Random Legacy Challenge

ImageFor about the past year and a half, I’ve been obsessed with building my perfect world to play in. Not being someone at all technically-knowledgeable or inclined, I couldn’t even figure out how to START in Create-a-World at first. And I was really dissatisfied with EA worlds; if only I could just have more flat land so I could put lots where I wanted…if only the sea were a lighter blue. My husband, tech geek and former Second Life guru, finally got me started in CAW after a dozen confusing tutorials frustrated me–and he doesn’t even play Sims. Once I got started, this thread on MTS taught me a lot (and still does).

The result is that I’ve been constantly building ‘perfect’ worlds for my simmies, and have barely played the game. I decided to mix it up with a legacy challenge, and found the Random Legacy Challenge. There’s a thread over at MTS dedicated to it, and the rules can be found here. 24 pages of rules seemed daunting at first! But really it’s based on a few factors regulating game play, which are randomized for each generation.

Screenshot-3I will play in Sunlit Tides…that being the only EA world thus far that I’ve actually enjoyed playing in. (I have Monte Vista, but haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, due to the aforementioned world building).

Game play -wise, I prefer a minimalist/survivalist setting, so I opted out of a lot of the career options for at least the first generation. And I need to go through the town, deleting and adding lots, removing many families, editing the remaining pudding faces, and tweaking story progression options.

I’ll post back with updates as I get started. I’m excited!