1.48: You Have To Kiss Me

Dustin and Ayala had gone down to the beach after she got out of school, thinking it would be fun to swim for awhile. The water had quickly proved to be too chilly, a reminder that winter wasn’t long off. Ayala had only the vaguest memories of snow; she’d been really little then. She snuggled into Dustin’s shoulder, throwing a leg across him. “What is winter like?”

“Cold. It snowed a lot,” he remembered. He’d been a boy then. “I remember building snowmen at my dad’s camp. Daniela got mad at me one time because I covered Jake up in snow.” He chuckled at the memory. “He was just a little guy then. But when he got bigger, we built snow forts. That was fun.” He paused, skating his fingers up and down her forearm. “It wasn’t so cold as to be unbearable, but sometimes the ponds and pools would freeze over. You’ll never be so glad for a fire to keep you warm.”



It was hard to imagine being truly cold as they lay in the sand and sun together. She rolled on her side, onto his chest, stretching up to kiss him. It was an unhurried kiss. Their lips moved over each other slowly, drinking each other in, a breath here, a touch of the tongue there. His sigh against her mouth touched her somewhere inside, and she deepened the kiss. Sliding her hand across his sun-warmed skin, she propped herself up on him. Angling her mouth across his, she tasted the inside of his lips, stroking with her tongue.

“Mmm.” He moaned a little when she nipped at his lower lip. His hand reached to touch the side of her face, then gripped the back of her head, holding her face to his as he too deepened the kiss. His other hand skimmed up along her hip, coming to rest on her back. She shifted over him a little more. The contact of her belly against his raised goosebumps on her flesh, while his hands holding her head and back pressed her chest against his. Her hand explored his upper chest. Although tall and a bit lanky, his body was well used to manual labor. She could feel the muscles of his chest ripple against her when he shifted. Nudging her chin to the side, his lips moved along her jaw, and she gave a delicate shudder when she felt his breath on her ear.



With a small sigh, he lowered her head back to his shoulder, and she snuggled against him contentedly. Raising her hand to his lips, he kissed it softly, holding it there. “I’m so happy we’re together,” he murmured, almost to himself. His low voice rumbled through his chest where her head lay. She loved the sound of it. She loved the words. She loved lying wrapped up with him on this beach. She loved the smell of him in her nostrils. She loved the feel of his breath across her fingers. Craning her head up, she dropped a kiss on his neck, and saw the side of his smile before she snuggled back down against him and his arms encircled her.



The girls too thought it a day for swimming. It was Friday, and for once none of them had after-school activities, and homework didn’t have to be done immediately. Dad was sick, and Mom was busy, so why not get out and play? Annika and Ashlyn convinced several other kids to come swimming too, so when the last bell finally rang, they tore from the community center in a chorus of childish whoops.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!” Annika cried, leading the charge. Sand spat from beneath her feet as she ran down to the shore, shucking her clothes off as she went. Without preamble she dived in, then came up sputtering a shriek. “It’s cold!” she gasped.

Jessie Swift dived right on in anyway, paddling to her and ducking her underwater. “Whassamatter? Can’t take a little cold?” he teased.



“Uh! I can too!” He splashed her, and she splashed water right back in his face, laughing when it made him cough, then ducked underwater before he could splash her again. She took off like a fish underwater, resurfacing again a few yards away. “You can’t catch me!” she cat-called over her shoulder as she started swimming out deeper. She pumped her arms and kicked her legs as fast as she could, and she just knew he’d never catch up to her.

But a few moments later, Jessie’s grinning face bobbed in the water next to her as she gasped in shock. “Cheater! You cheated!”

Jessie rolled his eyes. “You had a head start. That’s cheating,” he said, swimming back the way they’d come. Grumbling, she followed.



Only a few of the kids had ended up braving the chilly water, so Annika felt proud of herself for showing them all up. She clambered up the bank to join them where they hung out around the tidal pool, drying off in the sun. Will was staring intently into the pool and she wondered what he was doing. “What are–?” She was cut short by an impatient motion from him. He leaned over the pool, trailing his hands in the water, then suddenly flipped a flopping fish up onto the bank.

