2.4: Getting Laid and Doing Homework

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In the last chapter, Annika asked her sister Mary Jane what sex was like, to prepare herself for ‘trying it out’. Though reluctant, her best friend Jessie couldn’t say no when she proposed they try it together–what guy could? He’s realized, though, that this is going to be hard on him. He hates how her boyfriend Abel treats her, and realizes too that he’s maybe a little attracted to her as more than a friend. He knows he’s stupid for that. Annika isn’t the kind of girl to take relationships as seriously as anyone else might. Afterward, Jessie feels a bit despondent, knowing it was only an experiment on her part. He was shocked when she insisted on doing it again–because the first time didn’t count–but again, he couldn’t say no. 600ntsScreenshot-14
Annika woke up the next morning stiff as a board. And smiled. Mary Jane had been right. There was a definite satisfaction in knowing why she was sore.

She was a woman now.

Actually, she didn’t even need a second time to know she was going to like it. The pain was already forgotten, but the memory of his body in hers was still fresh and exciting. The lovely friction, the heated breath in her ear. That mind-blowing orgasm when he went down on her.

She’d enjoyed making out with Abel, for the most part, anyway, but now she couldn’t remember why she’d ever been so adamantly uninterested in sex to begin with. It was a whole new world!

Gingerly, she threw off the blanket and stood up.


“What’s wrong with you?” Ashlyn asked, noticing Annika’s grimace. “Are you hurt?”

Annika shook her head, flashing a grin at her sister. “Farthest thing from it. I feel great! Have you seen my clothes?”

“Over there.” Ashlyn vaguely pointed across the room, then grabbed her books and left the room. “Don’t forget we have study club later,” she called over her shoulder.

Uttering a curse, Annika pulled her nightshirt off and slid into her skirt. She’d completely forgotten about study club today—one of the after-school activities her brothers insisted all of the girls take, no matter what appeal Annika made against it. She was a perfect student with high marks, she didn’t need study club. But Jace insisted that Daddy would have wanted them to take after-school activities, and Carrick backed him up on it.


After the walk to school, Annika already felt more limber. By the time she walked into class, there was a definite swagger to her steps.

The pencil nearly snapped between Jessie’s fingers at the look Annika gave him when she walked in. It was a whole new attitude that she wore effortlessly. It was pure sex. Jessie couldn’t decide if he was cursed or lucky. Maybe a little bit of both. It just sucked knowing that he was basically only warming her up for Abel. Was the joke on him, or on Abel?

Maybe a little bit of both.

He laid his forehead down on the desk and sighed. He was almost as tired as when he finally fell sleep last night. Every detail from the day before had replayed over and over in his dreams. He knew without a doubt that he would do it with her again today. Because he just couldn’t say no to Annie.



At the stroke of 2, Annika grabbed her books and dashed out the door, into the courtyard of the community center. She heard Aimee’s voice calling after her. “Annika, we have study club today, remember?”

Annika pretended not to hear. When Jessie slowly walked out of the rustic school room where the older kids had class, she grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him to the side of the doorway. “Come on,” she whispered loudly, “I’m supposed to be in study club, we have to split!”

With a giddy laugh, she took off at a run, up the path away from the village. As athletic as she was, she’d never been able to outrun Jessie though, and he was beside her before they even turned the corner. Once out of sight of the village, they stopped, bending over to catch their breaths. Catching Jessie’s eye, they started laughing together.


“Jace is gonna be sooo mad at you for skipping,” Jessie said, when he finally caught his breath.

Annika didn’t want to think about that. Jace would without a doubt find out and yell at her. She was riding a high, free from responsibility for a few stolen hours. Shifting her books to her other arm, she tip-toed her fingers up Jessie’s chest. “We’ll just have to make the most of the time then,” she smirked. When Jessie’s features clouded over, she pulled his head down and brushed her lips against his. “Don’t worry, I won’t get in trouble,” she lied.


Once in the clearing, Annika’s books landed with a thump on the grass. She raised her top over her head, letting it drop to the ground by her feet, where she kicked it away. Holding Jessie’s eyes with her own, she started backing away. “Catch me,” she teased. She turned and bounded away, only to have Jessie’s arms come around her from behind five steps later.


He laughed in her ear, his hands coming up to fondle her breasts. Annika swiveled her head toward him, dropping her teasing smile when she felt his mouth on her neck, raising goose bumps and anticipation.  At least this time he wasn’t so jittery about just having some fun. Turning in his arms to face him, she nipped at his neck, her hands moving to unbutton his shorts.


Jessie’s hands pulled her closer, his breath hot against her mouth when he kissed her. He’d never kissed her before a couple days ago, so it had caught Annika by surprise that he suddenly wanted to kiss so much when she wanted to try out sex. She was used to making out with Abel, not with Jessie. But if it got Jessie in the mood she was aiming for, she had no problem with that.

In fact, feeling his tongue touch hers… she shivered delicately, thinking of the orgasm this tongue had brought her to yesterday. At her response, he kissed her harder. Finally she freed him from his pants, and Jessie sighed into her mouth when her fingers wrapped around him.

Closing his eyes, Jessie tilted his head back, determined to just enjoy it. It’s not like you’re ever going to do this with her again, stop thinking so much.

