Chapter 1.1: Just Another Day in the Life


Lilith woke early, in time to see the moonset. It also looked like the rain had broken up for once, although who knew for how long.



Lilith’s camp was in the back outskirts of the village. Her best friend Maru was her closest neighbor.

There was a touch of Autumn in the air this morning. Lilith decided take a walk through the village after breakfast, and maybe try to catch a few fish later. She stopped by Maru’s camp to see if he wanted to come with her, but he was already up and gone.



Old Grampa Hale was the first sim she encountered along the path. Unfortunately he was senile and always hitting on her.



Screenshot-16 (2)
Daniel Rivers always flirted with her too, which wasn’t quite as bad as a senile old man. But, Daniel was a little….different.

Nakedness wasn’t something frowned upon, but, Daniel pretty much stayed naked. And making small talk with a naked man who keeps winking at you is, well, different.



Daniel hallooed as Lilith made her way toward the Community Center, so she stopped for a quick chat. He was actually a pretty interesting guy, most of the time. But when he started winking and talking about needing help practicing with his wand, she moved on…




Lilith saw Shane Stone waking up in his shelter, and after a small hesitation, went to say hello.

“Lilith. You’re up and about early,” he said, stretching. She discreetly admired.
She took a teasing tone. “Or you’re up late.”

Shane gave a crooked grin, and moved to poke at his fire. “Well, see you around,” she said lightly, and started back to the path.

“See ya,” Shane responded, intent on his fire.



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Sighing, Lilith headed for the tidal pool. There she stayed for a few hours. She wondered what Maru had been up to all day; she still hadn’t seen him.



After reeling a couple of small fishes, Lilith headed up to the Community Center, where she whiled away an hour or so practicing shots on the pool table.



Two things Lilith didn’t notice before she finally went home. Maru slinking around the corner, so as not to be seen, and Shane, who had been watching her from the bar. After she left, he ordered another drink.

It was late by the time Lilith roasted and ate the fish she’d caught earlier, and finally sank into her sleeping furs.

It had been just another day in the life, but her dreams were dominated by a roller coaster of images and feelings.