1.52 Generation 1 Epilogue

Annika yawned, listening to the inane chatter of her friends gathered under the shelter at Abel’s camp, all excited about starting high school in the coming weeks. She’d rather be off fishing, by herself, but it was too cold, and many of the ponds and shores had iced over. Not that she didn’t like reigning over her circle of friends, but sometimes she just preferred not dealing with people.


Screenshot-124 (2)
Especially since Daddy and then Mother died. Everyone had wanted to talk to her about how she was feeling. Annika preferred to avoid such messy emotions. Emotions only made you hurt, and Annika just wanted to have fun and do her own thing. Of course it hurt when her parents died. That didn’t mean she wanted to talk about it all the time, or listen to everyone else talk about it.


“And now we’ll be old enough to go to the dances! Won’t that be so much fun, Annie?” Aimee’s excited squeal broke into her thoughts.


“And we can hang out with the older kids at the bonfire pit,” Aimee continued. “I bet we can make out with boys there too.”

Annika rolled her eyes. “We can make out with boys now, if we want.”

Aimee was Annika’s best friend. She was fun because she’d go along with whatever Annika wanted to do, anything at all, but Annika didn’t understand why Aimee was so boy crazy. Jessie was ok, and Abel was alright too, although it was annoying because he wanted to kiss on her all the time, when all she wanted to do was run around and play. Kissing was ok, she supposed, but she didn’t see the big deal about it.


Tuning the other kids out, she continued her musings. At least, she admitted to herself, she could get away with a hell of a lot more now that it was just her, her sisters, and Jace. Jace wasn’t great about putting his foot down, although he tried.


Her oldest brother Carrick tended to be more authoritative, and sometimes she resented what she felt was his interference in her life. Now that he and Aunt Nala had Moira to take care of though, his visits to the house were briefer, thank the gods.


Uncle Dustin aggravated her too. He was their teacher at the grade school, and tattled on her when he thought she was misbehaving at school–which was often. Not that she was a bad student–not at all; she breezed through her classes. They were easy, and boring.

That was one thing to look forward to about going to high school soon, though, was Uncle Dustin wouldn’t be her teacher anymore. He and her sister Ayala still came by on weekends, but less so now that they had their own growing family to take care of. Annika did adore her little nieces and nephew, though.


Sometimes, she felt a little sorry for all the hell Jace had to put up with from her and her sisters, and would spend a few days being extra helpful, extra sweet. She liked it when he came fishing with her too; it was something they enjoyed together. But Jace had so much to do between school and keeping up with food and repairs, it was easy to get away with doing whatever the hell she wanted. Usually, anyway.

Plus he spent a lot of time with his girlfriend Natasha. Annika knew he wanted to marry Natasha, but was sticking around because he felt responsible for her and her sisters; she’d overheard them talking about it one night. She loved Jace, but she wished he’d go on and marry Natasha. She could take care of herself just fine, thank you very much.


“Annika.” Abel stage-whispered. “Let’s split.”

“Where to?” She’d had enough of the conversation at hand, and she didn’t like hanging out at Abel’s camp anyway, because Carrick lived there.

“There’s a tent up near the bonfire pit, we can go there.” Abel tugged at her hand, pulling her up. When had he gotten so strong?


She followed Abel. He probably just wanted to make out, but at this point it would be better than the endless chatter about high school. They’d all be sick of high school soon enough. Jace and Carrick had already informed her and her sisters that they’d been signed up for not one, but two afterschool activities. Great. Even less freedom. She’d just have to find ways to make her free time even more fun.


The village, in the beginning.

Back on December 29, 2012, this random legacy officially kicked off. Although background characters were assumed, the village actually began with very few sims–you could say I like to build populations from the ground up. Technically, the village started with 1 couple, a toddler, and six single sims. The Hale family was a transplant from EA’s Sunlit Tides, upon which Ouroboros is based. Regretfully, I neglected to check their ages before planting them in the village. They had one more son after the legacy kicked off, then quickly died of old age.

The six single sims paired up, after a few misfires, into the couples you came to know throughout the generation 1 story. I confess, I knew almost from the get-go that I wanted Shane as co-founder =P  Lilith was always attracted to him in the game, even though they didn’t speak very often. I did let all the sims do their own thing in the beginning, so their early relationships and falling-outs were genuine.


JoelI don’t really count the Hale couple since they died so fast, so the legacy essentially started with 8 sims–the six single sims, and the two Hale boys. I later added in Joel. Joel was an EA pudding face, assigned as the bartender when I switched out bars. Every once in awhile, a good pudding face comes along, and you can’t let them get away! So I gave him a makeover and brought him into the village.


Initially, the village consisted of tents and crude shelters; that’s just how they lived, and still live to a large extent. Early in the story, it was mentioned that Shane had been to Champs Les Sims before, when he was younger, and later made a second trip for supplies, during which he ran into Lilith. Shane’s trips to Champs Les Sims inspired him to build a more sturdy shelter than what he had. Above was the shelter he started building before his second trip to Champs Les Sims. Already, it was a much more ‘modern’ structure than any other camp in the village, and it was the basis for what would later become known as Meadowstone Manor.


Throughout his life he continued to build onto the house. This is what Meadowstone Manor looks like today.


Though still open-faced, Shane later helped Daniel to build a roomier, sturdier shelter for his huge family. Daniel kept Daniela pregnant as much as possible–that was NOT my doing! Some speculated that SP was trying to populate the village with the inactives, however, Kaila and Maru weren’t that prolific. I think Daniel just really liked to play with his wand a little too much. He had a total of 11 kids–Dustin, his son by Kaila–and 10 others with Daniela. As you’ll recall, I ultimately had to send 3 of his kids to Moonlight Falls. While I thank Daniel for trying to single-handedly (single-wandedly?) populate the village, we just don’t need that many Daniel-spawn running around!


Shane’s influence has ultimately led to a change in housing for some of the rest of the village as well. Although many still live in tents, as you can see, there are also some small cabins, huts, and sturdier shelters.

All of the founding sims have now passed away. As of now, there are 26 sims in the village. Carrick and Nala have a daughter, Moira. Dustin and Ayala have a son, Draven, and a daughter, Janine.

More new blood will be added to the island’s gene pool during this generation, via newcomers, and someone having a little too much fun off-island. The community center will be rebuilt. A genuine dock for boats will be added (there is a decorative one I had before IP, it will be replaced). In general, I’ll be playing with IP more in this coming generation, including a resort!

And hang onto your seats! Annika, as some of you have called her, is indeed a ‘spitfire’ and ‘firecracker’, and she’ll be nothing like Lilith. It’s very likely that she’s going to shock you at least once or twice, and you may not like her very much at times. You’ve been warned!

Stay tuned, the story for generation 2 starts very soon.



Big thanks to Gemma for making the child chatter poses especially for this epilogue! You can find them over at her blog HERE. Check out her random legacy story HERE. The poses in the last screen shot of the kids, however, are by Mypalsim, another talented storyteller and pose creator.

Thanks also to Sunny and Gemma for proofreading and giving feedback and suggestions for the epilogue. I love ya’ll!