2.2: Just a Favor

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“What the fucking hell, Jace? I told you I don’t want to be in those stupid after-school activities. This doesn’t require a fucking family meeting!” Annika’s angry voice rose, her face growing redder, when both Carrick and Ayala stepped up behind Jace. She just wanted to quit those dumb activities, she didn’t need a freaking family intervention over skipping class.

“Fucking!” Janine’s small, baby voice seemed huge in the ensuing silence. Ayala placed a finger over her little daughter’s lips, shaking her head no.

Jace massaged his temple.


Carrick’s stern face flickered. The hand that had been cradling his chin thoughtfully fell to his side, flexing in an effort to remain calm. “Annika Meadowstone, you will not speak to us like that.” His voice paused between “will” and “not”. “You will never speak like that in front of your niece. Ever again.” A pointed finger underscored his words. His tone, as always, brooked no argument. Annika fell back under his unusually wrathful glare.

“Annie,” Ayala said, “We all had after-school activities. Daddy liked for us to learn as much as possible.” Ayala hoped that invoking Shane’s memory–and indeed, his will–would soften the hostile teenager before them.

Annika, however, only remembered Daddy as a sick old man who died when she was little. “I do not need to take after-school activities. I have the highest marks in school. I always did. Ask Uncle Dustin.”

“You are not allowed to drop your after-school activities, Annika,” Jace finally said.

“And that’s final,” Carrick added. “No more skipping.”


Study Club finally ended, and Annika looked around the community center for something fun to do. She’d had enough of school. It was so boring. She’d argued again with her brothers about quitting—dropping even just one of the after-school activities would give her more free time to do her own thing. She’d gotten into quite an argument with her brothers about it, but had gotten nowhere with them.

Jessie walked out the door behind her. Study club was the one after-school activity they shared. “Ugh, I’m so sick of studying,” he complained.

Annika nodded in complete understanding. “Let’s leave our books here and go find Aimee. We can go down to the beach and chill.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jessie agreed.


After stopping by Aimee’s camp, the trio trouped down to a tidal pool a little distance away from the village. She didn’t want Jace to see her and make her do chores, she just wanted to relax and have some fun.

Once away from prying eyes and ears, the three sat in a circle on the beach. Annika couldn’t wait to share what she’d seen in the clearing. “Aimee, I think sex must not hurt all the time. I saw —someone, having sex in the woods the other day, and the woman didn’t bleed. She was actually begging him for more.”

“Really! Who was it?” Aimee asked

“I couldn’t tell,” Annika lied. “But they were licking and sucking each other, and then they fucked and seemed to really like it, both times.”


“Wait. Both times?” Jessie asked. He looked a little surprised, then started laughing. “You’re such a little freak!”

“Uh, yes…I sorta went back and watched them again the next day to see how they did it,” she admitted, then turned back to Aimee. “And the lady definitely liked it. You’re sure Jennika said it hurt?”

Aimee nodded.

“Mary Jane did it again with Chaz, too. So it must be only the first time that makes you bleed, like you heard, Jessie,” Annika said. She told them how she’d touched herself and how good it had felt, and then laughed when she saw Jessie blushing. “But don’t you see? It really does feel good! I’ll show you.”


Reaching over, Annika put her hand on Aimee’s boob, and laughed again at the surprised look on Aimee’s face. She pushed Aimee backward until she was leaning on her elbows, like Nadia had done. “This is what they were doing,” she explained. “Take your shirt off.” Behind her, she heard Jessie gasp.

“Uh, this is a little weird, Annika,” Aimee said, lifting her shirt over her head.

“And then he did—“ She leaned down toward Aimee, “This—“ and then licked Aimee’s little nipple. Aimee jerked in surprise.


“Whoa. Weird. Good weird, though,” Aimee giggled nervously.

Jessie looked around to make sure no one else was near, shifting uncomfortably. To his embarrassment, he’d popped a chub. “Are you sure you guys should be doing this?”

