2.10: What Can They Do?

Parental Advisory Explicit Content
Generation 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.


“I just don’t know what to do with her anymore,” Jace exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. He folded his arms again, mirroring Carrick’s stance. “Dad would’ve never let her get away with this behavior. He raised us to be responsible.”

His siblings and brother-in-law shook their heads in agreement.

“I don’t think Abel is a good influence. Not with the way he sleeps around,” Carrick said. He’d handfasted with Abel’s older sister Nala when Abel was barely a teen. Though he had tried to be a father figure to her younger brother, he’d had as much luck curbing Abel’s behavior as his brother had with Annika.  “I caught him with Ashlyn just last week.”

“Ashlyn too?” Jace wrung his hands. “Well the Swiftglen girl isn’t much of a good influence either,” Jace said. “That’s always where Annika takes off to when she doesn’t like me putting my foot down. You should have seen it. It was practically an orgy, for Twallan’s sake! And Aimee had the nerve to say they were doing homework.”

“I wish there was a way to separate her from her friends,” Ayala put in. “It’s not the sex that bothers me; that’s a part of growing up for everyone.” She exchanged a smile with her husband, Dustin. “It’s her general attitude and the fact that she doesn’t seem to have any moral compass, and her peers only reinforce that. I do wonder how much of her behavior has to do with Daddy and Mother dying when the girls were so young,” she mused, caressing the tiny fingers of the infant in her arms. “That’s what her and Aimee and Abel all have in common–their parents died when they were still young children.”


Dustin, who had been listening to Ayala speak, made a motion with his hand. “There might be a way to do that,” he said. “Separate her from her friends, that is. If you really wanted to.” He looked from his brothers-in-law to his wife.

“I’m all ears,” Jace said.


Jessie sat with his arms crossed on his desk, his mind racing anxiously as he waited for Annika to get to class the next morning. He couldn’t even look at Aimee, who wasn’t acting at all concerned.


From her position between Aimee’s legs, Annika had looked up at him, her mouth glistening wet.

“Jessie.” Her voice was soft with surprise as her eyes widened.

Aimee’s hand wound itself in Annika’s hair. “Damn it, I was almost there!” Aimee had looked up at Jessie then, flashing him a wolfish grin. “Well, don’t just stand there, Jessie.”

Annika hissed. “Aimee!”

“What? Why should we get to have all the fun?”


Why indeed, he’d thought, stepping over the book he’d dropped on the floor. One part of him, perhaps out of habit, wanted to just walk right back out of that room. But another, more insistent part of him was sick of saying no, sick of pretending he didn’t want her, sick of the tension of constantly guarding against any thought or action that went beyond Just Friends. Why bother resisting when he didn’t really even want to?

He’d dropped to his knees behind her and unloosed his shorts, and she’d edged her knees farther apart to accommodate him. He bit his lip when his fingers found her ready and wet, and her little gasp of pleasure wiped out any further internal dialog on his part. From his vantage point, he watched in erotic fascination as her mouth moved on Aimee’s undulating pelvis. Reaching between his body and Annika’s, he guided himself into her, slowly, oh so slowly, groaning aloud when she strained back to take more of him.

Her head rose up with a moan as he struck a slow pace inside her, gripping her hips for balance.

“Anniiiiiie,” Aimee whined. “Don’t stop! I’m almost there!”


“Sorry!” Annika gasped, and bent back to her task with renewed vigor, and Aimee’s cries rose toward her finish. Mine, he thought then, when finally Aimee was done, and drove himself into Annika without restraint, taking her hard.

“Oh gods! yes Jessie!” her cry nearly drove him over the edge. Pulling out of her briefly, he toppled her onto her back, reentering her more slowly this time. He wanted to see her face when she said his name in passion.

And she did.


After, they both lay spent with hearts racing and ragged breath, her legs still locked around his back. He hadn’t wanted it to end already. At last he raised his head to look at her.

“Hi,” she said, with uncharacteristic reserve.

He dropped his head onto  her shoulder. “Hi to you too.” He couldn’t help but laugh as he said it.

“Jessie.” Her voice was a whisper now, and he looked at her again. Her face glimmered with conscience close beneath his. “I didn’t know you’d be here, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I know,” he answered. “Not your fault.” He leaned his forehead against hers briefly before disengaging and reaching for his shorts. Beside him, Annika got to her feet.


“That was quite a show,” Aimee commented blandly from where she sat on the bed, with a smirk on her face. “I never knew you were such a screamer, Annie.”

Jessie had forgotten Aimee was even there. His head was still practically spinning. Next time–because let’s face it, there’s going to be a Next Time–he’d see to it they were alone and could take their time.

“Oh! You brought the Book of Dragons!” Annika had reached down to pluck the book off the floor, gently smoothing down the crushed pages.


That had been when Jace found them. Jessie’s face burned in embarrassment, remembering it. And something like fear. Her older brothers were already hard on Annika. He felt a flash of guilt, too, though it was a hell of a thing to feel guilty about. Yet, had he not participated, or better yet, not even gone over to her camp yesterday, Jace probably wouldn’t have gone upstairs to investigate. But Jessie had. And Jace did. And now Annika was in trouble.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?” Jace had roared. The sound of Jace gritting his teeth was all that could be heard for a few shocked moments.

“Just homework,” Aimee had finally answered, sarcastically holding up her notebook. Annika’s laughter rang out.


Jessie raised his head, scanning the classroom again. It still bothered him that Annika had gotten in trouble, but he abandoned blaming himself about the whole encounter; he couldn’t have known what he’d find when he arrived. He’d just been eager to show the Book of Dragons to Annie and Aimee, and knew they’d be at Annika’s camp. The dragons were just a legend, but it was said they used to live near the volcano at the far end of the island. When the dragons of the volcano breathed fire, everything around it was destroyed, but new life sprang from the ashes. Such was the philosophy of the islanders–when life brought destruction, it inevitably brought renewal.

“It’s no big deal Jessie.” Aimee had come to stand next to his desk. “After all, what can they do?”


It was then that Annika breezed into the classroom finally, waving airily. “Jessie, you look like the world is ending,” she commented wryly, coming to a stop by his desk.

“It was just…embarrassing,” he said.

“So what did Jace say?” Aimee asked curiously as she joined them. “He was super pissed.”

“And he still is. Carrick and my sister and Uncle Dustin came over and they all had a regular pow-wow about it.  It’s not so bad though, they’re just sending me to Moonlight Falls until I graduate.”


Thank youuuu Sunny for Jace’s second pose. I wasn’t having luck  on creating the shocked and horrified facial expression, so Sunny to the rescue!