Chapter 1.18: Dreaming of You

Shane’s face was foremost in her mind as Lilith woke the next day. She’d been dreaming of him.

She lay in her sleeping furs, smiling foolishly at the roof of her tent. Her mind replayed over and over the moment his lips had first touched her skin, when he’d bent to kiss her neck last night on the beach.



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And then the kiss…and the next kiss…and the next…

The moonlight, the sea, his arms around her. She shivered at the memory. She had turned around to face him last night, unsure what to say or do, but feeling moved nonetheless. And then he’d pulled her up, against his body; it was as if they had been of the same mind, moving in unison toward the instant their lips first touched.

She sighed, realizing it must be well past midday, and reluctantly left the warmth of her tent for a shower.


(and just FYI, no they did NOT sleep together last night. just a lot of the kissy-face thing. Shane has the brooding trait, and he likes to simmer on things and let them build up… you know, the whole ‘natural progression’ thing ;))



It was snowing lightly as she walked to the Community Center.

She found that most of the decorations from the wedding last night had been cleared away, but saw the guitar stowed by the stairs, out of the weather. Wandering over, she picked it up. She remembered her father had sometimes played a guitar. Running her fingers across the strings, she picked out some notes. Or rather, squawking noises.



“I didn’t realize you could play.”

Startled, Lilith turned around. She put the guitar down.

“Kaila,” she acknowledged coolly, crossing her arms and backing up a step.



Kaila regarded her for a moment. “Lilith. I want to apologize for how things happened last week. For my part in that.”

Lilith didn’t know what to say. She had said no to Maru. But he’d been her best friend, and he’d gone straight to this woman; clearly the two had some involvement that Lilith had been unaware of. He’d practically dragged Kaila into her tent in front of half the village. And that did hurt.  “How is Maru?” she asked instead. She hadn’t seen him at all since that day.

“He is well. Maru knows…  it…  He is sorry, too.”

Lilith said nothing.

“I wish you happiness,” Kaila said. She seemed on the verge of saying more, but instead, she turned and walked back out into the snow.



Shane found Lilith up at the bar a short while later. He tipped her chin up, lingering over her mouth for a heartbeat before kissing her. “Hey girl,” he breathed against her lips. She could feel his smile.

“Did you sleep late?” he asked, taking a seat beside her. He scooted his chair closer and laid an arm across the back of hers.

“Well, yes. Someone kept me out all night.” She smiled shyly, leaning into his arm.

“I’d apologize, but…” He shrugged a shoulder, giving her a sheepish grin. He looked slightly proud of himself.

Yes, this is what butterflies feels like, she thought.


Colbie Caillat – Fallin For You

They decided to shoot a few rounds of pool before Lilith’s show, which proved to be nearly impossible.

“You are too distracting,” Shane accused playfully, running his fingers through her hair. He’d scratched twice in a row.



I’m distracting?” Lilith snorted, which made Shane laugh, which made her laugh. And then his eyes darkened. He pulled her close, feeling suddenly emotional.

“Lilith,” he breathed into her neck, “this is real, right? Us?” He leaned back to search her eyes.

“Real,” she whispered. One arm went around his lower back, pulling on his coat to bring him closer. “Really real.”

He kissed her, slowly.



And then the bartender cleared his throat.

“I think it’s time we get you to your show,” Shane said rather ruefully.



Despite the continuing snow, her second show went surprisingly well. Shane cheered her on every song, and the other spectators were quite enthusiastic as well.



After the show, they walked hand in hand back to Shane’s camp to roast some dinner over the fire. When he lit the fire, she looked around.

“Candles and pillows?” she asked. “Those are new.”

Hooking his fingers through the belt loops on her pants and tugging her closer, he said “I set it up before going to meet you at the Community Center earlier. I thought it would be more comfortable so we could hang out after dinner.”

She kissed him, sighing dreamily. Such a romantic!



“Your show was really good,” he was saying as they cooked their food. “Everyone was cheering and dancing. And I really liked that new song you sang.”

“Really?” she beamed.

Such a beautiful smile, he thought. “Really. I’ve told you before I think you’re going to be our own local star.”



After they ate, they curled up together on the rug he’d laid out. Lilith rested her arms over his knee.

“I tried playing on that guitar up at the Community Center today. Someone left it there after the handfasting ceremony last night.” She paused, flushing, and he gave her a shy smile in return. He’s thinking about last night too, she realized. She cleared her throat. “Anyway, I remember my father playing a guitar some nights at the fire. But, it turns out I’m not so good at it.”

“I’ve got a guitar around here somewhere that belonged to my mother. She taught me a few chords when I was a kid. I’ll see if I can dust it off for you.”

“You’d do that for me?” she was surprised. She’d never seen him playing a guitar.

I’d do just about anything for you, woman, he mused to himself.



Shane walked her home through the snow. After relighting the camp fire for her, he moved to kiss her goodnight. After the late night before, all the excitement, and then her show, Lilith was exhausted, although reluctant to say goodbye.



Their breath was frosting in the air as snow swirled around them, but she felt warm when he deepened the kiss.

They heard a long wolf whistle from nearby. Daniel Riverhaven had stepped outside his tent and couldn’t help razzing them a bit.

“Well I guess that’s goodnight, then,” Shane said, smiling against Lilith’s cheek as he embraced her again. “I’ll see you tomorrow sweetheart.”


He stroked her cheek before trudging off into the snow toward his own camp. I’ll be dreaming of you, he added mentally.




I couldn’t really see where this might fit into the story, but thought it was sweet nonetheless. The proprietor of the Big Park venue tried to hit on Shane while Lilith was performing, and he was NOT pleased.