1.34: Halfway There

Winter wore on. To break some of the monotony, Daniela and Lilith put their heads together and decided to hold a fun gathering. Daniela and Daniel brought their oldest boys, leaving the younger girls with a babysitter for the evening. Shane served up homemade nectar, and Daniela brought a large platter of hot dogs–not the usual island fare. The Hale boys also showed up; as their parents had died and left them alone years ago, Daniela and Lilith both made special efforts to include them whenever possible.



As things died down, Lilith went to stand by Shane, who was strumming his guitar.

“Daniela must be pregnant again,” she observed to him.

“And it looks like Daniel is already working on the next one,” Shane laughed lowly, beneath the melody streaming from his fingers.

After the twins were born, Daniela had later given birth to another girl. “Full house,” Lilith chuckled. “I’d expect nothing less from Daniel.”




carrick child
Soon, too soon, Carrick was old enough to go to school with the rest of the village children.



Screenshot-7 (2)
The night before he was to begin school, Carrick announced that he was going to bed early. “I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I need to get some rest,” he told his parents. “I have to meet Jake at school. He’s going to introduce me to the teacher.” Lilith and Shane smiled as he climbed up to his ‘big boy’ bed in the loft. Ayala had already been put to bed in her cradle.



Shane glanced at Lilith across the fire.  “You know, Lil, we have an empty cradle now.”

“Mhmm,” she acknowledged.

“3 boys and a girl?”

She looked up at him with a coy smile, trying to decide if he was teasing. He winked at her.




first day of school
The next morning, Carrick was off to school.



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Shane stepped outside and headed to the storage area to grab a reel and hook. Halfway across the courtyard, he realized his boots were trudging through wet snow, making plops and sucking noises as he walked. It was raining! Not snowing. Freezing rain, but it was rain.

Spring was coming. About time, he thought. How many years had it been snowing now? Too many.



After Shane left, Lilith hurriedly nursed and bathed Ayala, then brought out the books that Carrick had finished a couple years before. While Ayala babbled happily at the books, batting the pages back and forth, Lilith too stepped out into the rain. Turning her face up to the leaden sky, she reveled a bit in the cold rain on her face. Another season has turned, she mused. Life had come so far since winter had fallen over the island in earnest.

The rain was freezing, yet was still bleeding away the snow banks. “Spring is coming again,” she said, to no one in particular.

In a rush, she fell into a memory from the last spring.



“But I don’t want to marry you!” Lilith was maybe nine years old. She and Maru had been playing tag on the slope behind her mommy and daddy’s camp, then Maru skidded to a halt in front of her and tagged her. In a grown up tone, he informed her they needed to have a discussion.



“But of course we’ll get married! We’ll have a big camp and lots of babies. Don’t worry, I’ve got this all planned out.”

“What! That’s gross. Besides, I have a career to think about.”

“A career! That’s a good idea! You can help me catch fish to sell.”

Lilith wrinkled her nose. “That’s not what I’m talking about, stupid.”



Suddenly he grabbed her by the arms and got in her face, and then–ew! Maru closed his eyes and scrunched up his face, then leaned forward with his mouth open.

“Gross Maru!”

“But this is how you kiss,” he patiently explained.

He tried to ‘kiss’ her again, but she jerked back. “I don’t want to marry you and I don’t want to kiss you!” she shrieked. She could see his eyes get all mad. His hands were still on her arms, and he shoved her away from him. “That was mean,” she cried.

“Crybaby. I just wanted to kiss you, geez Lilith.”

Mad at herself for crying, she sat down in the dirt. Maru’s bare feet scuffed the ground in front of her. The feet took a step toward her but she refused to raise her head and let him see her cry.

Finally he huffed. “Fine, I’m going to go play at the lagoon.” He stalked off.

“You’ll get in trouble if you go there!” she yelled after him. I hope he gets grounded.



“Hey, why are you crying?”

Lilith sniffed and scruffed at her face. “I’m not crying!”

