Tweaking and Polishing Sunlit Tides

I have been busily cleaning up Sunlit Tides today in anticipation of starting the Random Legacy Challenge. It cracks me up to realize just how much fun I have building worlds. Even though I didn’t build Sunlit Tides, I’ve gone through and deleted most community lots and empty houses, and have started polishing some of the pudding faces.

communityAs I’ve said before, I like to play very primitive, rustic story lines. As in, sims live in tents and crude shelters, cook over campfires, fish and garden for food, and community lots are limited and built to reflect mostly the same style. Show Time forced me to mix that up a little bit, as I like doing the performances…but I made sparse and rustic venues to make up for it 😛

I cleared off a space in Sunlit Tides, removed a 50×50 lot, and plopped down a bunch of smaller lots. This will be my starting ‘village’.


There’s plenty of room in Sunlit Tides for the community to grow larger and spread out more.


During the first round of pudding face polishing, I found a possible legacy founder in Theodora Jayne, whom I renamed Lilith Meadows. Pretty, no?


In case I go with her, I accorded her the traits of Diva, Friendly, Natural Born Performer, Star Quality, and Schmoozer, since I rolled Vocalist for primary income.