2.7: We Should Do This More Often

Parental Advisory Explicit ContentGeneration 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.


“Jessie, there you are!”

Jessie turned to see Annika trotting down the beach toward him, her feet kicking up little puffs of sand as she came, the sunswept sea glittering behind her. She was dressed for swimming—that is, barely dressed—and carrying a blanket over her arm. The dazzling sight jolted his senses with a suddenness that nearly made him weak in the knees.

Uttering a curse, he bent to retrieve the fishing rod that had slipped from his hands.

This was one of those occasional and frustrating moments of weakness, in which he completely lost sight of his determination to guard their close friendship, and saw only her–as a budding woman, from his own admiring, decidedly male perspective.

Her figure had filled out over the past couple of years. Though still slender and sinuous, her hips were those of a woman’s. Her breasts …he shook his head. Well, it’s impossible not to notice them when a woman is bounding down the beach toward you, wearing almost nothing but a megawatt smile apparently just for you. What man in his right mind could possibly think straight? With the hot sunlight gleaming on her dark auburn hair, picking out copper and crimson highlights, she looked like a burnished little sun goddess.

Or a cat of prey, stalking its next meal. But that didn’t seem like a bad thought at all right at this moment. His eyes rested on her bouncing chest as she ran toward him.

Annika didn’t miss his look as she approached, and her brilliant smile broadened. She’d been wondering how exactly to go about telling Jessie they should have sex again. Or should she try seducing him? Which would he like? She’d learned a little of womanly wiles by now, but subtlety was not her forte. For all that she loved Jessie as a friend, he was always so serious, and not usually given to spontaneity. While that was an aspect of his character that usually complemented and balanced her own spontaneous nature, it sure didn’t make figuring out how to approach this an easy task.

But the look on his face right now was not merely the look of someone greeting their best friend.


He was fishing in one of the island’s many tidal pools, she saw, as she slowed to a walk and came to a stop next to him.

“What are you doing all the way down here?” she asked him. She’d looked for him in all the usual spots near the village.

“Huh?” Jessie followed her gaze to the fishing line in his hands. He’d plumb forgotten it. “Oh.” ‘There you are’? Why was she looking for me?

She gave him a quizzical look.

“Oh,” he said again, then indicated the tidal pool. “Well, I’m fishing. Obviously. I’m surprised you aren’t out doing the same.” Annika loved to catch fish and sell them in the village.

He berated himself for his errant, unguarded moment. Turning back to the pool, he tossed in the line, and stared into the water as if it, and not Annika’s bouncing breasts, was the most interesting thing he’d seen all day.

“Not today. Today is just for fun,” she said.

He looked at her again, sharply. Just for fun, her favorite motto. “Oh.”

But Annika just smiled her usual smile and set about spreading her blanket to sit on. “You’re a man of many words today, aren’t you?” she teased. She settled down on the blanket and turned her face up to the sun with her eyes closed.

Jessie allowed himself another moment to admire, as, with her eyes still closed, she heaved the exaggerated sigh of someone exceedingly weary finding a moment of peace. The motion drew his eyes right back to her breasts. The thin fabric strained across them, giving away the secret of the nipples that peaked behind it, begging to be sucked.

Aggravated with himself, he looked away again. “Yep, that’s me. Man of many words.” He chided himself again for letting her jolt his senses like that.  He really hated when he had these unexpected moments of weakness, turning him into a walking teenaged stereotype just like half the morons they went to school with. Sometimes it sucked being a guy. It especially sucked being a guy whose best friend is a hot girl that he once upon a time had sex with, but whom he can’t let himself think that way about–because she just wasn’t the kind of person to take a guy like him seriously.


Annika opened her eyes to find that Jessie had turned back to the pool, completely ignoring her. Not exactly what I was going for, she frowned to his back. By the look on his face and his wandering eyes when she’d first arrived, she’d started to think this would be easy.

