2.1: The Birds and the Bees

Parental Advisory Explicit ContentGeneration 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.


Annika picked her way along the shoreline, making her way up the shore of a secluded inlet some distance from the village. Today, she just wanted to get away for a while. She was tired of always doing housework and schoolwork, tired of working in the garden, tired of the stupid after-school activities that her brothers insisted she continue, tired of arguing with Jace, and tired of people in general. Besides, she’d seen some fish near this inlet that she didn’t recognize, and maybe with some luck, could reel them in.

She was even tired of Aimee, her boycrazy best friend. Ever since Annika had dared Aimee to kiss Drake a few days ago, she’d been trying to flirt and get his attention again. It was pathetic. That was probably how Abel wanted her to act, since he’d been hell-bent on fucking Diana right in front of her and everybody at that last party. But that wasn’t going to happen. Abel would just have to get over his dream of Annika being a simpering female at his beck and call. She would never be that for anyone ever.


After hearing from Aimee that Jennika said sex hurt, and seeing the blood on Mary Jane after she and Chaz did it, Annika just didn’t see what the fuss was. Sex couldn’t be fun. And Annika was only interested in having fun. It was fun to make out, but Annika had drawn the line there. Abel could go fuck himself for all she cared.

And she really didn’t care. He’d come crawling back, he always did. Happily, her thoughts turned themselves to an entire afternoon of being by herself for a change, and all the new fish she might catch today. She’d learned how to bait different kinds of fish, which came in handy. Merchants passing by the island always liked to buy ‘exotic’ fish to sell elsewhere. It was a win-win situation. Jace could hardly bitch about her going off by herself all the time if she was earning money by doing so.


“Ooh that feels sooo good!”

Annika swiftly ducked behind a bush at the sound of a woman’s voice. Edging around the back of a tree trunk, she peeked from behind the foliage. A man—was that Joel?—and a woman sat tangled together in a small clearing. Annika couldn’t see who the woman was, but Joel—yes, that was Joel—pulled down one side of the woman’s shirt and put his mouth on her nipple. The woman moaned again, arching her back, moving a hand to clasp Joel’s head.

Joel pulled back, and reached to yank the woman’s shirt over her head. The darkness of his skin against the pale alabaster skin of the woman made a fascinating, lurid contrast. Whoever the woman was, it wasn’t Joel’s wife; his wife had red hair. Annika studied the couple as Joel fondled the woman’s boobs. She’d let Abel touch her boobs like that before, but she hadn’t let him put his mouth on them when he tried. The more she let him do, the more he just wanted sex.


The unknown woman’s pale hands reached and unbuttoned Joel’s pants, and he paused to stand up and push them down his hips. Annika stared when his penis bobbed free. It was huge. No wonder sex hurt. When he stood to take his pants all the way off, the woman sprang to her knees and put it on her mouth. Annika was shocked. In all of her 14 years, she’d never seen anyone do this. Was this a part of sex, too?

“Aaaghh!” He threw his head back, and cocked his hands on his naked hips, his pants pooled in a heap around his ankles. Annika could see the woman’s blond head move down to take his balls in her mouth, then she started sucking on his dick again for a few minutes, moving her head backward and forward as she did so.


After a while, Joel moaned again. Placing his hands on the woman’s head, he started pushing his hips against her face. “I’m coming!” he yelled, clenching his hands in the blond hair, holding her face against him. His hips bucked a few times and she heard the woman gag. “Take it baby. All of it.” He didn’t let go of her head until he was finished coming.

Collapsing to his knees, Joel pushed the woman onto her back, yanking her skirt down. Annika craned to see the woman’s face, but it was still obscured by foliage between her and them. She could see the blond snatch of hair between the woman’s thighs when Joel pushed them apart.


“Yes!” The woman cried when he put his fingers in her. She almost sounded in pain, but she was saying ‘yes’. He plunged his fingers in and out of her some more, then suddenly he moved back and put his mouth down there.

“Oh gods yes, eat me!” From her vantage point, she could see Joel’s tongue flashing through the folds of skin between the woman’s legs. He licked up and down, then his cheeks collapsed in as he sucked on her. “Don’t stop!” the woman screamed.

It really sounded like the woman was in pain. Why was she telling Joel not to stop? Could she really be enjoying this? She was whining and panting, and Annika could hear the slurping noises Joel was making all the way over here. He must be a messy eater.


“Make me come. Make me come hard.” The woman’s voice sounded lower, throatier now, and breathless. “Gods, you have a magick tongue, Joel.” The woman’s hips writhed against Joel’s face as his tongue flicked rapid-fire across her crotch, sometimes stopping to spread it open and suck on it.

Magick tongue? All he was doing was licking her. Anyone could do that.

Annika watched in wide-eyed fascination as the woman’s body grew stiff and tense. Joel’s hands locked around her hips, eating her, or whatever it was called, while the woman started groaning.


“You taste so good,” she heard Joel mumble into the woman’s crotch. “Come for me baby.” Slinging her legs over his shoulders, he lifted her hips up to his mouth, as if he were about to eat a melon.