Annika and Aimee looked up at him. “Why not? It feels good. Right Aimee?”

“Uh huh.”

So Annika put her mouth on Aimee’s nipple, suckling it, and felt it get hard in her mouth. Interesting. She toyed it with her tongue a little.  Aimee made a noise again, a little surprised, but it sounded like she liked it so Annika figured she was doing it right. She reached down and put her hand between Aimee’s legs, under her skirt.


“Take off your skirt, too,” Annika ordered. After a moment, Aimee hesitantly complied.

It felt strangely exciting to be touching someone like this! She moved her fingers around down there until her fingers slipped between the folds of flesh. Leaning down to see better, Annika started stroking Aimee’s pussy like she’d done to herself.

Aimee looked embarrassed, but said nothing, so Annika kept going. “The man said her pussy tasted good too. Lay down, I want to try it.”

Aimee tried to close her legs, but Annika pushed her thighs back apart. “Annika…”


“He said it tasted good, and she wanted him to do it, so it can’t be that weird.” Stretching her body flat along the sand between Aimee’s legs, she spread it open and looked at Aimee’s pussy. It was pink, just like her nipples were, with dark brown hairs around it. She’d seen plenty of naked people before, but never this close-up, so she took the time to study it until Aimee whined about it being weird again. Leaning down, she tasted it. It didn’t taste bad, but she wasn’t sure if it tasted good either; she really didn’t have anything to compare it to. When Aimee relaxed, she licked it some more, and sucked on it, like she’d seen Joel do.

“Damn, Annie! That does feel–” she gasped again. “That’s awesome!”


Annika sat up. “Now do it to me, I want to see what it feels like.” She wiped her mouth, and, looking at Jessie, took in his wide eyes and flushed face. His hands moved to hide his crotch. “Have you ever done this Jessie?”

Mutely, he shook his head.

Annika teasingly pointed at the quite visible tent in his pants, and he blushed even deeper. “Do you want to try it?” Again, Jessie shook his head. She shimmied her shirt off. “Here Aimee.” Annika grabbed Aimee’s hand and put it on her bared breasts.


Aimee started playing with Annika’s breasts tentatively, then more boldly as Annika encouraged her. Without being told, her other hand started feeling around under Annika’s skirt, between her legs, and Annika started feeling that sticky sensation like when she’d touched herself. “Put your finger in me,” she ordered, “And then rub me here.” She pulled her skirt off to get it out of the way, then used her own fingers to show Aimee the spot that had felt really good, stroking herself a few times to show her how. It felt even better when someone else was doing it to her, she realized, leaning back and sighing in satisfaction.

Jessie made a strangled sound, squirming when Annika turned her head to look at him. She gave him a purely evil grin. He probably wanted to touch himself like she’d done when she watched Joel and Nadia. “Faster, move your fingers faster.” She put her hand over Aimee’s to show her how. Now she understood why Nadia had told Joel to go faster. Faster felt better. Aimee’s fingers moving over her slick pussy felt insanely good. This was fun!

“Put your mouth there, like I did to you.”


“Um…ok.” Shyly, Aimee positioned herself on the ground and tentatively touched her tongue to Annika. Annika spread her legs wider as Aimee got more into it. She gasped when Aimee’s tongue hit the right spot.

“Fuck yes, Aimee. Right there.” Annika put her hand on Aimee’s head to show her where, holding it like Nadia had held Joel’s head. God damn this is awesome. A tongue felt way better than a hand. For a couple minutes the only sounds, apart from the waves on the beach, were the sounds Aimee made while she ate Annika, and Annika’s increasingly heavy breathing, punctuated by a few moans. And Jessie. Annika could hear Jessie breathing, too.

“Oh hell yes.” She started to feel like she was going to come.


“This is making my jaw hurt,” Aimee complained, sitting up. “And it’s kinda messy,” she added, wiping off her face.

“Damn,” Annika cursed. So close. “Jessie? Give me a hand here?” she turned to look at her red-faced friend.

