2.5: Not a Virgin

Parental Advisory Explicit ContentGeneration 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.


We last left Annie and Jessie after Annika’s first crazy experimentations with sex in chapter 2.4. This chapter picks up the following week, then skips ahead a year into the future.

“Over here Annie!”

Annika turned when she heard Aimee call out. Looking across the community center, she spied the group of kids down by the beach. In a foul mood, she stalked down to them, throwing her books in the sand. Another gorgeous afternoon wasted, cooped up in another boring after-school club.

“Babe, there you are. I haven’t seen you in like, a week, outside of school,” Abel said, looking at her curiously when she reached where they sat in the sun warmed sand.

“I’m sure Diana has helped ease your loneliness,” she said acidly.

Abel shrugged. “Don’t be like that. You know I don’t give a shit about that cunt. Where’ve you been?”

“My stupid brother grounded me for having a little fun.”

Fun, Jessie thought, his bright smile fading as he looked up at her. Not lucky. Cursed.


“He grounded you? What the hell for?” Aimee asked.

“For skipping study club last week, and staying at your camp that night,” she told Aimee.

“Wow, what a jerk,” Aimee said, sympathetically.

Jessie looked away, guiltily. Her mention of skipping study club confirmed what she’d meant by being grounded for ‘having fun’.

Annika’s sister Lakelyn walked past, holding hands with her boyfriend Will. “Annie, you’d better get home,” Lakelyn told her, one hand gesturing in the direction of Meadowstone Manor. “And watch out, Jace is in a mood.”

“Fuck.” Annika cursed, picking her books up again. “I better go, otherwise he’ll never let me out of the house for the bonfire this weekend.”


Annika smiled while Abel kissed down her neck, his hands working their way up under her shirt. They’d been making out for a little while now, and as usual, he was pushing her normal boundaries. Only this time, there were no boundaries. Kissing Abel, before, was just something to do. It used to be annoying that he always ended up wanting sex just because she kissed him. Her experimentation with Jessie, however, had made her understand that kissing was a part of sex, too. And frankly, now that she knew the pleasure a tongue was capable of giving, kissing Abel turned her on.

She’d allowed him to pull her into one of the more secluded areas near the bonfire pit. From her perch on his lap, she could see the activity around the fire. It looks like Aimee is trying to get Drake’s attention again. And Jessie was playing his guitar, as he always liked to do. Kids milled around, listening to the music, talking around the fire, or drinking the booze Annika had bought off some sailors. Some couples had sought out other private spots away from the bonfire.

Jessie glanced in their direction, Annika saw, but he quickly averted his eyes.

She made a little sound when Abel’s hand reached her breast.

“You like that?” He needed little encouragement. Not waiting for an answer, he yanked her shirt up to suck on her nipple. “You’re so fucking hot baby,” he murmured. Reaching for her hand, he put it between his legs, where Annika squeezed his hard-on playfully through his pants.

“God you’re being a tease tonight.” Abel scooped her off his lap and stood up, pulling her up with him.


Not a Virgin – Poe

You’re welcome, Abel
, Jessie thought bitterly, watching them go. His fingers flew faster over the guitar strings, angrily grinding out a hard melody.


Once in the tent, there was no talking. Abel wasn’t taking the chance or giving her the opportunity to object. Not that she was going to. He made quick work of pushing her shirt up to her neck, licking and sucking her boobs and grinding his hips against her. Pressing herself against him, Annika moaned, holding his head to her. Rather than take the hint about what felt good, her reaction spurred him faster, his breath coming in hot, anxious puffs over her skin. Yanking her skirt down, he pushed her thighs apart. “Fuck yes, you’re wet.”

His fingers were pressing and rubbing too hard, though, making her cringe away from the weird, sharp jolts. “Well, are you going to do something with it or not?” she snapped. This wasn’t going exactly how she’d expected.

“Hell yes I am.” He stood on his knees and yanked his pants open, loosing his erection. Falling back over her, he pushed her legs apart again and started rubbing himself against her. Before she had the chance to enjoy even that sensation, he pushed himself into her.


Abel thrusted a few times, then slowed. “What the hell Annie, you’ve been holding out on me all this time and you’re not even a virgin?” Almost angrily, he resumed banging into her.

“You didn’t really expect me to save myself for you, did you?”

“I thought you would. Who the hell did you fuck?”