But, nothing with Jessie was ever easy, she supposed.  Always so serious. Well, Annika was always up for a challenge.

Cocking her head to the side, she studied his broad back.  Big and tall, lean and muscular, he was as familiar to her as her own hand, but she’d never really looked at him like that. Looking at him now, though, she decided he definitely fell into the ‘Sexy’ category.

Jessie jumped when Annika splashed into the pool right beside him. “So much for fishing,” he snapped. He’d never catch anything with her splashing in the water.

Her laughing eyes looked up at him, squinted against the sunlight that streamed off her now wet hair and face. “So much for fishing,” she flippantly agreed.

Flicking his eyes skyward, he blew out a breath and lowered his fishing rod.

“It’s hot,” she commented, treading water as she watched him. Jessie eyed the water streaming down her shoulders from the wet snakes of her hair, then looked away. Annika suppressed a smile. He’s looking, that’s a start. She pondered again how to go about this. She never had to seduce Abel. Nor wanted to. “Oh just sit down,” she said teasingly.

“Of course it’s hot. It’s the middle of summer.” He dropped to the bank, dangling his legs in the water.

His eyes came back to her when she ducked underwater, coming up right in front of him. Flipping her wet hair over her shoulder, she smiled coyly.

“I hear there’s another bonfire party tomorrow night,” Jessie offered, trying to make conversation. Usually he had no problem talking to Annika, but there was something about her today that was utterly distracting.

“Yep. I’m gonna sneak some nectar out of the cellar and bring it with me. Come by tomorrow and help me carry it?”

“Sure. I’ll bring my guitar, too.”


Now. Bunching her muscles, Annika gathered herself and sprang onto the bank right beside Jessie. Without a moment’s hesitation, before he could see it coming, she slid her knee across his lap to straddle him.

“What the—whoa Annie!” His hands automatically reached for her waist to steady her, slipping on her wet skin so that he was gripping her hips. His fingers registered the sun and water, hot and cool on her skin. “Annie, what—“, he began. Her arms went around his neck, and she leaned down to kiss him hard, cutting him off and rendering him momentarily speechless.

Annika saw his eyelids drop as his eyes went to her breasts right in front of his face. “Hold onto me,” she said, leaning back with a grin.

He had to hold onto her, of course, otherwise she’d tumble backward down the bank into the water. He had zero time to process what was happening as she arched her back and plucked loose the tie that held her top together, rising on her knees on the bank as she did so. Her motion had the effect of an explosion. As she rose, her thighs squeezed him on either side, her groin swept up across his, and her naked, wet breasts brushed his face.


She felt his sharp exhale on her nipples, felt them get harder at the breathy touch. Looking down into his eyes, she saw his pupils dilate as he tore his gaze back up to meet hers.

Dropping her top into the water behind her, she gripped him with her thighs and leaned forward again. “You were saying?”

He squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head slightly even as his hand rose to touch her.

“Annie. Annie, I, no, we.” His breath hitched, and Jessie cursed himself.


“What the hell are you doing?” Hey looky there. He managed to string words together again!

“I’m not doing anything wrong,” she breathed, leaning forward to kiss him again.

Jessie had no idea what the hell had just happened in the last 30 seconds, but he opened his mouth to her and he kissed her anyway. Where his hands held her, his fingers dug into her flesh, and his arms tightened. Annika made a needy little whimper in her throat, grinding herself against the hard-on he’d quickly sprung. Jessie slowly lowered himself back, pulling her with him. His heart was pounding in shock and arousal, and for the moment, any reaction other than kissing her with as much urgency as she was kissing him was out of the question.


It took a few seconds, but reality finally reasserted itself in his mind. Abruptly he rolled their bodies over, pinning her beneath him. “What’s your game, Annika?” he growled. Let her go. Get off of her, you idiot.

His hands tightened on her arms.