“No way! Anyone could see us.” Jessie barely had any thoughts left after what he’d just witnessed, but it would be hella embarrassing if someone happened along and found them.

Disgusted, Annika sat up. “Who cares? It feels really good. I just want to get off.”


Aimee stood, and started putting her clothes back on. “It really did feel good. We’ll have to do that again.” She grinned, joining in Annika’s laughter at Jessie. “Anyway, I gotta get back to camp and start on dinner. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Aimee waved, and turned to go up the path back to the village.

“Annie…that was crazy,” Jessie squeaked.

“Crazy good. It turned you on too, admit it.” He didn’t admit it. “Fine, I’ll do it myself.” She decided she’d get Aimee to eat her again. That wasn’t real sex though. She cocked her head, contemplatively looking at Jessie as she masturbated herself. “Maybe I should have sex with Abel after all.”

Her fingers were making wet sounds. Jessie couldn’t look, and kept his head down, afraid his eyes would fall out of his head. “If that’s what you want,” he muttered guardedly. Damn, this hard-on needs to get lost. “Put your fucking clothes on for gods’ sake.”


“I’m. Not. Done. Yet”

Finally she gave a little cry. Jessie peeked. Dear gods, I’m going to lose it. At least she was done now.

“So anyway,” Annika said finally, “I want to try real sex first before I let him do it to me.” A pause. “Let’s do it, to see what it’s like.”

His jaw dropped, and he finally raised his head to look at her again. Him? Have sex with Annika? “Um. Don’t you think Abel might not like that?”

“Who cares? He’s fucking Diana, you saw it yourself.”


“So it’s no big deal. I don’t want to let him do it to me unless I know what it’s like first.” Stretching out, she reached for his hand, placing it on her still naked breast.


Unwilling, his fingers curled around it, kneading her flesh. Just as unwillingly, his other hand reached for her other breast.

Annika closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of his guitar-calloused fingers on her, then suddenly felt his mouth against hers. “What—“

“I just wanted to kiss you.”

This was a surprising revelation; he’d never done that before. “Oh. Ok, I don’t mind kissing.” He kissed her again, and she opened her mouth for him. She hadn’t kissed anyone but Abel before, so this was strangely new and exciting too. His hands skimmed up and down her chest while they kissed.

“You like it,” she stated, breaking off.



Annika looked at him strangely. “Then let’s do it.” She frowned when he shook his head disbelievingly. “What’s the problem?”

He pulled his hands back then, dragging his fingers through his hair. “It’s just weird…Abel and all.”

“Abel can fuck who he wants. I just want to see what sex is like before I decide if I’m going to let him do it to me. We’re friends, right? It’s just a favor.”


“Just a favor.” He sighed. What was wrong with him? Any other guy would be jumping for joy over what he’d just witnessed, followed by an offer of no-strings-attached sex with a girl as hot as Annika. But she’d been one of his friends since childhood, and had a long-standing on-again off-again relationship with their friend Abel. He fucking hated that Abel took Annika for granted.

A familiar buzzing filled his head. Never take her for granted. He shook his head, trying to clear it. That was the problem. He didn’t take Annika for granted, and he couldn’t take sex with her for granted.  She didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought. Unfortunately a girl like Annie would never give a fuck about him—not like that. And he did give a fuck, much as he hated to admit it. Geez, it’s hard enough being around her and Abel. And now she wants to have sex with me? Am I really gonna do this?

Really gonna do this, the voice in his head whispered.

Damn it! This hard-on really needed to go away. He couldn’t think straight.


Jessie stood up, and Annika got up too, putting on her best Please? face, a slow smile spreading across her face. He would do it, she knew it. She brushed her hands across the front of his shorts for confirmation, squeezing lightly. “So that’s a yes?” Her fingers worked to unbutton his pants, but he slapped her hands away.

