2.0: Childish

Parental Advisory Explicit ContentGeneration 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.


“Jessie! Come give me a hand with this!” Annika yelled, when she saw her friend passing through the community center.

Jessie obediently jogged to where she stood by the trader’s market, his sea blue eyes widening when he saw the barrel beside her. “Whoa, are we having a party tonight?” He bent and picked it up with a grunt. “Good grief, this is heavy. What did you get?”


“Rum punch,” she explained, as they headed up the path away from the village. “I traded some tragic clown fishes for it with those merchants that docked this afternoon. Jace’ll kill me if he knew I had this, so we’ll just leave it at the bonfire pit for tonight.”

“Rum, huh?” Usually the kids were stuck with whatever nectar Annika could sneak out of the cellar, or what Jessie could pilfer from his step-dad’s bar. “Well this should be fun.”

“That’s the goal!” She flashed him a rewarding smile for his efforts. Jessie hefted the cask higher onto his shoulder and returned her grin.


Abel carried a cup of rum punch to where Annika stood waiting, and she promptly downed half of it. “Whoa!” she coughed, her eyes burning in the fumes. The heat of the alcohol bloomed in her stomach. “Nice!”

Sipping from his own cup, Abel smiled slyly at her. When she finished her drink, he took the cup and set it down. Putting an arm around her, he rubbed against her suggestively. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered into her ear.

Annika felt a brief wave of annoyance. Predictable Abel.


“You always want to fuck me. Don’t you think of anything else?” She giggled, and pushed him away. But when he caught her and held her by one arm, pushing his hand under her shirt to fondle her, she leaned into him.

“See, you like it. Come on. The tent is right over there, and it’s empty.”


“So let’s make use of it before someone else does.” He tugged her arm again, dragging her a few steps in the direction he’d pointed. Digging her heels in, Annika smiled at the angry look that flashed across his face. She just grinned at him, raising an eyebrow as she pulled away again.


Abel then tried cajoling. “Come on. Please? Let me finally show you how much I like you.” He placed his hands on her shoulders and looked her earnestly in the eyes. “Tonight’s the perfect night.”

Twisting out of his grip, she snorted and started to walk away. “Tonight’s the perfect night,” she mimicked. Her ponytail bobbed in tune with her sarcasm. “You know you say that every time you try, right? You like me anyway; I don’t need to let you fuck me to know that.” She spied her best friend Aimee with Jessie and some other kids near the keg, and headed in that direction.

“Fine!” he yelled after her. “I’ll just find someone who will!”

Annika halted, and half turned to look at him over her shoulder, which rose in a casual shrug. “I’m sure you will.” Turning forward, she grinned back at Aimee’s knowing laugh, shaking her head. Really, he should know by now that that wouldn’t bother her in the least.


Jessie poured some more rum into a cup, wordlessly handing it to her. “Did you and Abel just have a fight?” he asked hesitantly, after a pause.

“No. Abel just had a fight. About the same thing it’s always about. Nothing new there,” Annika shrugged, sipping from her cup more carefully this time. This stuff was strong! She could already feel that first cup of rum simmering in her system.  She did enjoy the bold buzz, but decided to go easy on the stuff for a while. Maybe she could do a keg stand with Abel later, but that was enough for now. Drunk people acted like idiots. Turning, she surveyed the throng of teens milling around the bonfire.


Aimee nudged her ribs, inclining her head toward the hot spring. Following her direction, Annika’s eyes narrowed.  Abel was making out with Aimee’s sister by the pool. Diana’s drunken laughter shrilled when Abel reached around and plucked off her bikini top, then pulled her into the water after shucking his own shirt and pants off . “Didn’t waste any time, did he?” Annika commented flatly.

Jessie watched silently, wondering what Annika would do. Probably nothing. She and Abel had a strange relationship, always had. When they were good together, they were great, but neither of them really seemed to give a damn about what the other wanted. They were both headstrong, which seemed to attract them to each other, but neither ever gave an inch when it came to getting what they wanted. Annika just wasn’t the kind of girl to do something she didn’t want to do, and Abel just wasn’t the kind of guy to wait for her to want it. This was often the result.


“Your sister wants him so bad, Aimee, it’s pathetic.” They watched as Abel mounted Diana in the water. Annika’s lip curled in disgust. It wasn’t the first time Abel had gotten mad when she wouldn’t have sex with him, and gone and fucked someone else instead. Although he hadn’t done it this publicly before. Kids were mingling around the bonfire and keg. Other couples had split from the group to make use of the time away from adult eyes, so no one was really paying attention to Abel fucking Diana. He’d come running back to her anyway, he always did. She turned to Jessie, seemingly unperturbed. “Jessie, where’s your guitar? Let’s have some music. I feel like dancing.”


The next afternoon, Annika found Aimee sunning on the beach. “There you are! Whatcha want to do today, Aims? I’m bored.” She flopped down into the sand next to Aimee.

“Ugh. I can barely move, I just want to lay here. I’m so hung over. Aren’t you?” Aimee turned her head slowly, squinting her eyes against the sun.

“Not at all. Unlike you, I know my limits!” Annika chirped, punching Aimee’s arm and making her groan. Looking up, she saw Jessie approaching, and called out to him. “You’re not hung over too are you, Jess?”

Jessie made his way down the bank and sat in the sand in front of the girls. “Nah, I didn’t drink much.”  He shook his head. “Are you ok Annie?” He looked at Annika.


“Why wouldn’t I be?”


“Abel can kiss my ass. He does that shit all the time, thinking he’ll get me jealous but it doesn’t work. You know that. I just don’t care.” Digging her hands into the sand, Annika let it sift through her fingers. “I don’t get why he wants to have sex all the time.” she muttered. “Sex can’t be that fun. Mary Jane did it with Chaz last night, and there was blood on her thighs when she came home.”

