This post is mostly for Gemly…from our conversation about perspectives of houses and where everything’s at 🙂

I do have the next chapter in draft but it’s far from ready to go yet. It’s been a rough week with my classes :-/


So about the picture where Maru was standing in the distant background? Bottom right is Shane and Lilith’s house, and up top, the little lot with the tent under the trees in the back, is Kaila and Maru’s camp. So it looked creepy to have him in the background when Lilith first realizes she might be pregnant, but he was really just standing on his own lot. That was before Shane expanded the shelter, so there was nothing blocking their view.


Aerial view. When the village gets bigger, it will spread out into the open space across from the Community Center.


Overhead view of the village. I’d put Shane on the big legacy lot after I pegged him as Lilith’s co-founder. His shelter was pretty small initially, but he expanded it quite a bit after they handfasted.










Daniel’s lot


That’s the Community Center. It looks pretty ungainly overall, but tucked inside are backdrops for many many scenes.

So that’s the grand tour 😀  I’ll get the next real chapter up in a few days. I have it roughed out and most of the scenes shot, just need to touch them up and polish the text.