Legacy Challenge Roll Results

the roll

I used the little Java roller that is linked on the Random Legacy Challenge site to roll for my first generation. I like it, as you can deselect what options you know you won’t want to play with.

Marital Structure: Couple
Number of Children: Five Children
Income: P: Vocalist
               S: Farmer/Nectar Maker
Generation Goal: Perfect Children
Miscellaneous Fun: Runs in the Family

Honestly, I removed several of the Marriage Structures. I like to play with couples, single parents, or multi-marriages (made possible due to Inteen by Darkpool). I also kept in the options for Single With Help and Second Chance.

5 children! :-O And they all have to be Perfect Children! :-O :-O    oh my.
At least the Runs in the Family option goes well with Perfect Children.

I left in very few careers, and tbh I like the professions better. So I’ll have a vocalist and a gardener. Sounds like we’re going to have a starving artist and a family struggling to live off the land, lol. That works for me. As for these 5 kids…I dunno!

I’m off to start cleaning up Sunlit Tides. That won’t get finished tonight.