“She let him do it to her?? Jennika said it hurts to have sex,” Aimee exclaimed, her eyes round.

“Well it sure can’t feel good if it makes you bleed down there.”


Jessie had been sitting silently, listening, but suddenly both girls were looking at him expectantly, as if he had some secret male insight on the subject. “I… I heard it only makes the girl bleed the first time, maybe that’s why he doesn’t care,” he offered. Secretly, he thought Abel was pretty stupid. He’d never dump a girl like Annika just because she because she wasn’t ready for sex.

Jessie closed his eyes and swiped a hand across his face, feeling a strange buzzing in his head. Never dump a girl like Annika. Stupid.


When he opened his eyes again, Annika regarded him, her head cocked to the side. “Have you ever had sex?”

Jessie flushed. “No-o. That’s just what I heard. From some of the guys at school. They say it’s awesome.”

Annika snorted. “They would. They aren’t the ones bleeding from it. I already have to bleed once a month, I don’t need sex for that.”


Annika woke up. It was still dark. She lay still, wondering what had awakened her. After a moment, she heard a muffled groan through the wall, and some thumping noises. Another groan. Oh great, Jace and Natasha must be doing it too.


As silently as possible, she slipped from under the blanket, careful not to wake her sisters, and crept to the open doorway. Stealthily, she peered around the corner briefly, then ducked back behind the doorjamb. The candles and lamps were out, but in the dim firelight, she could see Jace moving on top of Natasha, and Natasha moaned a little. See? It probably hurt. Annika huddled there for a little while, listening to their heavy breathing, and the occasional bump of the bed against the wall. It sounded squishy and sucky, kind of like walking in the mud.

Bored, Annika crept back to bed.


Abel hefted Annika over his shoulder and spun her around until, red-faced and panting, she squealed to be put down. To her laughter, he slapped her ass as he put on her feet, and they joined the other kids in front of the fire. Annika settled down, cross-legged in the grass, and Abel stretched out in front of her, laying his head in her lap.

Abel’s so fun, Annika thought, brushing back his white-blonde hair. And so strong, to be able to swing her up and around like that. Even if he was a bit bull-headed about some things, that’s what she liked about him. His personality was just as big as her own.

“Hey guys, there you are. What have you been up to?” Aimee asked her.


“Did some fishing today, and sold them at the consignment stand,” Annika replied. “I almost have enough simoleons to buy more rum punch.”

“Suhweet!” “Alright!” said nearly all the kids, then they all laughed.

“Speaking of which, you should come to the next party, Drake,” Aimee leaned toward the younger teen, fluttering her eyelashes at him. Annika rolled her eyes; Aimee was so boy crazy. But it was funny how Drake blushed and stammered.

“Look at ya Aimee, macking on my little brother!” Abel laughed loudly, amused by himself, making Drake blush even deeper. “I think you’re scaring him!”


“Shut up, Abel, I’m not scared,” Drake said, rather defensively, to which all the girls, including Aimee, giggled in chorus.

Annika looked from Drake to Aimee, smiling wickedly. “Aimee, you heard the man. He’s not afraid of you. I dare you to kiss him!”

As if to prove himself, Drake shifted, put an arm around Aimee’s shoulder, and laid one on her, while everyone else whistled and cheered. The cheers turned to laughter when Aimee pulled him back for more and they started making out.

“See Annie, love is in the air.” Abel looked up at her from her lap.

“She’s just doing it because I dared her.”

“Oh I think she likes it. Don’t you think so Jessie?” Abel looked over at Jessie.

“Well.” Jessie looked at Aimee and Drake. “It does look that way,” he chuckled.


Abel touched her arm, looking up at her seriously. “C’mon,” he urged lowly. Annika knew exactly what he meant. She shoved his head out of her lap, smacking him on the arm.

“Ow, woman, jeez!” Abel sat up, rubbing his arm. Picking a pebble out of the grass he flicked it at Jessie. “What about you bro? I hope you’re getting some loving, because I sure ain’t.”

Jessie tried to smile at the joke. “Just me and my hand. But I couldn’t help but see you and Diana the other night—again.” It came out more bitterly than he’d intended it to, and he quickly turned his attention back to the strings beneath his fingers. He hated how Abel acted toward Annika. She deserved way better than that. But that wasn’t his business.

Abel returned Annika’s glare, non-plussed. “What?”

Annika rolled her eyes, her nice thoughts of Abel evaporating.


“Aw, don’t be like that. She’s just there, babe. I wouldn’t need anybody else if you’d only let me be with you.”

His wheedling tone just pissed her off. What an ass. I’ll have sex if and when I want to, not one minute before, she thought, staring at him through narrowed eyes. And maybe it won’t be with you after all. “You’re not worth bleeding for,” she spat, hauling her diminutive body off the ground.


Annika wasn’t in the mood to be pestered about sex again, nor have Abel trying unsuccessfully to make her jealous by screwing someone else. It was so childish.

She flipped him the bird over her shoulder, then started walking back down to the village.



Apologies for the delay! I wanted to write ahead a bit, as between generations was the best time to take the time to do so.

This chapter was pretty tame. As stated at the beginning, this generation in general is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.

Our Annika isn’t one to be concerned with social conventions, isn’t very emotional, and she’s also rather hedonistic. That makes for quite a combination for a teen who is discovering and exploring sexuality. There will be explicit language and graphic sexual depictions.

I had an urge to listen to Michael Jackson after finishing this chapter.

That being said, what do you think of the starting cast so far?



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