Chapter 1.3: What Tomorrow Brings

Days passed after the incident at the Community Center. Lilith could see that Maru had been to his camp, but she hadn’t actually seen him in several days, and it didn’t even seem that he was sleeping there. He was definitely making a conscious effort to avoid her 🙁

Having turned it all over in her mind dozens of times since it happened, Lilith realized Maru’s intentions. She knew that his behavior that night wasn’t entirely spontaneous; she knew him too well to believe that. Which meant he must have been, well, making a move on her that he’d intended to make. Which meant, he wanted more than friendship. Which meant, Lilith had some serious thinking to do.



Of course she loved him; Maru had been her lifelong friend. But now as adults, this was a serious matter to contemplate. She played over and over in her mind the moment he would have kissed her. Would it have been so bad? Would it have been good? Would it have turned her on? Would it have been life-changing?

Should she have pushed him away? She just wasn’t sure, and she’d been so surprised. Maru was a strong and handsome man, to be sure. A girl could do a lot worse, but shouldn’t a girl also feel butterflies? *sigh*



Lilith had no idea what the right course was. She missed Maru. She was a little lonely and wanted her friend back.

Not wanting to stay at home and mope, Lilith visited Daniela Haven a few times. Daniel Rivers (AKA naked witch dude) often visited Daniela’s camp as well, and the three sims passed a few hours just chatting and joking around the fire.

When the subject of past relationships came up, Lilith admitted she had never had a boyfriend.

“So you’ve never even kissed a man?” Daniel asked with a mirthful expression.

“Well, no.”

“Well I think I should be your first kiss!” he teased.

Jokingly, Lilith leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. “There, now you can say you were the first man to kiss me!” she giggled, but pulled away when Daniel tried to put his arm around her shoulder. That wasn’t so bad; at least he was wearing pants today!



With her little world in a bit of unasked-for chaos, it seemed only apropos to put her effort toward something she’d dreamed of doing: singing. She decided to start singing at the Community Center for tips, and so she made her way to there after spending the afternoon with Daniel and Daniela.



She wasn’t exactly making a killing, but no one ever complained about a little extra cash!

It started raining a couple hours later, and it was starting to get dark. Lilith decided to walk down to the tidal pool and catch a fish for supper.



A short while later, Daniel followed her. Lilith greeted him and chatted like usual. At least he still had his pants on.



She slowly noticed his interested, intense gaze. He looked…hungry. A quizzical look flitted across her face, and before she knew what was happening, Daniel had wrapped his arms around her in a strong grip and his mouth was coming toward her! It looked like he wanted to eat her!

Daniel’s hands fisted in her hair and pulled her mouth up to meet his. Suddenly she relaxed into it. She was vaguely aware of the rain drumming down over them, of his hands holding her in place. The air crackled as her mouth opened for his.



Slightly stunned, Lilith drooped against his shoulder before pulling back.

Now you’ve been properly kissed by a man,” he breathed against her hair.

Lilith stood back. “Daniel, I was just playing around earlier. What was that!”

“Just a little magick, baby.” He winked.



He stepped toward her again. “You liked it. I liked it. Come back to camp with me.”

And with that, the spell was broken. “Oh hell no. Damn it Daniel, I said I was just joking around earlier. What is it with men trying to kiss me this week?!”

She was fuming now. As she stalked away from the tidal pool, she heard Daniel say “That was more than trying, baby.”




When Lilith reached camp, there was a note pinned to her tent. Her heart sped up when she saw Maru’s handwriting. “Where have you been Maru?”

She opened the paper and read,

Lilith, I know this has been a surprise, I’m sorry. You’re my best friend. I’m crazy about you. Please give this a chance. Please give us a chance.

“Oh, Maru.”

With a frustrated sigh, Lilith went to bed. She would look for Maru tomorrow, she resolved.