“No game.” She undulated her pelvis up against him, and got the response she was looking for when his hips pushed back against her.

“Annie, no. We shouldn’t do this. I can’t.”

“It feels like you can.” She wound her arms around his neck, her body surging against his tortuously. “You can get me off. I know you can, you have before.”

The words fell cold across his ear. Of course. That’s all this is about. Getting off.

He stared at her, and, staring right back at him, she fumbled at his waist, deftly untying his shorts. Pushing him over again, she straddled him once more, kissing him as she did so to keep him engaged. She was afraid of losing him in this moment, that he’d still say no.


But Jessie was done fighting. She wanted to get off? Fine. So did he. Meeting her eyes, he reached for her breast.

Annika tilted her head toward the sun, letting the sensations wash over her as his hands moved over her chest and then slid down her stomach. Smiling, she looked back down at him. She saw in his eyes that he wanted this just as much as she did, but he didn’t return the smile. Well that’s Jessie for you, always serious. She inched herself back, enough to free what she needed from his shorts.

Jessie closed his eyes and exhaled hard when her hand closed around him.

That work done, she slid her hands up from his groin to his chest, leaning over him and kissing him again. The heat of his hands washed over her skin roughly, aggressively now. Jessie groaned, rolling her over beneath him.  I do believe I’m going to get laid! she thought triumphantly. Not only was he not fighting it, he was taking it. Dominating, even;  Annika was loving every second of it.

In the back of her mind rose a memory, of two 14 year olds in a hidden cove. She’d had the sense then of him consuming her. She had the same sense now, even more intense. His laser focus was entirely on her and her mouth and her body.

Unlike those first few times with Jessie and then Abel, this time her mind formed no comparison between them; there was no comparison.


His untied shorts slipped down his thighs with the motion of moving over her. Almost angrily, he yanked away the ties that held her bikini bottom to her hips. His fingers spread her open without hesitation, then paused. Holy hell, she’s ready now. It had only been all of 2 minutes since she’d jumped him. She planned this, he realized.

Annika was ready. Seduction, if this could be called that, was almost as fun as sex, she decided. She held tight to his shoulders, biting back a gasp when he slammed into her. He’s pissed. And I think I like it. Throwing her head back, she held onto his neck, meeting every hard, angry thrust with one of her own.

“Fuck,” Jessie cursed. “Fuck fuck fuck.” He slowed, and looked down at her. “Why did you do this? We’re not—“ He dropped his head into the hollow of her neck, hearing the moan roll up from her throat to her lips. He knew he should stop, but it was too late now, and he didn’t want to anyway.  Working his arms around her shoulders, he hugged her torso tight against him as he thrust into her.

“Gods yes Jessie!” Her nails scored his shoulders, but he was nearly oblivious to everything but the heat of her.

Annika pushed him over, again straddling him. The look of lust was stark on her face as she looked down at him in discovery. She’d never been on top before during sex with Abel. This feels…different. Different good. With every inch of him inside her, she controlled the pace. Experimentally she squeezed herself around him, and saw that he closed his eyes in obvious pleasure.


They’d rolled several feet away from the tidal pool by now, and off of the blanket she’d spread out when she first arrived. Jessie felt the hot sand burning against his back, and looked up at her face etched in pleasure. The overhead sun haloed her head. His hands gripped her hips, urging her on.

The minutes dripped by as she rode him. This was so much better. Abel always just crawled on top of her, heaved away for a couple minutes, and then it was over. Being on top, Annika found she could not only control the pace, but the friction as well. She savored the sounds of her own uncontrolled cry in her ears, and Jessie’s ragged gasp, when she found just the right angle for them both.


Annika dropped down onto his chest. “I’m gonna come,” she whispered, grasping his arms for leverage as her hips demanded more from him.

