Chapter 1.8: Witchy Woman

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Maru knew he had messed up–big time. How did Kaila always seem to know exactly what to say and do when he was feeling vulnerable? He did his best to stay away from her now, but it was hard to do. He was lonely and she had been so understanding, and he knew it was hurting her feelings when he avoided her. It wasn’t her fault he was such an ass.



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Now everything was going to be complicated, he just knew it. There was always the option of just not telling Lilith, he supposed. Shaking his head, he buried his face in his hands.



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Eagles – Witchy Woman


Kaila was not happy either. She probably should’ve just left him alone to begin with…Maru had been walking around with a hard-on for Lilith since he was a teenager. But when it seemed that Lilith rejected Maru, Kaila had offered the best comfort she knew how to give to the big brooding man.

It had been a comfort to her too, she admitted. It had stung when Daniel refused to be her mate, even though she’d been carrying his child.



She’d been accepting when Lilith had come for Maru that day. It was bitter to watch them being all happy and lovey, but she knew the best thing to do was let things happen as they were meant to happen.

But now, with trouble in paradise, spells kept weaving through her mind. And it harm none… was it really harming anyone? Lilith clearly did not feel the same about Maru as Maru felt for her. Was it really harming anyone if she and Maru took pleasure in each other?

Let naught stop you or turn you aside…



The next morning at the boarding house in Champs les Sims, Shane awoke to find Lilith still in slumber.

He studied her face as she slept. He decided there was no reason to tell her about the confrontation with Maru back on Ouroboros.

Lilith seemed happy enough with Maru these past few weeks. It wasn’t his business to meddle in her choices, even if he did feel Maru was being childish and possessive.

Even if he did think she was beautiful with morning light washing across her sleeping face.



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Later that morning they were walking down to the abandoned nectary, when Shane asked Lilith about a tower on the other side of the river.

“You know, I’ve been so busy with the stores and the nectary that I haven’t had a chance to check that out yet. Why don’t we do that now?”

“And the abandoned nectary?”

“Well, there’s always tomorrow,” she replied lightly. She’d been planning on looking for fare back to Ouroboros in a day or two after visiting the abandoned nectary, but another couple of days wouldn’t hurt. And anyway, it was so unexpected running into an islander here in Champs les Sims, it was worth spending the extra time.

They set out across the bridge and up the hillside to the house with the tower.



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A couple hours and several flights of stairs later–Shane lost count–they reached the top of the tower behind an abandoned house on the hillside.

“Wow,” Lilith breathed.


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“Wow indeed,” Shane agreed. The view of the surrounding landscape was pretty amazing, too. “Hey, what are those ruins down there on that island in the river?”

Lilith looked down and her brows drew together. “I hadn’t noticed that. I wonder how you get there?”

“Swimming, I imagine,” he deadpanned. Lilith laughed.

“Well, let’s go!”



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They waded across the shallows to the island and climbed atop the ruins. It was another beautiful panoramic perspective of the town and surrounding countryside.



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They chattered away the rest of the afternoon. As the sun drooped lower in the sky, butterflies flitted through the grass below them.