“Whoa.” Annika’s eyes were round. “How’d you do that?” She could fish, her brother Jace taught her how, but she’d never seen anyone catch a fish with their bare hands before.

Will was grinning, quite proud of himself, but he ignored Annika. She huffed when he walked past her and went to Lakelyn. “Hey look Lake.” He held out the fish. “I’m going to go cook this. Want to eat at my camp tonight?” Lakelyn made appropriately appreciative noises and, gathering up their clothes, the two skipped off toward the village.

Annika turned her nose up. Well, Will could be like that if he wanted to, she didn’t care at all.



“That’s nothing,” Abel said to Annika. “I can catch you ten fish.”

Annika snorted. “I can catch my own fish, you know.”

“Yeah but you’re a girl. Boys are better at that stuff.”

Annika socked him in the arm, hard enough to knock him on his butt. “OW!” he yelped. “That was mean!”

“You have no idea what I’m capable of.” She put on her sweetest smile. “Boys don’t do everything better.”

“Challenge accepted,” he said haughtily.

She rolled her eyes. “What challenge?”

“You. Me. I’ll prove I can catch more fish than you. And when I win you have to kiss me!”



“But you won’t win. What do I get when I win?”

“I’ll let you be my girlfriend,” he said graciously.

“LET me?” she laughed so hard she had to hold her belly. That was pretty funny.

Jessie facepalmed himself.



Bitterly, Annika was forced to admit defeat when Abel caught 3 more fishes than she did, and grudgingly she let him kiss her, as per the rules. She wasn’t really sure what all a kiss entailed, so she just puckered her lips and put them against his. That’s what the adults did. Or something like that, anyway.

“Hey at least you don’t have to be his girlfriend,” Jessie laughed. “But you can be mine if you want,” he added seriously.

She bobbed her head at him with a sneer. “You guys can be each other’s girlfriend. I do what I want.” She took off running. “Race you!”



She really should’ve known he’d catch up to her.

“Ha! I win! Now you have to kiss me too!” he proclaimed triumphantly.



“Aurgh! Fine!” She dropped onto a fallen log, out of breath. Squinching her eyes and mouth in preparation of another ‘kiss’, she heard Jessie walk closer and sit beside her, but for a moment, he didn’t do anything. Just as she opened her eyes to see what the hold-up was, he pecked her lips softly and grinned at her.

“See you later!” Jessie hopped up, running back toward the village.



She’d had enough of those silly boys. Looking down the beach, she spied Jace reeling in a fish, and ran down the sandy beach to see what he’d caught. He smiled when he saw her coming. “Hey kiddo, did you make all the boys cry?”

“They all want to kiss me.” She rolled her eyes to show her disdain.

Jace laughed. “Boys will do that. Did you lose something?”

“No, why?”

“Your clothes?”

“Oh. We went swimming.” She shrugged. “Can I fish with you? Please?” Annika loved fishing, especially with her big brother, who always had a smile for her.

“Sure, I could use the help. We could bring home dinner for the entire family. But…maybe go get your dress and put it back on first,” he laughed.

“Nah,” she shrugged, picking up a fishing pole.

He laughed even harder. “Ok, whatever makes you happy, kiddo.”



They’d caught several fish when her brother Carrick and his girlfriend Nala walked along the beach toward them, each carrying one of Nala’s little brothers. Carrick put down the little boy to fistbump Jace in greeting, then turned to give Annika a hug. “Where’s your clothes!”

“You should’ve seen her, Carrick,” Jace was laughing again. “They went swimming and chasing each other around. I believe our little sister kissed not one but two boys, and now she’s fishing, and somewhere along the way she lost her clothes and doesn’t care.”

She stuck her tongue out at Jace, amusing the bigger people.



Dustin walked back to the tidal pool, holding up the two fish he’d caught. Ayala had gathered enough sticks and twigs to get a little fire going to cook them, and she smiled up at him as he approached and dropped into the sand next to her.



