Do Over :(


Merry Christmakwanzakah and a happy Festivus to you all! I’ve had a good holiday, although somewhat hollow due to some family issues. My husband and I did the holiday thing with his parents last night, opened our own pressies this morning, and have spent a lazy day in our pajamas.

Remember, the holiday isn’t supposed to be a capitalistic rat race. Remember that the annoying people in stores are just trying to finish their errands and get home too. Remember that person standing on the sidewalk ringing the bell isn’t there just to waste time. Remember there are others who do not have what you have, who are struggling in so many little, invisible ways. I encourage you to be inspired to reach out, not to give someone a hand out, but a hand up. It’s not a religion thing; I’m not religious at all. It’s a human thing.

Instead of giving to charities, I like to make surprise cash “donations” to people when I see a need and am able. $30 can buy groceries. $50 can pay a bill. It doesn’t take much to make things better for someone for even a little while. How you do it isn’t really so important though; it’s how you affect people for the good.


So anyway, back on topic! Last night, I finally finished tweaking my neighborhood, sims, and lots, and actually got started playing my legacy! Yay!

This afternoon, I booted up Sims to play some more….and my save game wouldn’t load. Not so yay.

I tried all the usual measures. I removed custom content, deleted caches, tried going to the backup save file, and even rebooting the computer while crossing my fingers. I poked around the files and tried many other things. I looked online. Most threads stopped with the explanation of how to access backup save files, but I’d already tried that.

So eff it, I didn’t have TOO much time invested in the actual legacy, and at least most of my starting sims were saved to the bin. So tonight I re-cleaned Sunlit Tides, to start over. Do over!
Ugh, just realized that in all of my file poking today, I accidentally removed my bin sims too. ::facepalm:: so yeah…total do-over. sigh.

new site

In the process of cleaning out all the lots again, I did have an opportunity to scout some better locations for my starting “village”. This location ended up being my choice. It was originally covered by two huge lots. That open beach on the back right is all lot-routable, as is most of the terrain around the big lots and up to the road. All in all, a better location for a village which will grow, for community lots, and a community that will eventually grow bigger and spread out.

So, although it’s been hours worth of work lost and a few more hours to get re-situated, it wasn’t completely a waste.


Unfortunately I have to rebuild all the village lots and the 3 community lots I originally started with.

Oh well. At least I have the time.