Sitting up beneath her, his hands held her, moving in time with her. Her breath blew in his face as she hoarsely moaned with her mouth open. Her head tilted back, her lips parted, she looked down to meet his eyes, and held them. As friends, they’d often been able to communicate with merely a long look, but this look cut far, far deeper. He was riveted in her eyes, in this most raw, naked of moments as her orgasm began. He felt her shudders start, deep inside her, and still she held his gaze with her own.

He was balls deep and in over his head when it came to this woman, this best friend that he couldn’t say no to.

“Me too,” he heard himself say. He felt her nails sink into his shoulders again. His arms went around her shoulders again, tossing her back onto her back. With his arms underneath her in the sand, hugging her to him, Jessie buried his face in her neck, her hair, and the sound of her orgasm ringing in his ear. “Me too,” he repeated, thrusting hard and deep and fast as he gave himself up to his own orgasm, feeling his body grow harder and tenser until he found it with a sigh.

Her face came into focus when he finally opened his eyes, looking down at her silently. He thrust a time or two more, almost gently, her body wringing the last of it from him. He could feel the random spasms inside her in the aftermath.

“What’s so wrong that you’re so serious after amazing sex like that?” she asked teasingly, coaxing a small, brief smile from him. “We should do this more often.”

He eased out of her, regretfully, then rolled onto his side, pulling her with him. He held onto her longer than he should have, hating that he even needed a moment like this at all. “Annika.”

Uh oh. ‘Annika’, not ‘Annie’.


“Annika, we’ve been friends since before I can remember. All our lives. You’re my best friend. Not Aimee. Sure as fuck not Abel. You. I care about you. But you’re Abel’s girlfriend. Not mine. That,” his hand gestured at their naked bodies, but he looked steadily in her eyes. “That is what makes this wrong. Why did you even do this?”

He saw her mouth tighten, the tell-tale sign he knew all too well that meant she was about to argue. “I did it because I wanted to. And it’s not wrong!” she insisted. She trailed a finger over his ribs.

Jessie removed her hand from his chest, held it a moment, then placed it on her hip. So fucking weak, he chided himself.

Annika felt his arm flex around her. His eyes closed for a moment, but then his mouth tightened again. “Really Jessie, why do you act as though we’ve committed some cardinal sin? Abel does what he wants, I do what I want, and today I wanted to do you. This had nothing to do with him.” Her voice rose in petulance against his mood.

“I hate that he so blatantly ‘does what he wants’! I don’t understand why the hell you put up with that shit!”

Annika shrugged. “I really don’t care. You’re way over-thinking that. And you’re way over-thinking this.”


“You should care. You’re beautiful and you’re smart. You deserve better. It’s a disrespect to you.” Abruptly he got to his feet, yanking his shorts back up his legs and tying them, as he glared down at her. “And this is a disrespect to him.

Annika jumped to her feet as well, gesturing with her hands. “It doesn’t mean anything. I do it with Aimee all the time. It’s just for fun. ”

“‘Just for fun’,” he mimicked. “‘It doesn’t mean anything’. That’s the problem, Annika, it doesn’t mean anything to you. You don’t realize, or you don’t care, that most people aren’t this casual about sex. I can’t be that way. I can’t do this. You’re still the only girl I’ve ever had sex with. And that you don’t care is why this is a problem for me.” Grabbing his fishing rod from the bank, he gave her a hard, tortured look.

“You wanted it,” she said in a low tone. It was an accusation.

His bark of laughter sounded harsh even to his own ears. “You have no idea what I want, Annie, and trust me, you don’t want to know.”

He turned, and stalked back down the beach in the direction of the village.


Annika watched him go as he broke into a run. He really needs to get laid more often, if he gets that wound up about it, she thought. He could stand to blow off some steam.

But, he was her friend, and she wouldn’t push it again, if that’s the way he wanted things.

She went to the pool and fished out her bikini top. After a quick dip into the cool water of the tidal pool to wash away the sweat and body fluids, she sat down on the blanket to dry off in the sun. At least I got what I came for.