Chapter 1.6: Not Your Possession

A ship had sailed into the harbor the day before, and Lilith was prepared to be aboard when it left again the next morning. The evening had been clear, winter birds migrating.

It began to rain during the night.

After a quick breakfast, Maru took Lilith’s hand and led her down to the beach camp where they’d had their first date.



He fervently made love to her on the beach beneath the rain.



“Be careful Lilith,” he said. “Come back to me safe. And stay away from those French men,” he added in a tense, teasing tone.

“Don’t be melodramatic, Maru; I’ll probably only be gone a week, maybe two. Besides getting off the island for the first time in my life, I’ll be able to get a lot of useful supplies that we don’t have here. I’m actually looking forward to it,” she admonished. “But yes, I’ll stay away from the French men,” she laughed.

A little while later he gathered up her bag, took her by the hand and led her to the waiting ship.



Champs les Sims was mind-bogglingly huge. Fancy stone and brick buildings with glass windows sprung up on the river banks. She was able to find the boarding house not long after she disembarked.


Screenshot-3 (4)
The next day, she located the general store, not far from her boarding house.

There she picked up a cheap camera, and a bottle of local nectar for Maru.
She found she was actually a little relieved to be away from Maru for a few days, although she missed his company.


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She was amazed to see that Autumn was only beginning in Champs les Sims. Eagerly she asked for directions to the famous local nectary. Two days later, she rented a motor bike to make the trek into the French countryside.


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At the nectary, she selected several vintages to take back to Ouroboros Isle. This was giving her an idea of digging a cellar beneath her camp. That would be so very useful. It could even serve as shelter during the worst of the winter storms. She’d need some help from villagers for that though. Better buy more nectar for gifts, then!

The lady who packaged her purchases assured her that she was welcome to hand pick some of the grape varieties growing around the nectary. There was even available boarding space upstairs, if Lilith wished to stay on for a few days. Oh yes, she sure did!

The woman also told her of an abandoned nectary out by the river behind town, where grapes and many plants still grew wild. Lilith thought she might visit there too before she returned to Ouroboros.


Back on Ouroboros Isle, the weather was still getting chillier, and more leaves turned scarlet and drooped to the ground daily.

Shane had been working hard on his plans for the winter. He built a structure to protect him better from winter winds and snows, and laid in some firewood.


He also determined to go ahead and plant the couple of seeds he’d been able to find on the island. He knew they would probably go dormant soon before winter, but that would still give him a head start come spring. And hopefully he could coax a harvest or two out of them before winter set in earnestly.

When a merchant ship showed up on shore one evening, Shane impulsively decided to sail out with it the next day. He’d been off the island a time or two, and had seen many plants in Champs les Sims that couldn’t be found on Ouroboros Isle.

Having been preoccupied with building his new living shelter, he honestly hadn’t known that Maru’s girl Lilith had left for there a few days ago.


Eve 6 – Think Twice


When he let Maru know he’d be gone for a few days, Maru became immediately hostile.

“WHAT?!” Shane practically shouted.

“You stay away from Lilith,” Maru snarled.

“What the hell, dude? I’m going AWAY. And besides I’ve barely ever talked to Lilith, mainly out of respect for you, my uncle’s son!”


“Lilith sailed to Champs les Sims last week to pick up winter supplies. If you see her, just make sure she’s staying away from the French men…and from you!” Maru growled.

“You know what Maru? You’ve got some issues. Lilith isn’t your possession, and I’ve been totally respectful of your friendship with her–for years, and I didn’t have to be, and maybe I didn’t want to be. I didn’t know she was there. I’m going there for winter supplies, not to follow your crush and infringe on your claim.”


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Bright and early the next morning, Shane sailed  south for Champs les Sims. He wondered if he would run into Lilith there. Champs les Sims was much larger and bustling than their quiet little Ouroboros Isle. He hoped he did see her. Not to be an ass or anything vindictive; but she was a nice girl. And kinda beautiful too, he thought.