Outtakes for 1.42


Outtakes, bloopers, and backstory for 1.42. Click the pics for larger view.

I had a lot of pics for outtakes and bloopers, enough to warrant their own post!

PicMonkey Collage
Another strange age-up. Isn’t that a female hair? At least I don’t think that’s a male hair. Is it? Hair is not enabled for both sexes. Only other time I’ve seen this was when the sex of a born baby is changed in CAS. But Jake was definitely born a boy. He looks SO much like Daniel as a young adult.



Yeah, Bronwyn’s a ho. She’s Maru and Kaila’s first daughter.


Really Lilith? Really?



daniela elder
No more babies for Daniel and Daniela. At last! Her last pregnancy resulted in twin boys. So that makes it 10 kids for Daniela.



Carrick, that’s so goofy. I guess both he and Nick Hale like Rhea.



I just thought this was funny.



A closer look at Nick Hale and Bronwyn Swift. You can definitely see Maru in her eyes and nose. Ingame, Bronwyn has a son by Nick Hale, but they are no longer dating now.



Another of the Riverhaven girls, Nadia, has aged into a teen.



Carrick and Rhea. She too looks a lot like Maru. She’s got his eyes and his mouth. Both her and Bronwyn do look a lot like Kaila as well.



For chapter 1.42, I made a teen hangout lot to use for some scenes, inspired by something similar my friends and I had when we were younger. The lot is secluded and some distance away from the village, because young people like to hangout away from adult eyes, of course. It has a central bonfire area in the middle, with some more private areas off to the side.



There’s a little tent off to one side. And it’s not really for sleeping in 😛



Off in another corner is a hot tub.



And of course there’s a keg. Off to the right, behind the main area, is another little nook with a bench. For ‘private talks’ and what-not.



My inspiration for this was something we called the End of the Month Parties, or Last Saturday Parties, that me and my friends (and a lot of other people) went to when I was in my 20s, held on the last Saturday of every month. Dave had a house way out in rural Springfield, Tennessee, and down the hill in an open field below his house was a party paradise.



It featured a stage, where the musicians among us gave performances.



And of course we had a bar, stocked by donations. Dave and others with bartending experience manned it until 2am.



There was a bonfire pit off to the side of the bar.



The bonfire pit was always milling with people.



Me, circa summer of 2005 at one of the end of the month parties.

Like my teen hangout, but on a larger scale, there were all sorts of secluded areas for us to engage in all manner of debauchery. We didn’t have a hot tub like my teen sims do, but there was a dammed up creek we’d swim in. Lots of campsites all around the perimeter of the field (because most of us camped all night–drinking and partying all night and then driving home from the sticks wasn’t recommended). Dave mowed pathways criss-crossing the field, and there was even an outhouse. It was so awesome. I became somewhat of a legend at this parties, for various reasons 😛  Good times, those were.


And now for thecoup de grâce.

I saw Dustin walking up the road from the village and noticed something white on his back. WTF?



So I paused the game and zoomed in. Is that a…?



Even better, when I unpaused the game momentarily, the animal slid down his body. He has a pussy on his ass.



My husband liked this shot. His vulgar caption was “Well, you are what you eat.”



Nice little graphical glitch, eh? Poor Dustin, he was just taking a walk with his little kitty.