Annika slid down his body to her knees, and felt his fingers curl into her hair when she took him in her mouth. This time, he didn’t push her away. Not right away, at least. Observing that he got even harder in her mouth, she gripped a hand around him, dancing her tongue around the head of his dick. Hearing his moan, Annika realized that sex wasn’t necessarily a step-by-step process, as she’d first assumed when watching Joel and Nadia. It was about making each other feel good. And I’m definitely making him feel good, she judged.

She was just getting into a rhythm when he made her stop finally. “Why did you stop me? You did yesterday too.”

Gazing down into her wide purple eyes, he etched the sight of her kneeling before him to memory. “Because if I come, then I can’t do what we really came here to do.”


“Oh. Well in that case.” She hadn’t realized there might be a limit, and wondered if it was like that for all boys. Annika pulled him down to the ground with her. Jessie followed, willingly, kissing her again, then trailing his lips down her neck. His hands were everywhere. It’s like he’s starving, and I’m being devoured, she thought. He clutched his hands in her hair, then pulled her hips against his, his breathing growing heavy, and she felt herself responding instinctively. This intense feeling of being consumed was a huge turn-on. Rather than feeling helpless and out of control, it was heady to feel so desired, that a guy could want so much to do this with her. It was a completely new side of Jessie that she’d never seen before. Now she sort of understood why Abel was always wanting it.

Catching one of his roving hands, Annika directed it between her legs, to show him how ready she was. She felt his answering smile against her mouth.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Jessie whispered. Gods, even his voice sounded sexy now. Her breath hitched when his fingers slid over her clit. Clinging to his neck, Annika let her body go limp, pulling him down on top of her.


She had no thoughts at all. The world was only golden sunlight against her closed eyelids, and the sensations of his mouth and fingers on her body. “I’m going to come,” she said breathlessly, surprised. It felt so damn good.

“Not yet.”


Jessie moved over her, guiding himself into her, slowly thrusting deep, then deeper, making sure he wasn’t hurting her.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Annika let her body sway with his. Every gliding friction drew out the electric tension that had been building in her belly. She found herself moving her hips with his to bring him deeper still, consuming him in her own way. The muscles in her inner thighs were still a little tender, but not painful; the sensitivity only seemed to add to the pleasure of having every inch of him inside her.

Without realizing it, she’d begun grunting, straining against his body, pushing for her orgasm. It was right there. Jessie raised his head, watching her face as she worked herself against him. So unselfconscious, so sensual. He shuddered when she tightened around him. “Annika,” he said softly, kissing her open, panting mouth. “Relax.” He slowed his pace. She feels so damn good. This was one hell of an experiment.


“Jessie, I’m almost—“

“I know baby. Relax.” He withdrew slowly, penetrated fast. She tightened around him even more, and he felt the tightening in his own groin.

Withdrew slowly, penetrated fast. Again. He could hold on, just a little more.

Nope. He felt her teeth sink into his shoulder, her pelvis bucking against his, her inner muscles contracting around him. “Oh god Annie!” Swiftly now he pounded into her, his body jerking as he came, her voice keening her own orgasm in his ear.

Heaven. He collapsed on top of her, her body still shuddering around him. Finally, her arms slipped off his sweaty shoulders, falling limp in the grass.


“Jessie, that was…” she paused, thinking of the right word. ‘Good’ didn’t quite cover it.


“Yes.” It was amazing. And she could have all the sex she wanted, now that she knew it was so amazing! Abel is going to be so surprised.

Jessie kissed her again. He couldn’t help it. He probably shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help it. She giggled, and he pulled back to look at her. “What’s so funny?”

“I never knew you liked to kiss so much. You’re a good kisser.”

So he had to kiss her again. “Maybe you’ve been kissing the wrong boys.” He kissed her neck, down her shoulder, making her giggle again.


“You know, that didn’t hurt at all. It was great–amazing. MJ was right, it was nothing like the first time.”

Jessie sobered at the reminder that today was the end of an exploratory mission on her part. “Yeah. Well. I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Very.” Annika smacked his ass, making them both laugh. “Now let’s do our homework so I won’t get in trouble.”


Jace was waiting by the fire when Annika strolled into camp with a cheshire grin on her face. “Just where have you been?” he asked sternly, crossing his arms.

Annika put down her books, then turned to Jace with a sweet smile. “Getting laid and doing homework.” She indicated her school books.

A look of surprised disbelief crossed Jace’s face, then the stern expression returned full force. “And now you’re lying to me. I looked for you at Abel’s camp. He was studying with Diana.”

Oh I’m sure he was. “I didn’t say I was with Abel.”

“You are NOT allowed to skip your after-school activities to sleep around!”

“I am NOT sleeping around! You fuck Natasha. Don’t deny it. You call that sleeping around?”


Jace’s features contorted angrily, and he took a step toward her, jabbing his finger at her chest. “Don’t you dare compare Natasha to whatever it is that you’re doing. Ever. You hear me? Natasha and I are adults.”

“I am not a fucking child.”

“Watch your mouth,” Jace spat, then lowered his voice. “Your behavior is certainly not that of an adult. If I find out you skip your after-school activities one more time, there are going to be serious consequences.” He pointed at the house. “Get inside. And do your homework.”

“I already did my homework. I’m going to Aimee’s.”

“The hell you are.”

“Try and stop me, Jace,” Annika snarled. She turned and ran from the courtyard as Jace cursed behind her.

Fuck this shit, she thought angrily. I’ll just stay at Aimee’s tonight.