1.32: Lucky Man




Shane dropped the wood outside the door and shook the snow off before stepping inside. Pausing in the doorway, he drank in the sight of Lilith by the fire, feeling his heart smile softly. In these intimate moments, he felt he’d never before seen or ever would again see something so heart-breakingly beautiful–and sexy–as his wife nursing his infant son. She was humming to Carrick, but looked up at Shane’s arrival with a warm smile as he hung up his coat. “Welcome home, Handsome. You’re just in time to take him so I can get dressed and put some food on the fire.”

Lilith had been cooped up the past weeks, feeling a little weak and tired following the birth. As she got back into the swing of things, much of her time was spent with the baby. It seemed to take twice as long to do anything! Shane was unwaveringly supportive, though; it couldn’t cross her mind to complain. He’d been out today chopping more firewood, and to look for proper cuttings from which to make a rocking chair.



As yet, Carrick didn’t like being separated from her much. Even now he cried a little when she handed him over to Shane. “Aren’t you a momma’s boy?” Shane cooed at the squalling infant. At his soothing tones, Carrick calmed a bit.

Lilith shrugged the shirt back over her shoulders, and turned back to Shane. His eyes were watching her over Carrick’s head, and she found herself caught in a familiar heat in his eyes.



She’d taken to wearing a loose, open shirt so that she could nurse Carrick easier. And since she was indoors much more now, a short leather wrap about her hips made for comfort and easier movement. The unintentional effect was not lost on Shane, she now realized. His eyes lingered on her milk heavy breasts, teasing him from under the shirt, and roved down her belly and uncovered thighs. Sex had been out of the question for many weeks, first due to her discomfort at the end of the pregnancy, and after, recovering from the birth.

Innocently, she raised a hand and pulled the shirt to the side a little more, watching him. When he dragged his gaze back to her face, he gave her a wicked grin, realizing she’d known just where his thoughts had wandered.

“That’s just mean, Lil,” he chuckled.

I’ll have to go see Daniela and ask her about that, she reminded herself.



It had been snowing heavily the past several days, and the island seemed draped in a dark lace curtain of snow. But as luck would have it, the skies cleared overnight. Lilith set out early into the crystal morning, making her way to Daniel and Daniela’s camp on the other side of the village.



“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed when she saw Daniela. “Look at you!” It had been a few weeks since she’d seen the other woman, and Daniela’s pregnancy had advanced noticeably. “Are you farther along than you thought?”

Daniela shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. This is going to be a big baby.” A look of concern passed her brow. “I may need Kaila to assist with this birth.”



Lilith was in no rush to get back home as the day wore on. It was nice being around other people again, and Shane would be gone most of the day fishing and gathering wood.

They sat now rocking slowly on the swinging bench Daniel had constructed for Daniela and the boys. “How well is he sleeping at night now?” Daniela asked her.

“He still needs feeding a couple times a night usually, but more often lately he only wakes to eat once,” Lilith answered. “He sleeps best when he falls asleep on the breast.”



Daniel, overhearing the conversation, chimed in. “I’d still do that too, if Daniela would let me!” He pretended to glare at Daniela, who only shook her head at him affectionately.

“Daniel will never grow up.”

“I suspect you wouldn’t want him to,” Lilith couldn’t help but grin.  The two women lapsed into comfortable silence, watching Daniel romp with the boys across the lot. Kaila had dropped Dustin off to play with his brothers for a while, and the three boys were now attempting to build a snowman with Daniel’s help. “It’s so sweet, watching him with the boys,” Lilith commented.

Daniela laid her hands over her swelling stomach. “It is, isn’t it? It’s hard to believe how much he’s changed. There was a time I wasn’t sure he’d ever settle down.”



Daniel left to go the Community Center to take Dustin back to his mother, and see about picking up some fresh fish. As soon as he was out of earshot, Lilith leaned closer to Daniela. Daniela noticed Lilith was twisting her hands together. “What is it?”

