1.26: Welcome Home

Lilith bit back another wave of nausea, and then ducked around the corner of the shelter to lose her breakfast. Shane was still in the shower. Thank the gods, she thought, wiping her mouth. She rinsed her mouth out with a handful of cold, fresh snow.

It was early morning; she and Shane had risen at daybreak in preparation of moving her belongings to his camp. She mouthed some more snow, feeling her stomach settle. Snow clouds had quickly chased away the morning sun and it was showering snow, but Lilith could make out the moon slipping below the horizon. She started when she realized its cycle. Did I even have my cycle last month? was her first thought. Maybe I am pregnant!



Looking at everything she owned on earth, packed up in piles on the snowy lot, Lilith felt suddenly emotional. She blinked back tears furiously.

“Hey,” Shane grabbed her hands, pulling her into an embrace. “Baby, don’t cry, don’t be sad.” He tipped her chin up to search her eyes. It hurt his heart to see her lips tremble.

“It’s just… I’m just overwhelmed,” she said, sniffling.


“Oh gods no Shane! No, no regrets.” She threaded her arms around his neck, digging her fingers into his hair. “You’ve turned my world upside-down and all around, shaken me up and broken me wide open. It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced, and I don’t want to be without you now.”

“Do you want to live here instead?” He meant it.

“No,” she said simply. “My home is with you.”

He hugged her hard, taking a deep breath at the tremor in his chest and feeling incredibly moved by her words.



“Daniel, put away your wand and come look!” Daniela called.

“Well, well, well,” he chortled. “It looks Lilith is moving camp.”

“Looks like the village will be having another wedding soon,” Daniela commented. “You should go help them move her stuff,” she said, elbowing him.



“Hey kids!” Daniel walked into Lilith’s camp–former camp–with Daniela and children in tow. “Lilith, you gonna shack up with Shane now?”

Lilith blushed, which Shane thought incredibly cute. He slipped an arm around her and took her hand. “Yep, we’re making it official,” he said.



“Just how official are we talking?”

“We’ll be handfasting in a few days. I’m a lucky man, she said yes,” Shane held up their interlaced hands, and the star opal on her finger caught the light.

Daniel’s eyes twinkled. “I’m glad for you two, real glad. I had a feeling about this, especially after you came back from Champs les Sims.”



Daniela abruptly put baby Jake into Shane’s arms, and then turned to give Lilith a hug.

“I’m so happy for you,” Daniela was saying to her.

Daniel watched in unconcealed amusement at Shane’s reaction to suddenly holding a baby. For a moment he looked unsure and baffled. Then Jake cooed at him, waving a little fist. That brought a goofy grin to Shane’s face.

“See? You’re gonna be a natural at the whole dad thing,” Daniel reassured him.



Shane giggled when Jake reached for his nose and gurgled a baby laugh at him.

Lilith motioned Daniela to lean closer, and then whispered in her ear. “I think I’m pregnant!”



Both men turned around at Daniela’s delighted squeal.

“Girl stuff,” Daniel said, rolling his eyes with an affectionate smile.



“So listen,” Shane said to Daniel. “We’ve decided that we don’t want a big elaborate ceremony. But we would be honored if you and Daniela would be present to witness our vows.”

“The honor is ours,” Daniel smiled. “When do you want to tie the knot?”

“Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough for me,” Lilith chimed in, casting a shy smile up at Shane and leaning into him.

He smiled back at her. “Me either. But…I think we may need a few days to get her things settled and situated at our camp. Right Lil?”

“You’re right,” she sighed.

Shane burst out laughing. “I love it when you say that, woman!”



It was almost dusk and snow was falling more thickly again when they finished carrying everything from Lilith’s old camp to her new home, even with Daniel’s help. Daniel stayed by their fire to eat with them.

Lilith looked around. The shelter did look crowded, and she conceded she probably would indeed need a few days to get it all situated.



Even the cellar was jam packed now. Shane knew he’d have to expand it sooner rather than later; which, he’d been planning to do at some point anyway.



When Daniel left, they both let out a long breath. “Welcome home,” Shane said, embracing her closely.



He drew her into the bedroom, undressing her slowly.

“Let’s go to bed. But tonight I just want to hold you.”



Story notes~

There ya go, you finally have a clear picture of the Riverhaven family. Daniel is holding Alastair, which is the child he had by Daniela before they married. Their new son is Jake.

Daniel has a son the same age as Alastair with Kaila. Then there are the two Hale boys, of whom we haven’t seen much. So…boy overload. Kaila and Maru better have a girl! Time to get this population evened out.

Yes, Lilith is now pregnant, although she hasn’t told anyone but Daniela yet. I heard the chimes when they went to bed after Shane proposed to her–how perfect is that! Although for story purposes, we’ll say she got pregnant sometime before, after they started having sex.


letterfrom shane
I thought this was cute. When Shane asked her to move in, in the last chapter, theoretically she said yes, but I canceled the action because that’s one thing that seems to lock up my game. Plus, I wanted to go get her stuff off her lot first. So when they went to her lot for her to put her stuff into inventory, I saw Shane put something in her mailbox. Then Lilith got this letter from him <3

They’re officially living together now. After she put her things in inventory, I moved her out from Edit Neighborhood and moved her in with Shane.