Does that really taste good? Annika wondered. What is ‘coming’? Is that the same as an orgasm? Then again, she wasn’t entirely sure what an orgasm was, either.

The woman started screaming, over and over she groaned, her body shaking in long waves. Her pale hands reached down, pushing his face against her hard, until finally she let go and went limp. She uttered a final whimper, and it sounded like she was trying to catch her breath.


When Joel and the woman started to get dressed, Annika ducked back behind the tree and bushes so they wouldn’t see her. Who knows what they would say if they knew she was watching them. She listened to the rustling of their garments. They started talking again, their voices sounding normal now. They arranged to meet each other here again at the same time tomorrow. Annika looked up at the sun. It had been just after noon when she got here and found them.

Still plenty of time to catch some fish before dark.


The next day Annika picked her way quietly through the bushes and settled in the same spot as the day before. She wanted to watch Joel and the woman again today to see what else they would do.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before they walked into the clearing opposite from where Annika was hidden. The woman, she could see, was Nadia Hale. Well, well, well. Being married obviously wasn’t stopping these two from having a little fun. After a thought, she decided not to tell Jessie about this. Joel was his step-father, and Nadia was married to Jessie’s biological father.


They went slower today. Joel undressed Nadia and took his own pants off, and then sat there running his hands all over her body. Nadia had a happy look on her face, and sometimes guided his hand where she wanted. He started sucking her tits, back and forth between each one, and slipped his hand down Nadia’s naked belly.

Nadia smiled and laid down in the grass, spreading her legs wider. She moved her hips while Joel rubbed his fingers between her legs.


Quietly, she slid her skirt down her hips, and tentatively touched herself, trying to mimic what Joel was doing to Nadia. She almost gasped aloud. It was kind of weird how sticky she was, but it made it easier for her fingers to slide around, which felt…really good, actually. Breathing through her mouth so she could be quiet, she leaned back against the tree trunk and continued touching herself, keeping her eyes on the couple in the clearing. She thought about Abel touching her boobs, and that made her fingers go even faster. Then she discovered a spot near the top of her privates that felt really good when her fingers slid over it. It actually made her legs jerk a little. Amazing! If she could do this to herself, maybe it wasn’t so surprising after all that people liked doing this to each other. Maybe she’d let Abel to do this to her the next time they made out. If he could manage not to piss her off again, that is.

In the clearing, she saw Joel go down and start licking between Nadia’s legs again. When Nadia started moaning again and saying things like “yes” and “don’t stop”, Annika understood now that it wasn’t because she was in pain—it must be because it felt so good.


Joel said something again about how good Nadia’s pussy tasted, then moved over her and kissed her. Pushing her thighs even wider, he pushed his cock into her and they both started to moan. From her angle, Annika could see the gleaming shaft of his dick as it went in and out of Nadia, his hips going backward and forward, backward and forward, faster, then slower. Nadia’s boobs were shaking all over the place, but there was no blood anywhere that Annika could see. Jessie must have heard right, that it only happened the first time.

Pulling her skirt back up and wiping her fingers, Annika leaned forward to study their position. She’d seen people having sex before, obviously, but never paid it much attention. They kept fucking for a little while. Nadia kept getting louder, grunting and groaning and pushing herself  against him, and begging—begging!—for him to ‘do her harder’. Then she screamed that she was coming. Coming? Annika still wondered precisely what that meant. That’s what Joel had said yesterday when Nadia sucked his dick, too. They both suddenly jerked stiff, their mouths open. He pumped into her a few more times, then lay back on the grass with a tired-sounding grunt and Nadia curled up next to him.


“You’re an amazing lover,” she heard Nadia murmur.

“We can’t keep seeing each other so often though. Someone might see us,” Joel responded.

Too late, Annika thought.

Joel rubbed on Nadia’s boobs some more, then they got dressed, and left the way they came.

Annika sat in silence for a few minutes, and started to touch herself again. Slowly at first, it felt good, then faster, applying more pressure.


Slowly she lowered herself onto the ground, her hands swiftly finding a pleasing rhythm. When her fingers slid over the little nub near the top between her legs, her whole body jerked, so she concentrated her efforts there. Her entire groin started feeling tense, but in a good way, and it kept building. With a surprised gasp, she suddenly felt the tension in her body break, in waves. “Wow,” she said quietly to herself, shuddering a little. “I think I just came.”

That was fun, she thought, catching her breath. She had to tell Aimee about this as soon as possible.


At length, she gathered herself up out of the sand, shook out her skirt and put it back on. With a bit of a swagger, she ambled up from the beach and turned toward the village again.

Jace’s “birds and the bees” talk a couple years ago in no way had revealed any of the wonderful possibilities of sex she now envisioned, she mused. He’d been so embarrassed to have that talk with her and her sisters; they’d only made it worse by tittering at him the entire time until he was red in the face.

But now she had knowledge; and she meant to find the rest out for herself–at the earliest opportunity.



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