Keeping her voice low, Lilith asked “How long before Shane and I can…you know? He hasn’t said anything, but…”

“Giving you the eye, is he?” Daniela giggled. “As long as you are no longer hurting, and you want to, then it should be ok. You’re not still bleeding are you?”

Lilith shook her head. “I felt pretty beat up the first couple weeks, but I feel fine now.” I’ll have to think of a fun way to surprise Shane one of these nights, then. She blushed when she realized she was smiling to herself.



After dusk, Shane came to find her and caught her into an easy, affectionate hug. Daniel and Daniela began getting Alastair and Jake ready for bed. “Where’s Carrick?” Shane asked her. Lilith snuggled him up from Jake’s baby cradle, where he was still sound asleep, and put him in Shane’s arms.



While Shane cuddled his son, Lilith helped Daniela gather up Alastair and Jake to put them to bed. Watching the happy, chaotic little scene, she smiled, looking forward to having these moments around her own fire.



Once the boys were down, Shane turned to Daniela, regarding her belly. “Daniel’s not taking it easy on you, is he?” He laughed.

Daniel clapped Shane on the shoulder. “I really know how to shoot ’em off, don’t I!” At that, Shane let out a roll of laughter, Lilith blushed, and Daniela shook her head. “You’re completely inappropriate, you know,” she teased him.

At that, the couples said their good nights. Lilith and Shane walked slowly back to their camp with Carrick. Lilith, relaxed and happy, smiled to herself in anticipation.



After banking the campfires for the night, Shane entered the shelter and then came to a halt in the doorway. Lilith leaned up on her knees on the bed, giving him a shy smile. The look in her eyes made it clear that she wasn’t ready to go to sleep.

Shane opened his mouth and then closed it again, then wordlessly crossed the room to her. The candlelight highlighted the reds of her hair, shadows and light accentuating the curves of her breasts and swell of her bare hips. He came to a stop by the bed.

“The baby’s asleep,” she said, pulling his arms and drawing him down next to her.

He reached out and fingered the ends of her hair, then stroked the side of her breast, looking at her questioningly. His body had already tightened in response. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“We’ll take it slow.”

Stretching out on the bed beside her, he ran a hand over her waist and across her hips, caressing her belly. While she’d lost most of the weight gained during her pregnancy, her figure was fuller now, which Shane found incredibly desirable. “You’re more beautiful now than you’ve ever been,” he whispered, looking down at her. He dropped his lips to hers slowly, his breath mingling with hers as she opened her mouth to him.



His mouth left hers, trailing down her neck. Experimentally he kissed her naked breast, fascinated by the drop of milk on the nipple. He’d always loved this part of their lovemaking, but now that her breasts also served the functional purpose of feeding his son, he was torn between curiosity and uncertainty.

Raising back up to kiss her mouth, Shane slipped a hand between Lilith’s legs. She sighed against his neck when his fingers found the apex between her thighs, stroking lightly. Beneath his slow fingers, Shane felt her response, and tilted his head to look at her face. He smiled when he found her watching him with heavy-lidded eyes. Lowering his head again, he pressed his lips to her nipple, curiously tasting her milk.  He circled the nipple with his tongue, gently sucking. Leaning over her, his mouth tasted her other breast. It was strangely erotic.

“I, ah–!” she gasped. He stopped.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes…no… ” She squirmed against his hand. Taking her cue, he moved between her thighs, but hesitated. What if this hurt her? As if to answer him, she reached between them and guided him into her. Closing his eyes, Shane took a deep breath, savoring the moment. Then, slowly, he made love to her.


When her breathing slowed into a soft rhythm, Shane opened his eyes to look at her. She’d fallen asleep with a happy smile on her lips. He held her tighter for a moment, then eased his arm from under her and pulled the blankets up over them.

This is life. I’m a lucky man, was the last thought he had before he contentedly followed Lilith into dreams.



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Lilith definitely has what my friend, a new mother, describes as baby-brain


Caught them both with their eyes closed 😀


It was quite amusing to find Shane making nectar in the buff. That batch of nectar sold quite well, too. Makes ya wonder…