Her laughter filled the small tent. “It doesn’t matter. Just shut up and fuck me.” With a mental sigh, she chalked it up to him being so eager for their first time. Why did it even matter who else she’d had sex with? It’s not like Abel kept himself to her, and she didn’t even expect him to. Plus, she had a feeling Jessie wouldn’t want Abel knowing, or anyone else, since he’d insisted on them going someplace private for their experimentations.

Oh well, at least the sex feels pretty good, she thought.


“Aw c’mon Annika, I’m horny!” Abel’s voice sounded petulant. “You never want to do it anymore.” Her enthusiasm had quickly waned since their first time. A year had passed since then. She shut him down more often than not, and when she didn’t, it was mostly to shut him up. Frankly, if she really wanted to get off, her hand was the better option. Or Aimee. When she needed to blow off some steam, and a few minutes of sex with Abel wasn’t worth getting dirty for, Aimee knew how to get the job done. By now they’d gotten quite good at it.

“Go fuck yourself, I’m not in the mood,” Annika replied, with a roll of her eyes.”Or Diana,” she added, crossing her arms. “If you’re really that desperate.” The fact that Abel fucked someone else didn’t bother her; it meant less hassle for herself. But Diana always acted like she thought it meant she was better than Annika, and for that reason alone, Annika couldn’t stand her.

“That fat cow?” Now he sounded insulted. Diana was pregnant and had gained quite a bit of weight. She claimed Abel was the father, though he denied it with a shrug. “I only let that ho suck my dick. And she’s not even good at that,” was his explanation. Annika didn’t care either way, but she was surprised when he bragged about taking her sister Ashlyn’s virginity. “She looks just like you in the dark, anyway,” Abel had laughed. “Since you didn’t let me pop your cherry, she was the next best thing.”

If it meant so much to him to take someone’s virginity, it gave Annika satisfaction that he hadn’t been the one to take hers.

After her first times with Jessie, and Aimee and Abel ever since, Annika had learned a lot about sex: sex with one person is entirely different from sex with another person. And some were better than others. Abel was not an amazing lover, or even good, by her limited standards.


From where he sat strumming his guitar, Jessie could feel her mood rolling off of her in heavy waves. Annika had had more to drink than her usual limit. She loved to drink, but getting drunk wasn’t her thing at all. Drunk people are stupid, she’d often said. Tonight, she was far from sloppy-drunk, but she’d drank an entire bottle of nectar by herself, which was unusual. She was unhappy, Jessie could tell. Her tone grew more waspish with every swig from the bottle.

The bonfire had burned down to embers, and most of the kids had headed back to the village. Annika sat propped against a wood bench, idly spinning an empty nectar bottle in the dirt.

Aimee got up and went to sit by Annika. “What’s eating you Annie?”

“Not Abel, that’s for sure.”

Jessie turned his face away, unable to keep from smirking. Abel was missing out, if that was case. What an idiot. Glancing back across the fire, he found Annika’s eyes on him, and quickly went back to strumming chords from the beat-up guitar in his hands.

Amidst a giggle from Aimee, Abel protested. “I do too.”

“60 seconds hardly counts. Aimee gives better head than you do.” Annika rolled her eyes, then cut another look at Jessie.

He shook his head. Don’t go there girl. Don’t you dare say my name. Not that he wouldn’t want to go there. He remembered all too well how she’d flown apart under his lips. If she weren’t with Abel, he thought. But she was. And he wanted no part of their chaotic relationship. She’d never take a guy like Jessie seriously anyway.

It had initially been hard to watch her be with Abel, over a year ago, after The Experiment. Jessie had also felt awkward and unsure of how to act around her at first, but that was made easier by the fact that Annika didn’t treat him any differently afterward. It was business as usual. And that too had hurt a little, but he’d known it would. It became easier to put it from his mind, as month after normal month went by.

Aimee eats you?” Abel was incredulous. “Now that I’d like to see!” He grinned, looking from Aimee back to Annika. “No, really, I’d like to see that.” Abel waggled his eyebrows. “Come on ladies, don’t leave us hanging. Right, Jessie?”

Jessie grunted by way of response, not raising his head from his guitar.  He’d already seen it, or at least their initial explorations of it last year.

“Shut up Abel,” Annie said irritably. “At least she knows where my clit is.”

Jessie smothered another laugh, catching himself a glare from Abel. Jessie had no idea what had held those two together for so long. He turned his attention back to coaxing chords from the strings.

“I don’t have to listen to this.” Pissed off, Abel got up and stalked off toward the road.