“You’re all wet again!” She jumped when he shook his head, spraying her with cold drops of water. He laughed at her expression and put an arm around her, causing her to shriek again at how cold his skin was. He only tickled her when she tried to move away.

“So cruel, Ayala! I’m all cold after catching our dinner and you won’t even warm me up,” he teased. She laughed, leaning her head on his shoulder. She loved it when he was carefree and playful like this. The stars were winking over the sea now, the sun having gone down a short while before.



While the fish roasted over the little fire, they sprawled out, watching the gibbous moon make its ascent from the ocean. “It’s so pretty on clear nights like this,” she mused. He reached up a hand, touching her hair, then curled around her neck, drawing her closer.

“It is. But it doesn’t hold a candle to you.” He smiled at her through the dusk and firelight, and she couldn’t resist kissing him. His arms went around her, pulling her against him. “I could kiss you all day and never get enough,” he spoke, against her mouth. Her lips curved into a smile. Laying back onto the sand, she drew him down with her. “I feel exactly the same way,” she whispered, before kissing him again.



He moved over her, kissing her with a growing fervor. His hand ran up her thigh, sliding smoothly up her hip and waist, stopping just under her breast. He pulled back to look down at her, his fingers stroking her ribs. Her eyes fluttered open and stared up at him. The sudden shift in mood was mutual. Take it easy, Swift.

His breath hitched, watching her in the firelight. He wanted to lay like this, looking down at her, a hundred more nights. A thousand. Forever. He shifted his other knee over her leg, and lowered his head to kiss her again, slowly. Her hands locked around his neck when he pressed his hips against her, his fingers brushing the underside of her breast. She made a little sound, and he smiled against her mouth. “Ayala?”

“Hm?” Her fingers threaded through his hair.

“The food’s ready.”

“Damn.” They both started laughing.



Later, Dustin walked her back to camp, leaving her with a kiss goodnight and a promise to see her tomorrow. Each of these moments, filled with little intimacies, brought them just a little more closer together. She loved being with Dustin. They’d been a couple for a few weeks now, and she felt closer to him every day.

In her mind she compared her feelings for Dustin to when she’d dated Jake. Jake had been fun for awhile, until he’d pressured her for sex when she wasn’t ready. It still hurt to think how many moments she’d wasted, how many moments she’d foolishly separated herself from Dustin. But they were together now, and she was happy to make the most of every new moment with him. Their ease together, the lighthearted moments and the serious ones…those whispers of touches against her skin. She shivered. She’d never wanted Jake like that. But Dustin…well, she was looking forward to more moments.



136720280kuytku7yf459721Story/Challenge/Author Notes~~

Carrick is out of the household now, living with Jake currently, until he feels it’s the right time to move in with Nala. Those two will obviously be getting married, but since she’s younger than him, Carrick wants to give her time to experience their relationship like any other young woman would. No need to rush, as he said. Ayala’s nearly done with her Perfect Children requirements. She just has one more after-school award to get, I think. Jace is just starting on his. The quads have all gotten their ballet awards and have high grades in school.

There was a boatload of foreshadowing in this chapter. Or as my husband would say, a metric fuck-ton. I bet you can guess who the heiress is already though.

Drum roll, please!


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The generation 2 heiress is Annika, by a country mile! Thanks everyone who voted! When I’d originally posted the heir vote, I wasn’t really sure which quad to choose. I started leaning toward Annika though, and apparently so did you all! I like that she isn’t a perfect clone of Lilith, and that she has Shane’s coloring. Her jaw and chin are different from her sisters as well. Kinda gives her a pouty mouth. And that’ll come in handy for her.



Annika’s athletic and competitive, and not at all shy. As she said in this chapter, she does what she wants. Right now she’s an incorrigible brat with doting brothers, but she’s growing up fast. Hold onto your seats.

But first we have a few more chapters of generation 1 to get through. Some happiness, some sadness, some sex, some more sex. And then the debauchery begins.


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