Rabbit Hole Rugs

rabbit hole rugs

So here’s a project I’ve been pecking at for the past couple of weeks, new rabbit hole rugs. Jynx’s rabbit hole rugs haven’t been updated to include the newer rabbit holes since before Pets was released, and I’ve periodically searched to see if new ones had been made, but couldn’t locate any. Finally, based on some loose instructions from Jynx, I cloned the original rugs to function as an Arboretum, Vault of Antiquity, and Gypsy Wagon. For the sake of figuring out how to do it, I also made one based on Hexameter’s equestrian center door. So just to clarify, I know next to nothing about object creation for Sims 3, and these are completely based on their prior work.

The Arboretum, Vault of Antiquity, and Gypsy Wagon require a 4×4 space around them for proper routing. These three have been tested and should work just the same as Jynx’s rugs. They’re located under Deco > Rugs.

**The Equestrian Center is still in testing**  It needs about a 4×11 space with at least 7 spaces in front of it for the horse to enter, and needs a gate if you plan on enclosing it. I’m not sure yet if the needed space can be reduced. I’m still learning about slots placement. Strictly speaking, if you’re using Hexameter’s door and are happy with it, then you likely won’t need this rug.

Big thanks to ShakespearesSunshyne and gemly_teddie for testing these out for me!

If you find any issues, do please leave a comment to let me know. That being said, I must stress again that I know next to nothing about creating for Sims 3 and cannot promise support or updating if EA breaks them.

Download the Arboretum rug

Download the Gypsy Wagon rug

Download the Vault of Antiquity rug

Download the Equestrian Center rug