“So what’s up, then?” Aimee persisted, after Abel was gone.

“Nothing. Everything. I’m just sick of Jace always riding my ass about school, and I’m stuck in those after-school activities that he and Carrick won’t let me quit. I’d rather be hanging out with you guys, or off fishing.  At least I can sell those; Jace can hardly complain about me earning money.”

“That sucks. I guess I got lucky. After Mom and Dad died, Rhea didn’t give a shit about anything we did before she moved to Kiwi’s camp. And Jennika hasn’t been around since she married Jake. As long as I go to school and don’t cause problems, I’ve got a lot of freedom.”

“Yeah. Freedom.”

Aimee cracked a yawn. “Well girl, I’ll catch you tomorrow. I’m sorry about Jace being such an ass. I hope you feel better tomorrow.”

Annika gave a flippant wave as Aimee too headed down the path toward the village. “What’s that song you’re playing, Jess?” She rolled onto her side and looked up at him. “I haven’t heard you play it before.”

His fingers never stilled on the strings.  “That’s because I just made it up tonight. Do you like it?” He looked at her and smiled.

She nodded. “It’s pretty. But almost sad.”


“It is that,” he nodded. The music jangled to a stop, and he lifted the guitar strap over his shoulder. He stole a glance at Annika. She look ‘pretty and almost sad’ herself. Standing, he reached down to help pull her up. “Come on, I’ll walk you back to the village.”

She looked up at him. “Thanks, but I might just stay here tonight. I’ll just sleep in the tent.”

“You can’t stay here,” he said. It was so strange to see her in a mood like this. Normally, Annika was the chirpiest, most happy-go-lucky person he knew, but tonight she was despirited. “Come on, you know it will just piss Jace off if you aren’t there in the morning.”

Finally, she took his hand and stood up. Instead of releasing his hand, she used it to pull herself against him, surprising him before he had a chance to move away. “You could stay, too.”

He’d been determined to avoid anything but friendly contact since…then. “Annie. No.” His voice somehow managed to hide the crazy whirl of emotions that suddenly galloped through his head. Yes! No! Take her! Stay away from her! She wants me! But she really doesn’t. Whatever feelings he had for Annika, he refused to acknowledge anything except for the fact that she was his best friend, and he wanted it to stay that way. It was insane that a half-drunk proposition could, in only a second, threaten to open the lid to everything he’d kept carefully compartmentalized. But that was Annie for you.

She pouted, deflated. “Fine. Well, let’s go,” she said, turning toward the road.

Swearing, he reached for her arm, stopping her. “It’s not that I wouldn’t want to. Surely you know that. But you’ll be right back with Abel tomorrow and you know it. I just…can’t.”


Her hands reached for his face, pulling him down to her. And he kissed her. He couldn’t not kiss her. His response was too quick; his hands had gripped her hips while her lips burned his. Before he did anything really stupid, he gently pushed her away. “You’re tired, and kinda drunk. I’ll walk you back to your camp.”

She smiled, a tired smile, but it was beautiful. They set out for the path and turned down the hill toward the darkened village. “You really are a good kisser,” she said, teasing him.

“Thanks…I think,” he chuckled. It felt good to hear her say it, even if the only reason she’d kissed him was because she was drunk and dissatisfied.


Jessie licked his lips, and blew out a breath to steady himself. Striking up a conversation about classwork, he slung his arm around her shoulders as they walked along. It was still hard to say no to Annie, but at least this time he had. And something about this moment made him feel even closer to his friend, rather than awkward.

“And you’re better at—“

“Shush Annie!”

She laughed, and he joined in.



Now you know, many of your predictions about Abel’s abilities to please were true 😉 But I bet you still hate him, don’t you? Although he denies it, he is in fact the father of Diana’s baby.

Annika’s not quite as innocent as when she started on her reckless path of sexual exploration (if she ever really could’ve been called innocent). At 15 now, she considers herself world-wise and experienced. It’s never occurred to her that she was being pushy in the same way that Abel was pushy, something that had annoyed her. It also never occurred to her that her actions might impact her friendships. You could say Aimee was nearly as unperturbed as was Annika, but you and I know that Jessie had some feelings for Annika that perhaps he hadn’t acknowledged to himself…until then, anyway. He keeps a lid on it now. The important thing, to him, is his friendship with this crazy, sexy dynamo that is his Annie.

The deco nectar bottles and Solo cups used in this chapter were made by the talented Sunny, and can be found HERE and HERE–also as accessories!