1.17.2: Prelude to a Kiss Outtakes and Backstory

135820768360835I had some good outtakes from Prelude To A Kiss, but the chapter was kind of long, what with everything that happened. I think I outdid myself with that one! ::fans self::

Anyway, I decided to make a separate post for the outtakes, and some backstory, for those interested. This isn’t integral to the story line, so you won’t miss out if you skip over this post. It just explains why things are how they are.


I was super pissed at Daniela for screwing this shot up. It would have been a great interactional picture of the two couples, but Daniela had a case of the stink-eye, or somethin’.


I was just trying different poses with this one, but thought it was cute. For story purposes though, they weren’t quite this touchy-feely yet during the Riverhaven wedding.




It was 2:30AM sim time before these crazy kids got around to kissing each other finally the night of the Riverhaven wedding. Needless to say, they spent a few more hours doing the kissy-face thing. The moon was going down when Shane finally walked her home. This was the “goodnight kiss”. It was just kind of anticlimactic after the buildup of the first kiss, plus the post was already long, so this one got cut.


Some backstory, if you’re interested:

I started the village with 8 sims, with Lilith Meadows as my founder. 2 sims were a married couple, the Hales. Unfortunately, I forgot to check their age before starting the legacy, and they died fairly quickly, leaving behind 2 sons. We haven’t seen them in the story yet.

Of the other six single sims, I directed their activities somewhat, of course, but I let them run around and do their own thing for a few days. Here is how it happened in the game.


Screenshot-16 (2)Screenshot-9
Daniel Rivers immediately emerged as the village playboy. He was carrying on with Daniela Haven and Kaila Swift at the same time, the manwhore, lol. He also tried to put the moves on Lilith in the game; the first couple of flirts, she played along, but thereafter she rejected him.

Daniela is more of a supporting character to Daniel. If you noticed in Prelude To A Kiss, Lilith mentions “another beautiful baby” when speaking to Daniela. Daniela had the first sim born in the game, by Daniel. But Daniel wasn’t quite ready to settle down yet, and Kaila later had a child by him as well. As the story indicates, he left Kaila while she was pregnant to rekindle things with Daniela again. At the time of her marriage to Daniel, Daniela is pregnant with their second child.

I didn’t intend for Daniel to become such a regular character, but it ended up that way. With Lilith the protagonist, and Kaila the antagonist, and the triangles with Shane and Maru, it fell to Daniel and Daniela to be perspective characters. And let’s face it, Daniel and his wand are kinda funny. He is a witch, of course.


Screenshot-7 (2)
Kaila Swift, the other witch, also came out as a bit of a playgirl. In fact, she’s slept with every man in the village. She’s very flirtatious, but seems to limit her advances and interactions to one man at a time.

Kaila had an interest in Shane at first, which automatically positioned her as an antagonist in the story line since Lilith was attracted to Shane. She is the other woman that Lilith mentions seeing Shane hang around with in Chapter 1.0. I saw them woohoo at least once. That didn’t last long, though, thank goodness. Shane seemed pretty happy to do his own thing, until he got more involved with Lilith.

Kaila started lighting that little fire with Maru after Daniel rekindled with Daniela. That solidified her role as the story antagonist, for obvious reasons.

Before we go all WhoreFace on her, let me clarify that, apart from the apparent one-night stand with Shane right after the legacy started, she appeared to be having “relationship sex” with Daniel and then Maru. As in, she wasn’t really sleeping around. As compared to Daniel, who tried to get it whenever he could, wherever he could, from whomever he could :0)



Screenshot-22 (2)
Ah, Maru Glen, the brooder. Maru and Lilith quickly became friends. He flirted with her a lot, and sometimes she responded, but other times she ignored the advances. Like, he would compliment her appearance, and she would respond by chatting. Thus the storyline of him being interested in her romantically, but her lack of anything but half-hearted reciprocation.

Kaila had been showering him with attention, which is why he is pushed into Kaila’s arms when Lilith rejects him at first. And then, of course, he kept going back for more.


Screenshot-3 (2)
It should be pretty obvious by now that Shane Stone is our supporting protagonist for Generation 1. Lilith always got the Attracted moodlet when she spoke with Shane, although they never flirted. Shane is also a bit of a brooder, which is why I dubbed him as Maru’s cousin.

Up until Champs les Sims, I only played Shane a couple of times for scenes, and I noticed he got some interaction moodlets from Lilith, but nothing romantic. Then Maru insulted him and had an argument about some random sim reason in the game, which furthered my ideas about Lilith’s attraction to Shane.

I had him as an active character for the France scenes of course. He began wanting to talk to Lilith and do more activities with her, and then on the last day of their ‘vacation’ BOOM–his wishes took a turn for the romantic. So that’s why and how I built his growing interest in her as a person, and why he falls for her before she returns to Ouroboros in Butterflies.

I have greatly enjoyed developing the romance between Lilith and Shane. We are certainly due for a few gratuitous NSFW scenes between the two, but at this point they are 70% though young adulthood, which is by far the longest age span in my game, so be on the lookout for Generation 2 in the near future.

As of the last chapter it is almost 4 months into the story. Kaila got pregnant by Maru after Lilith rejected his first kiss. Then Maru and Lilith were a couple for 2 months or so. Then she was in France or traveling to/from for nearly a month. Shane returned several days after Lilith, and the Riverhaven wedding happened about a week after he got back. So Kaila is a little over 3 months pregnant.