1.33: A Man Grown


As soon as she felt up to it, Lilith went to visit the park proprietor to see about putting on another show. “I know it’s been a few months, but I’d like to give another show if you’d have me.”

“Absolutely! We’ve missed you. Come tonight if you want! And bring your new son by sometime, I’d love to see him.” The proprietor seemed glad to see her and have her back to work, at least. Lilith knew her performances may be limited sometimes by the needs of her family, but she was happy to be able to do both with Shane’s help and support.



So she flew home thrilled, excitedly telling him about the upcoming show, and started tuning up her guitar.

“You go ahead and get ready, it’s already late afternoon. If you can feed Carrick before you leave, he’ll be a piece of cake to take care of. I can even bring him to watch his mommy sing for the village.” Shane smiled to see her so animated. She never complained, and was always loving to him and their son, but he knew she must have felt cooped up for all those weeks.



And true to his word, Shane and Carrick were there to cheer her on. Although Carrick wasn’t quite sure what to make of the loud noises just yet, his big sea green eyes silently took in everything around him. He cooed when he saw Daniela, and she took him to hold for a moment.

“That little man is going to be crawling around and getting into everything very soon. He’s grown so much already!” she told Shane.



Daniela gave birth to twin girls, Natalia and Nicola. Daniel was already worrying himself sick over how to deal with the boys coming around when the twins were older.




Carrick still woke up needing to be fed and changed during the night, or just loved and held sometimes. Although she often ended up having to take a nap with Carrick the next day, those nighttime moments were precious to Lilith. A fire to keep her warm, the man she loved asleep in their bed, a contented baby at her breast as snow drifted down outside the windows, all gave her a deep feeling of peace and contentment.



They both greatly enjoyed being new parents, taking joy in Carrick’s accomplishments as he learned to roll over, and when he gurgled happily to see one of his parents. It warmed Shane’s heart to come home after fishing or chopping firewood, to see Carrick waving his little arms and smiling at him.



Lilith loved to play guitar and sing to Carrick. That’s usually how she got him down for naps in the afternoon; otherwise he’d kick off his nappie and start fussing around his cradle.




They observed their first wedding anniversary after another of Lilith’s vocal performances, which had been phenomenal according to the proprietor–and to Shane. They left Carrick with Daniela, and removed themselves to the bar for some celebratory drinks. The new bartender got quite a show; they were just like the two new young lovers they’d been a year and a half ago.

“I can’t keep my hands off you,” Shane said, his mouth nearly touching hers. “You looked so sexy up there on the stage with everyone cheering,” He pulled her snug against his hips, and she felt exactly what he meant. She tossed back the rest of her drink. “Let’s get Carrick from Daniela and head home.”

Shane quickly paid the bartender. “The sooner the better.”



After Lilith nursed Carrick, he fell quickly asleep. Turning back to Shane’s hungry gaze in the firelight, she gave him a sultry smile, and walked into his arms. He pulled her up against him, lips roving over her neck. With one hand, he freed her breast again, teasing milk to her nipple. “I want you. All of you. I could hardly think of anything else tonight,” He slid a hand into her panties, and she arched back. Supporting her with his other arm, he lowered them to the floor.



She writhed her hips as he moved between her legs and leaned over her with intense eyes. Pulling her top down, He dipped his mouth to her exposed breast, tasting of her engorged nipple. Gathering her legs around him, he found that she was already ready for him. The fire crackled to the sound of skin on skin.




An alien life form stopped by the check them out while they slept after their anniversary date. Goodness only knows what he/she/it was looking for, but it left as quickly as it came.



Time rolled on. Carrick was soon toddling around, getting into everything–just as Daniela had predicted.



One afternoon a ship sailed to the island to trade with the consignment owner. Among the goods were a set of children’s books. Shane bought every single one of them and brought them home to Lilith and Carrick. Thereafter, he spent many evenings reading to Carrick before the fire. To his delight, his son was a quick learner (although maybe he was a little bit biased).



Lilith soon found herself pregnant again. She gave a few more performances, until her pregnancy made it uncomfortable. But she found she was deeply content with her family life. Being a wife and mother, she felt, were among her greatest accomplishments in life.



When their daughter Ayala was born, Shane was smitten.



Screenshot (3)
“Daddy’s going fishing today so we have food to eat.” Lilith was teaching Carrick some new words one morning as Shane prepared to go out. “Can you say fishing?”

Shane listened with a fond smile as Carrick studiously repeated words back to his mother. Ayala was still asleep in her cradle. After pulling on his boots and coat, Shane went to kiss Lilith goodbye.”I might try to catch some game too if I run across any. But I’ll be back before sundown.”

“Sun….down,” Carrick said proudly. Shane laughed and tousled his hair.

“Sundown,” he agreed.



He returned home that evening with game, by sundown as promised. After they had dinner, he set about cutting and storing the meat. When he finished and went in to clean up, he found Lilith asleep in the rocking chair.  Pausing in the doorway, he couldn’t help but smile. She’d worn herself out taking care of the babies.



another year
By now, they’d been married almost three years. How fast time goes by. How fast the children grow. I won’t be a young man much longer. I’m a man grown, providing for my wife and children, he thought. I used to dread being a grown man with responsibilities. Until Lilith. Now I’d do anything for her sake, for our children’s sake.

Seeing the babies were asleep as well, Shane decided to wake her and wear her out a little more before bed.



ScreenshotIndeed, all the children of the village were growing. Alastair and Dustin were now school children. Alastair had Daniela’s almost albino look, with silver-blond hair and light pink eyes. Jake was a toddler and would be school age soon too.



Screenshot-6Dustin Swift, Kaila’s son by Daniel, looked very much like his father. Like his parents, he exhibited a talent for magick. Daniel, of course, taught him how to use the wand.



Screenshot-3Kaila and Maru’s daughter Bronwyn was running around on chubby legs, soon to be a little girl.

Screenshot-4 (2)After the birth of their second daughter, Rhea, Maru finally made it official with Kaila. They became the Swiftglens.





So now we’re all caught up on the Meadowstones and everyone else in the village. It’s starting to finally feel like a village, with kids running around now 🙂


Heh. I think this guy is lost. And he better not wear that outfit around here or someone will mistake him for food!