Chapter 1.0: Lilith Meadows, Generation 1 founder

135681751856514In the village of Laguna on Ouroboros Isle, Lilith Meadows was wondering what to do with her life.



There really wasn’t much to do. The village was small and primitive, and Lilith already knew most everyone who lived there.

Lilith was not content. She wanted a family someday, of course. And she wanted love–not to just settle down with the first fisherman to reel her in and start popping out babies.

Her world was only as big as Ouroboros Isle, though, which oddly enough wasn’t the depressing part. The island was her home and Lilith’s roots were here; she just wanted something…more, and whatever ‘more’ was, it hadn’t made itself known to her yet.



The Community Center of Ouroboros Isle was the largest structure in the village–indeed, the largest structure on the island.



Nearly anything that she needed, Lilith could get from the consignment shop or the vegetable and fruit market at the Community Center, any time of day.



It seemed to rain a lot on Ouroboros, but Lilith liked the rain.



Rain or shine, there was good fishing to be had, so no one on Ouroboros ever went hungry. Lilith’s father taught her how to fish when she was a child.

Her parents had both died a couple years before.


Lilith’s best friend was Maru. She and Maru were the same age, and had been playmates as children. She talked to Maru about most everything; his dad passed away not long after her own parents, after which they had had only each other for comfort and understanding.

It was totally platonic, though. Lilith cared for Maru and had his back, but they’d never been romantically involved. Most of the villagers thought they would eventually marry, the predestination of which actually annoyed Lilith.



And then there was Shane Stone, a cousin of Maru’s. Sometimes it seemed like the light was just right and the air went soft when she spoke to him….but she knew that was just a smidge of fantasy. They didn’t often see each other or talk, much less spend time around each other, and she had seen him hanging around with another woman from time to time.

Oh well.