1.21: Snowed In *NSFW*

Screenshot-58I’m including a content warning for this chapter only because of the first scene. A couple images are a bit NSFW but the content is not overly graphic. It’s rather a sweet chapter, I thought 🙂



Shane let out a long breath. After their love-making, neither moved away. His hands held Lilith upright in his lap still, her arms slack upon his shoulders. He bent to take a nipple in his mouth for a slow caress.




Ben Harper – Beloved One


She had a happy, drowsy expression on her face. Her hair was a mess, her lips swollen from their loving, a sheen of sweat on her bare skin. Watching her, Shane felt powerful emotions. Their paths could have gone in so many different directions, and how unlikely and amazing that she was here in his arms, in his bed. In his life. What if she had stayed with Maru? What if he had never gone to France?

He laid her back on the bed gently. “I’m going to wash up.” He bent to kiss her forehead.

“Mmm,” she responded. She propped herself up on an elbow. “I’ve decided,” she said, “that I like it when you don’t shave.”

He rubbed a hand over his stubble, and then laughed when he realized what she meant.



Shane saw it was nearly night outside, and still snowing. He decided he’d talk her into staying again tonight, and if talk didn’t work… he skipped shaving while washing himself off.



Neither of them had eaten since the night before, and here it was dusk again. He came back into the bedroom to ask if she wanted him to bring out some fish or fruit to eat by the fire, only to find her fast asleep on his bed. He sighed, looking down at her. She had a smile on her lips, and he decided to let her sleep a little longer. It had been a long night, a long day, and better yet, they had the whole night ahead of them.

Gods I love her, he thought. I don’t want to be without her. Ever.

When she woke up and announced that she was starving, Shane already had the fire lit and some filets spitted, ready to roast. They ate in hungry silence.

“You didn’t shave,” Lilith observed.

“Nope,” he responded, his face completely straight. “Are you done eating yet?”

“Are you?”

“Come to think of it, I’m pretty hungry still.”



The next afternoon, Shane and Lilith walked back to her camp. She hadn’t been home since early morning 2 days before, and wanted to check on things and get clean clothes.

“Well hello strangers!” Daniel Riverhaven’s voice boomed from the next lot. He walked over with a broad smile on his face.

“Hey Daniel. Hey Daniela,” Lilith waved at the now very pregnant Daniela.

“What’s goin’ on? You guys doin’ alright?” Shane said by way of greeting.

“Oh we’re good. Been keeping the missus nice and warm in all this snow,” Daniel said, winking at Lilith. Shifting his gaze to Shane, his smile widened. “And being as how Lilith hasn’t been home in nearly 3 days, I’m guessing the two of you have been busy.”

“Quite busy,” Shane beamed.


Lilith shot him a shocked look.

“Uh. Yeah, we were snowed in,” Shane looked only slightly chagrined.



“Yeah I’ll bet. Snowed in, that’s a good one!” Daniel high-fived Shane, who couldn’t suppress a proud, goofy grin.



Daniel laughed as Lilith jabbed Shane in the ribs and Shane tried to look contrite, then she walked over to talk to Daniela. Behind her back, Daniel gave Shane a fist-bump. “Atta boy,” he said conspiratorially.

“Dude, don’t get me in trouble,” Shane couldn’t help laughing.



“Daniela you look so cute! When will you have the baby?” Lilith was asking Daniela.

“In another few weeks or a month, I think. This baby’s a kicker!”



A short while later, Daniel returned to his camp, and Shane swept Lilith into a kiss. “You’re not mad at me, Lil, are you?”

She tugged on the front of his jacket. “Kiss me again and I’ll think about it.”



He tipped her chin up for another kiss. “So show me this idea you had.”



“Oh yeah!” She pulled him by the hands over the other side of her tent, gesturing at two items on the ground. “I got these back in France, they’re planters. I’d had a random idea to try a little garden of my own in the spring, but I was thinking maybe you could use them for your plants. We could move them inside the shelter, and maybe you could keep some of the plants going.” She paused for his reaction.

He thought about it for a moment, then said “I think it’s a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I think of this?” He took her hands, rubbing the cold from them. “Great idea, thank you. Just one more reason why I–” love you, he almost said.  “adore you,” he said instead.

“Now I have another idea,” Lilith slid her hands under his jacket.

“And what might that be?”






Story notes:

Shane already knew he loved her; he knew that almost from the start. And we’ve seen him stumble unconsciously with regard to a more permanent future, such as in Stay With Me, when he indicates he built the cellar because she said she wanted one–even though she doesn’t live with him. This chapter, however, is the first time he has given thought to the process that brought them together.

There’d been many angles I considered pursuing initially, and most roads led to Maru. However, in light of her apparent lack of serious interest in Maru, I decided to plan her trip to France to see what happened. Then Maru kept going around Kaila, and had that little sim argument with Shane…and Lilith had always been attracted to Shane. So on a whim, I sent them to France together.

Shane has verbalized to himself for the first time a desire for something more than this. I don’t want to be without her. Ever. And you know Shane, once he’s made a realization.  That’s right. He broods.

But for the moment, the thrills of this new element of their relationship are keeping him occupied. Very occupied 🙂

We will see more into their thoughts in the next chapter.


I completely friggin loved this shot. I paused at just the right moment and moved them into position. It’s so funny how sharply she looks at him, and he looks like he’s just done something wrong. So I had to write that in. Wasn’t hard to do, with Daniel’s assistance, lol.