Chapter 1.19: Stay With Me


It was common knowledge now in the village that Shane and Lilith had become more than ‘just friends’. They saw each other nearly every day. Sometimes they went fishing, or shot pool and hung out at the bar, much to the unspoken amusement of the bartender. Norm delighted in coughing or clearing his throat when a scratch or a missed shot turned into a deep kiss.



As the weeks passed, they fell into a comfortable routine. They’d eat dinner together, almost always at Shane’s camp, since he had a bonafide shelter from the snows that were coming more and more regularly now. Not that Lilith minded the snows; it kept them closer together. They spent many evenings talking in front of the fire, about anything and everything. And kissing. And more kissing. Well, it was more like making out. A certain heat was building, and it wasn’t the camp fire.



He always walked her home at night, no matter how late or cold it was. Which almost always ended with yet more kisses before he finally headed home. She hated watching him walk away into the night, even knowing she would see him the next day.



Shane had been keeping busy in his free time, what little time he didn’t spend with Lilith. Despite the on-and-off snows of early winter, his seedlings persisted. He’d gotten a harvest of two bunches of island grapes from the first seed he’d planted before going to Champs les Sims. The seeds he’d planted when he returned had sprouted, although he couldn’t tell what the plants were yet. They were growing during warm snaps in the weather, but very soon the winter weather would render them dormant.



He’d finally finished digging a small cellar, to store the nectars he’d brought back from France and his winter food supply.



He surprised Lilith by strolling into her camp early one cloudy morning. The weather had turned chilly again.

She jumped up from her fire to hug him. “Hi handsome. I didn’t expect to see you til later!”

“I wanted to stop by early,” he said. He returned the hug, burying his face in her neck for a moment before pulling back. “Come over to my camp, I have a surprise for you. Two, actually.”


Lenny Kravitz – I Belong To You

“Oh my goodness! You’ve been building a cellar?!” The stairs down to the cellar were around the back corner of his shelter, so she’d not seen any of the work.

“You said once before that you wanted to have a cellar for winter storage.” He flushed, realizing what his words implied. Getting ahead of yourself there, Stone, she doesn’t live here, Shane checked himself sheepishly. “Anyway, it gave me the idea to build one here at my place. For winter storage, and I built a shelf to keep my nectars. What do you think?”



“This is awesome! I wish I’d been able to build one, but I kind of forgot about it. You’ve been keeping my thoughts rather occupied,” she smiled up at him flirtatiously. “This must have been an incredible amount of work and effort.”



“You can keep some of your things here, if you need winter storage. I know it’s small, but I’ll expand it as the weather allows.” He tugged her hand, directing her to the back corner of the room. “I did say I have two surprises. I found my mother’s guitar. I want you to have it.”



Lilith’s eyes went wide, her fingers running over the strings. “Really?”

“Really.” His eyes glowed watching her reverently take the proffered guitar. “I’ll teach you some chords, when you want,” he said, hiding a smile at her “notes”.




Her show that night went extremely well, she thought. More villagers turned out to see her sing each performance. Shane was there for every show, cheering her on.



He kissed her when she came offstage, eliciting a few hoots from the spectators who hadn’t already left for home. Laughing, they headed back to his camp for dinner. It was late and Lilith was starving.

Shane took out the guitar after they ate and started playing a simple melody. Lilith watched, a little awed and slightly envious. She hadn’t known he could even play. “You play much better than I do,” she observed.

He couldn’t help a laugh at that. “You make me want to build a chess set, just to hear you say that again.”

“Oh whatever, I beat you fair and square.”

His smirk prompted her to throw her jacket at him.

“If I say it again, will you throw more clothing at me?”

His jaw dropped when she stripped off her shirt and threw that at him too. It hit him in the chest and fell to the ground. Shane put the guitar down and shrugged out of his coat.



It had started to snow again. But under the shelter, laid out on the fur, Shane’s mouth against her lips, neck, and shoulders kept her more than warm. Firelight and candlelight flickered on their skin.

“Lilith.” Shane’s voice was low.

“Mmm,” she murmured, lightly stroking his back, her eyes closed. His breath fanned against her neck.

He shifted his hips against her slightly, and she could feel his arousal through his shorts. Her eyes fluttered open, into his intense, dark violet gaze.

Shane’s lips skimmed her jaw, as one hand slowly slid up her bare waist, pausing at the side strap of her bra. “Stay with me tonight,” he said.