1.27: May My Hands Ever Hold You Fast *NSFW*

Beautiful pure white textile wedding background


The day of their handfasting, Shane woke to find Lilith cuddled against his shoulder. She was still asleep, and he shifted to his side to look at her. Thinking of her being his wife was exciting. In more ways than one. He ran his thumb over a nipple. Mumbling in her sleep, she rolled her hips toward him unconsciously.

“Well if you insist,” he whispered. He took the taut nipple in his mouth, wetting it with his tongue and blowing his breath over it. His other hand moved down slowly, lightly circling the top of the apex between her thighs.

Seemingly still asleep, Lilith uttered a little moan and rolled onto her back.

“You’re just giving me all sorts of ideas this morning,” he said, whispering against her belly as he edged down the bed.

He gripped her by the hips with both hands, and she gasped, her eyes finally fluttering open.

“Good morning,” he said, and then fixed his mouth on her.




Since they hadn’t wanted a hugely public ceremony, Daniel had suggested going up to the Point, where there was an ancient ring of stones. The lot was encircled by trees, and also contained a hot spring and a pool of water the villagers referred to as the Wishing Well. “Oh that’s a beautiful idea, Daniel!” Lilith had immediately liked the idea.

When Shane and Lilith arrived, it was plain to see Daniela had been hard at work. “Wow, I didn’t expect all this” Lilith said, looking around. The wedding arch had already been set up, and there was a small trestle table–and to Lilith’s amazement, a cake. With the limited amenities available on the island, cake was not something often enjoyed by the villagers. “Remind me to thank Daniela, this is…incredible!”




“And Daniel. I’m guessing the bar set up over there is his work,” Shane added, walking over to inspect it. “And it’s already stocked! Well done, Daniel,” he laughed as he poured himself a drink. Just a little nip for nerves. Not that he was nervous! But this was a big day.




Walking back over to where Lilith stood, he gripped her hand loosely and ran his fingers over the star opal.

“You look beautiful,” Shane said, feeling his throat constrict. “When we found this star opal together in France, I never dreamed that I’d be able to place it on your finger and take you for my wife.”




“No second thoughts?” he asked.

She raised her lashes to meet his gaze. “Not a one. Although my feet are a little cold,” Lilith teased. She pulled his arms around her. “This dress isn’t much against winter weather.”

“We’ll have to see about warming you up later,” A now familiar twinkle was in his eye as his hand ran down her back.




Taking a seat on a bench, Shane pulled her into his lap. “I do love that you wore this particular dress, though. It reminds me of the night we first kissed.” He leaned forward to nuzzle her shoulder.

I won’t be able to fit into this dress much longer. “That was a wonderful night,” she sighed.

“And tonight will be even more wonderful,” he promised. His lips skimmed over her collar bone. “Look Lil!” he said, peering over her shoulder.

She turned in his lap, and saw the huge rainbow that had sprung up over the island. “It’s perfect for our wedding day,” she whispered, pulling his face up to hers and kissing him.

And then Daniel cleared his throat, as he walked into the clearing with Daniela. “Oh get a tent, you two,” he smirked.




The two Hale boys appeared on the trail behind Daniel and Daniela. “We went to retrieve your guests for the ceremony,” Daniela said with a smile.

“And I came for cake!” Daniel exclaimed, patting his belly.

“What, no wand?” Lilith raised an eyebrow.

“Daniela made me leave it at home,” Daniel pouted.




“Are you ready Lil?”

“Well, it would be really cruel to keep Daniel from his cake,” Lilith smiled up at him, taking Shane’s arm.




Daniel, Daniela, and Hales gathered behind them as they faced each other under the arch. Looking at the woman he was about to pledge himself to, Shane felt like his heart was going to burst with joy.

“Lilith, I…” he started, choking up a little, then took her hands. “I join my hands with yours before these witnesses in solemn vow. I join my life to yours.”

“And I join my heart to yours. We came to this place as two, but we leave as one,” Lilith said softly, mesmerized in the moment.

“I promise to cherish you and care for you, keeping always my heart bound to yours.”

“May my hands ever hold you fast.”

“May my hands ever hold you fast,” Shane repeated. Then added “I will always love you.”

“And I you.”

Lilith couldn’t hold back her tears when he kissed her, sealing the words that made them man and wife.




“I love you so much,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. She saw no one else but him.




Shane’s own eyes glistened mistily as he swept her off her feet and twirled her around, kissing her again as she clung to his neck. The cheers and clapping of their witnesses were drowned out by the pounding of his heart.




Putting her down, he turned proudly to face their guests. “She’s my wife!” his voice rang with joy. Lilith leaned against him, smiling broadly. Daniela was wiping tears from her eyes, and the youngest Hale boy even looked a little emotional.

“Cake!” Daniel hooted, then Daniela elbowed him.

“What name have you chosen?” she asked them.




“Allow us to introduce ourselves as Shane and Lilith Meadowstone,” Shane grinned, dipping her backwards dramatically.

“It’s beautiful,” Daniela said, sniffling. “I’d hoped this day would come for both of you, and I’m so happy.”




“And now we’re happy for cake?” Daniel hinted. Laughing, the couple dutifully walked to the cake set up off the side of the wedding arch and began cutting it.




Maru slipped unseen among the bushes and started walking back down the trail toward home. He hadn’t know there was going to be a wedding by the ring of stones, much less Lilith’s and Shane’s joining. He’d only come for some alone time to brood at the wishing well. Kaila would be giving birth to his child any week now.

When he’d arrived and seen the wedding arch and ceremony decorations, he started to leave. But then Shane and Lilith had come into the clearing, and Maru ducked around the stones. They were obviously wrapped up in each other.

He was content with Kaila, and she understood him well. But it still hurt when he thought of Lilith, and something inside him still loved his childhood friend. Me and my stupid self fucked it all up, he thought angrily to himself. I practically pushed her right into Shane’s arms. Things might’ve been so different. That could be me up there, instead of my damned cousin.

Maru felt torn between the woman he loved and the child she would bear him, and deeper feelings of regret and anger at himself. Suddenly he wanted Kaila, and went to search for her at their camp. She always made him feel better.




The group sat down around the table Daniela had set up, eating their cake and chatting. Lilith and Shane each sat at the head of the table.

“Best. Cake. Ever.” Daniel mumbled between mouthfuls.

When everyone was mostly finished eating, Shane pushed back from the table, coming around to take Lilith’s hand. “If you all will excuse us, my bride and I have some other things to attend to.” The table erupted in laughter and whistles.

“And yes Daniel, you can have the rest of the cake,” Lilith laughed over her shoulder as she and Shane headed for their camp.




“I promised to warm you up.” His mouth hovered over hers. “I want to love every inch of you tonight.”

Lilith’s anticipatory smile offered no resistance.

“It’s going to be a long night, Mrs. Meadowstone,” he said, trailing a hand along the side of her breast.






Another cheesy shot of the ring.



Daniel was *really* excited for cake!


Some of the poses used:

Rose Romance (last picture, wedding night)
Hold Me post pack by Artist Kate
Sofa poses by Inna Lisa (sitting on his lap)
Love1 by Inna Lisa
Hi My Friend by IMHO (shaking hands and another pose)
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