“Ok, but—“

“Yay!” Annika clapped her hands, and he shook his head ruefully. He couldn’t help smiling at her delight. She was like a kid with a new favorite toy. This was just something new for her to have fun with. He’d just have to have fun too, and remember that’s all it was.

“But not here. And not now,” he said, as firmly as he could. She was curiously feeling him through his pants. He swatted her away again, taking a step back. “Damn it Annie, stop it. I’m trying real hard not to blow my load in my damn pants.” He picked up her shirt and threw it on her. “Put your damn clothes back on, ok?”


“If I didn’t know better, I’d think maybe you like it when my clothes are off.” She giggled again when Jessie blushed and rolled his eyes, but complied, pulling her shirt down over her head. “Tomorrow then? After school?” She shook her hair out and started finger-combing the sand from it.

Jessie grimaced at the thought of suffering through classes tomorrow. Or of trying to sleep tonight, for that matter.

“Ok then!” she agreed for him, since he’d apparently lost his voice. Straightening her clothing, and dusting the sand from her thighs, she turned toward the path to leave. “See ya!”

“Wait!” When she turned back to him, he grabbed her and kissed her again.

She looked annoyed when he released her. “You’re just as bad as Abel.”


He shrugged. “Might as well, while I can. See you tomorrow.”

With a merry wave, she skipped up the path. He couldn’t help but watch her shapely ass and legs bouncing as she went. He tried to force himself to think of it in impersonal, macho terms. Tomorrow he was going to tap that ass.

Yeah, that wasn’t working.

“Goddamnit Jessie, what have you gotten yourself into?” He facepalmed himself. Finally he turned, jogging toward the treeline, behind some bushes. He really had to do something about this hard on.




Let me take a few moments to clear up a few points that have been raised in comments on the previous two chapters.

  1. Why doesn’t Annika already know these things about sex?
    Yes, Ouroboros is much freer in sexual matters than is our conventional society, so Annika has seen people having sex before. But at the time, she wasn’t interested in sex at all, so she wasn’t paying attention. It’s not until Abel increasingly pressures her for sex that she begins to wonder what’s so great about it. Her mother died while she was still a young child, and she didn’t get to observe her parents in their sexual prime in a loving relationship, as did Carrick and Ayala. Carrick and Ayala were out of the household by the time she aged into a teen. Jace, bless his heart. He didn’t enlighten the girls much on the birds and the bees. Likewise, Annika’s best friend Aimee was also orphaned at a young age. Thus, they are learning these things on their own.
  2. Why is Annika being all creepy and watching people have sex?
    It might seem creepy, but it’s really not, if you think about it. Children learn by watching and imitating. She’s curious now, so she watches. This is not the same as voyeurism; voyeurism is taking sexual pleasure from watching others have sex–Annika was watching to learn. When she masturbated, she was seeking to imitate what Joel was doing with his hands to Nadia, and in doing so, discovered just how good it can be, and had her first orgasm. Now that she has an idea of how it’s done and the possibilities of sex, she’s much more interested in experiencing it for herself, not watching others do it.

    And before you say it, no she’s not an exhibitionist, either. Remember when she was running around naked, playing when she was a kid?  That was me trying to show how little Annika thinks about social conventions. Villagers go naked often enough, anyway. Remember Daniel? She wants to find out what this sex stuff is all about, and who better to turn to than her two besties who always do what she wants? While she thinks nothing of the show she put on for Jessie in this chapter, she is, of course, slowly learning the powers of womanly persuasion.

Her actions now highlight her attitudes that sex is something casual, and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with relationships. She already had that view in her relationship with Abel, since she didn’t care that he was sleeping around. That was reinforced by Joel and Nadia. Witnessing a clandestine tryst only underscores, in her mind, that sex is not exclusive to a relationship.

Like I’ve said many times previously–you’re not always going to like Annika because of the things she does, but this is why she does them.

Thank you for reading! I truly enjoy your comments–it makes my day to log in and see a new comment =)  Plus, it helps me understand what points I need to clarify in the story.