank Jake VanHuss, a wonderful 3d artist, for allowing me to share(…)

Sims 4 Non Default Danevbie Eyes

  Alrighty. My first Sims 4 download. These probably took more effort and time than they should have, but it was worth it in terms of what I learned. These are not conversions, they are new and edited by me, and admittedly sophomoric. And they have given me a lot of ideas for future projects.(…)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask moon for The Sims 3

This lovely moon was requested for The Sims 3 by chillywilly. What a great idea! …only, I knew nothing about Zelda, lol. Truth be told, I’ve not played many video games at all, other than The Sims series. But, after a quick trip to Zelda Wiki, it seemed like a cool idea. This thing will(…)

Tumblr Followers Sims 3 Store Giveaway

The upcoming store set That’s Amore will be the last of the Sims 3 store content, and as it turns out, I’ll have a substantial amount of sim points leftover. Rather than let those go to waste, I’m going to share them by awarding one of my followers with their choice of any giftable world,(…)

2.12: Ain’t No Sunshine

Generation 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.    Annika had had no idea what to do or what to expect when the ship put her ashore in Moonlight Falls, but fortunately Natalia set upon her the moment she stepped off the gangplank into this strange new world. Annika was relieved,(…)

Public Notice: Copyright and DMCA Violations

This is to serve as public notice that the site owner of is hosting content of my creation without my permission and in manners specifically against my terms of use. As of today, 5/31/14, has been placed on notice, as has Tucows, AdSense, and Kiwishare.

2.11: You Always Wake Up So Happy

Generation 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.   This chapter resumes the final scene of the last chapter, 2.10: What Can They Do?  In that chapter, Jace caught Aimee and Jessie and Annie right after their threesome. During that scene, Jessie had finally made the decision to stop fighting his(…)

2.10: What Can They Do?

Generation 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children. “I just don’t know what to do with her anymore,” Jace exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. He folded his arms again, mirroring Carrick’s stance. “Dad would’ve never let her get away with this behavior. He raised us to be responsible.” His(…)

2.9: Equilibrium Shatters

Generation 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children. This chapter is mostly a time lapse, narrated from god-view. They are now looking forward to adulthood at last. Annika’s early character development is nearly ready to move on to the next chapters of their lives. This is the calm before the storm.(…)