1.22: Revelations

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The new lovers were rarely apart as more weeks drifted past.

Shane speculated on whether he’d be more successful at raising crops on a larger scale, or if his inclination for a vineyard would be more worthwhile. Lilith talked of wanting to perform at bigger venues, and maybe even travel to other places to perform.

“But you wouldn’t travel far, would you?” Shane asked.

“Not without you, silly.” She frowned. “I’m not sure I’d want to travel if if meant being away more than a day or two, not if you couldn’t come with me.”

That gave him the warm fuzzies, but at the same time, he didn’t want to hold her back. One more reason to think of a vineyard instead of a farm; then I can get away for a few days to be with her.



Shooting pool was still a favorite activity for them as well…but they usually ended up flirting and kissing in some dark corner of the Community Center, out of the sight of the watchful bartender.

“Although,” Shane said, sipping his drink, “one of these nights, Norm will go home early, and we’ll have that pool table all to ourselves.”

Lilith raised an eyebrow to that, trailing her fingers up the front of his jacket. “I get the feeling you aren’t thinking of shooting pool.”

“Indeed not,” he confirmed with a sly smile, “indeed not.”



Because the shelter he’d built was so snug, Lilith usually stayed with Shane, but sometimes Lilith insisted they stay at her camp. Either way, they spent their nights together. The moon would find her curled around him or him around her.


Terri Clark – Now That I Found You

With Shane’s help, Lilith quickly improved her skill on the guitar strings, impressing even him. She’d started picking out more notes than he knew to teach her.

Something Shane truly loved doing with her was making music, and they did so often. Lilith sang, practicing songs or sometimes just making up lyrics as she went. Shane accompanied her on the guitar, strumming out chords and picking out notes.



Their connection of being in tune with each other led to spontaneous and beautiful melodies, and this struck a chord in him far deeper than music.

Watching her play the guitar one morning, Shane pondered.

Man, this is IT for me. I don’t want any other woman. Ever. Just her. All of her.

But what does she want? I’ve never really told her, really really told her, how I feel. What if she doesn’t feel the same way? She didn’t want to live with Maru. And I don’t want to just live with her. I want to take care of her. I want… a family. A life. With her. With Lilith. Do I just say it? How do I work up to this? Hmm.

And what a beautiful problem to have, he smiled.



“And what are you smiling about?” Lilith put down the guitar, stepping to him.

“About how lucky I am,” he said, pulling her closer.

Lilith tipped her face up to look at him. “I think I’m the lucky one.”

“It seems we have a disagreement, Miss Meadows. How do we resolve this?”

“I think you’d better kiss me, Mr. Stone.”



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That afternoon, Daniel stopped by Shane’s camp to let them know Daniela had the baby. “I figured I’d find you here, Lilith,” he said, winking at her.

Lilith wanted to go visit Daniela right away, so they trailed behind Daniel back to the Riverhaven camp.

“I’m just glad to not feel like a beached whale, for a change!” Daniela was saying. “And now I have my beautiful baby,” she smiled.

“A fine boy she gave me,” Daniel was smiling ear to ear. “Hopefully he’s inherited my talent and I can teach him how to use the wand.”

Daniela rolled her eyes.

Lilith took the baby from Daniel, holding him up to examine his tiny face and cooing at him. “He’s adorable! I can’t tell who he looks like yet, though. What did you name him?”



Watching her, Shane had a case of tunnel vision. He felt a flip-flop in his chest as she made silly faces at the baby and cooed at him. We could have a son…or three. He smiled. And maybe a girl too.



Toward evening, Lilith headed out to prepare for her performance that night. She stopped by the Community Center first to warm up at the fire and chat with the woman at the consignment store.



As she exited the Community Center lot and walked toward the venue to set up, she stopped short. Across the road, her gaze fell on Maru and Kaila. She hadn’t seen Maru since…the incident, months ago. Studying the couple as they embraced, it was clear that Kaila was very pregnant. At least 6 months along. Probably more, by the looks of it.

Lilith did some calculations in her head. She and Shane had been together now for over 3 months. Before that, she’d been traveling or in Champs Les Sims for nearly a month. And before that she’d been with Maru for close to two months. That meant… so he’s been sleeping with her for longer than I even guessed. Maybe even while he was with me, and probably before. And while I was away? Is that why he ran straight to Kaila?

And he never told her. Her childhood friend and first lover had hidden this from her. She examined her feelings. Although she still felt betrayal, she wasn’t angry, oddly. Or even hurt.  In fact, Kaila’s pregnancy swept away any doubts she may have harbored, and any lingering sense of loss of the friendship. Things happened for a reason, and whatever had happened, had brought her to Shane. The past few months had been the happiest she recalled ever being.

Her brief “romance” with Maru was completely overshadowed by Shane. For that matter, so was her prior friendship with Maru, and that had run deep. Shane runs deeper, she thought. She’d known Shane all her life as well, although they hadn’t socialized much…until France. Until butterflies. They were so easy together, things fell into place like a perfectly interlaced puzzle. Shane is my lover. Shane is my best friend. Shane is my world now. 

And I love him.




I have a message for you, from Shane:

“Ladies, ladies, I’m tryin’, I swear. I’m workin’ on the babies, I promise. Tell goddess to turn up Risky settings!”


No 😛


I can’t remember where these poses came from…I’m getting better about keeping track as I’m writing the future chapters though!
Shane’s pose where he’s standing watching Lilith play guitar came from a pose pack called Fierce Club, I think.