He leaned over and caught her hands, pulling her up. “Sure looked like you were.”

“I said I wasn’t! I just don’t want to marry Maru.” She sniffled again, then smacked at the dirt with one hand, frustrated for crying like a little baby.

Shane looked confused. “You can marry whoever you want I guess, when you grow up.”

She stuck her tongue out at him when he walked away. She knew that. Duh.




married bliss
A few weeks later brought another wedding anniversary for the Meadowstones. As it turned out, she did marry who she wanted, she thought with a contented smile.

Lilith reflected over the past years, watching her children playing around the fire after Carrick finished his homework. Homework. Her babies were growing. So were she and Shane. Shane had aged into a mature adult. He was more handsome than he’d been before, but laugh and smile lines now appeared on his face, and he was more serious about making the most of life. Ayala wasn’t much younger than Carrick and would also be starting school soon. Maybe it was time for more babies, she decided.



After the kids were asleep, Shane embraced her, pulling her toward the bedroom with a very familiar glint in his eye and a smile on his lips. He worked a hand up under her shirt, groaning when his fingers brushed her nipple. She wasn’t nursing Ayala much anymore, and suddenly she realized she wanted his hands all over her.


Whipping off the tie holding her shirt closed, the areolas of her breasts dimpled in the chilled misty night air. His mouth found her neck as he pushed her breasts up with both hands, thumbing lightly–too lightly–across her nipples. Dragging his head up to her lips, she walked him backward toward the bed.

He sprawled backward on the bed and pulled himself up to lean against the wall as she climbed atop him. His hands wandered hungrily, touching her here, touching her there. Kisses rained down her neck and shoulders, down the curve of her breasts, in between them, until finally she guided his mouth to one. Reaching down, she pulled his hand up to cover the other.

“Shane,” she said, looking down at him. She could see the glisten of his kiss on the nipple he just released from his mouth. His eyes rose to hers questioningly.

“Let’s make another baby. You said 3 boys and a girl,” she smiled impishly at him. He’d told her he wanted three boys and a girl back when she was pregnant with Carrick. “We’re only halfway there.”

“You want another baby?”

“I want all your babies, Shane.” His eyes glowed as the lids lowered. Laying his face against her chest, his fingers resumed their elegant torture of her nipple. Shifting suddenly, he rolled her over, working her pants down her legs; she shuddered as his mouth trailed wetly down the side of her waist, sending an electric shiver straight to her groin.

“I think we can work on that,” Shane said.




Story notes: So there was a little randomness here. Lilith and Shane threw a party. Daniel and Daniela attended, and were making out every chance they got. I mention their growing family becase–wowzas–it’s really growing. I’m not sure I’ve ever had an inactive family grow this large. Maybe a post-Uni Story Progression issue, who knows. Together they have the two boys, Alastair and Jake. Then the twin girls, Natalia and Nicola. Then another girl, Nadia. Then another girl, Nala. And now I got a notification that Daniela is pregnant again. Plus the son he had with Kaila. Daniel can’t keep his wand in his pants, it seems. I’m going to have to move them to a bigger lot.

The weather mentions were to show that spring really is coming. In my story, seasons last for years, reminiscent of Game of Thrones. How else to explain how children can go from babies to children in the turn of a season. I won’t miss the snow.

Also I wanted to move along the Meadowstone family. By the challenge roll, she still has three more kids to have, so now they are going to make some enjoyable use of the extra time they have now that the first two children are a little older. I’m still relying on risky woohoo. Realistically, trying for a baby means having more sex, so more sex they shall have.

The flashback of Lilith and Maru as children was meant to touch upon the past issues, regarding how he’d always expected that he’d marry her. Don’t get me wrong, he’s happy with Kaila and loves his children. He’s even sort of made his peace about Lilith moving on. But what still burns him is Shane. To this day he mistakenly believes that Shane went chasing after Lilith to steal her from him. Oh, nevermind that Maru cheated on Lilith and is now happy with Kaila; it’s a territory thing, I guess.

More on that in the next chapter.