Chapter 1.12: When One Door Closes

Lilith kept herself occupied over the next couple days. She busied herself with unpacking and rearranging her camp. She wondered if it was too late in the season to attempt digging a cellar, and decided to ask Shane about that when he returned.

Her activities somewhat warded off Maru’s attentions, too. Since the afternoon at the pool on the beach, Lilith had avoided being alone with him, and declined his invitation to spend the night with him. She got the feeling that his sexual attention had motivations other than simple desire and having missed her. It was like he was trying to mark his territory.


Lilith also resumed singing at the Community Center. She’d forgotten how much she enjoyed it, and was happy to have a few extra simoleons to save away.

She even worked up the nerve to talk to the lady who was proprietor at the park venue. Sometimes performances were held there when sims visited the island.


“Of course Lilith! I thought you’d never ask,” the proprietor gushed. “I’ve heard your singing at the Community Center, but then you went away to Champs les Sims and I thought surely they’d talk you into staying.”

“Nooo, Ouroboros Isle is my home! Although it was quite beautiful there. I’ll bring you a bottle of nectar when I come by to sing tomorrow night. Thank you so much!”


She was so excited that she ran to the Community Center to practice for a few hours. As it got late–and cold–her only “fan” was the lady at the consignment register, so she picked up her tip jar and walked home.


Worn out after unpacking, rearranging, singing, and auditioning, Lilith went straight to bed. Tomorrow would be a big day, her ‘debut’ as a real singer!


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Bright and early the next morning, she found Maru waiting in her camp. He looked to be brooding, but he smiled when she emerged from her tent.

“Maru! What a surprise. Want to have breakfast with me?”

“Well, yes, that’s sort of why I came. I didn’t get a chance to see you yesterday.”

“You wanted to talk to me about having breakfast…yesterday?” she handed him some cherimola blan grapes. “Here, try these. They don’t grow around here. I think Shane is going to try a vineyard in the spring, so there might be lots of varieties soon,” she prattled on.


“Well, I didn’t want to just talk about breakfast, exactly,” he said, looking at her determinedly.

“Here, take the grapes. Eat. We can talk later.” Her intuition was nudging her.

Resigned, he skewered the grapes and roasted them, eating along with her. These grapes are good,” he conceded, eating another mouthful.



After breakfast, Maru snatched her into an embrace and she returned his happy kiss. He tasted of the grapes, which reminded her of Champs les Sims.


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 Madonna – The Power of Goodbye

She pulled back and looked up into his face. “So what did you want to talk about that involved breakfast?”

“Well. Um. Why don’t we. With all this stuff. Set for winter. Why don’t we share a home camp,” he stuttered it out finally. He cursed himself immediately. He always said things all wrong. Natural progression should be easier!

“Maru…” she pulled back, and his already nervous face collapsed.

“You don’t want to. You don’t want me. I knew it.”

Maru, it’s too soon. I agreed to give this a try, to give us a try. Becoming mates wasn’t something we talked about. And honestly? I don’t know if I feel the same way you do.”

He seemed to be fighting within himself but remained silent.

“Maru, I love you, you’ve been my best friend, you know me so well. But maybe you deserve better…” she laid her hand on his arm and he jerked it away.

“I love you Lilith.” He looked like he might cry.

And then he ran.


Maru ran straight to Kaila’s camp, where she appeared to be waiting for him.

“She said…she said… ” Kaila wrapped her arms around him.

“You said anything I needed. I need you now,” he said mournfully into her hair.


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“Maru. My love. I can give you everything you need. Now, and forever. Do you want to forget Lilith?”

Somberly he nodded. “Do you seek solace in me?” Again he nodded, as a tear slipped off his cheek

“Please,” he whispered.

“You have to want it. You have to leave her behind.”

“Please Kaila,” he hung his beautiful, shaggy head.


The force of her power hit him unexpectedly. Flashes of red and white-hot heat exploded against him, into his chest, and through him. He trembled but kept his feet.


When his eyes cleared, Kaila was standing calmly in front him. A few lingering sparks hung in the air.

“So,” she smiled, “How do you feel?”


Maru dragged the bewitching woman into his arms. “I feel like I want to go back to bed,” he grinned, edging her backwards toward her tent.

“Such a romantic!” Kaila laughed giddily.

“Screw that!” he said, and then his mouth came down over hers.

He paused, his face hovering above hers, and his brow suddenly creased. “What of Lilith?”

“Lilith has her own destiny.”


From her camp, Lilith had watched Maru run away. She watched his exchange with Kaila in stunned silence. She was unable to hear their words, but the bright flash of light seared her eyes.

What just happened? And then she saw Maru carrying Kaila into the tent.


Lilith walked to the beach,  to be alone, and to regroup.

Oh Shane, please come back soon. I need a friend.