2.11: You Always Wake Up So Happy

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This chapter resumes the final scene of the last chapter, 2.10: What Can They Do?  In that chapter, Jace caught Aimee and Jessie and Annie right after their threesome. During that scene, Jessie had finally made the decision to stop fighting his attraction to Annika, and moreover, to become an active participant. Knowing, as we do, how little Annika thinks of Abel as a lover, and that she was already tired of him in general, it’s entirely plausible to think that having Jessie as a regular lover would have resulted in her kicking Abel to the curb finally. And who knows what might have grown between them, had that road been traveled? Unfortunately, Jace saw the threesome as another extension of her rebellious nature. She’s 17, and there’s little time left for her older siblings to hope to instill a moral compass in her.  Upon Dustin’s suggestion, they’ve taken the drastic step of attempting to separate her entirely from her friends, and Annika’s just dropped that bombshell to them.


“It’s not so bad, though, they’re just sending me to Moonlight Falls until I graduate.” Annika grimaced.

Jessie felt his heart plummet through the floor as he stared in open-mouthed shock. No. No, no, no.

“It’s not exactly how I planned to spend the last semester of high school,” Annika continued. “But on the other hand, it’ll get me out from under my brother’s thumb, and it will be neat to travel and see some of the world. And after I graduate, my brothers won’t have any say in my life anymore.” One of her shoulders rose in a casual shrug, but she clearly wasn’t happy about it.

“They’re sending you away? What did you do?” Abel, overhearing, had joined the group. His face held a stricken expression as Annika’s words sank in.

Her gaze fell on Jessie for a moment, then slid away; Aimee coughed.

“Apparently you’re all a bad influence on me. Especially you.” She punched Abel in the arm. “Your damned brother Dustin had the bright idea of sending me to stay with your folks in Moonlight Falls, or Midnight Hollow, wherever it is they live now. They think the distance and separation will improve my attitude.”

“Midnight Hollow,” he heard Abel affirm.  The conversation continued, but their words faded and became indistinct as Jessie’s mind raced.

Graduation was over half a year away.

Jessie dropped his head into his arms, forcing himself to breathe slowly.


He felt her hand stroke his hair briefly, and raised his head to find her crouched beside him. Looking into her violet eyes, everything else disappeared for the heavy moment before she spoke.

“It’s not your fault,” she said.

“But if–“

“It’s not,” she insisted. Beyond her shoulder, he saw Abel looking down at them with a quizzical expression, but he didn’t care.



The following week, Jessie watched, his heart sick, as Annika waved at the group on the beach from the ship, which was now swiftly bearing her out of the harbor. Her brothers had sent word ahead to the Riverhavens of Midnight Hollow on the first passing ship, while preparations were made. This ship had moored overnight, and was also heading North, so they’d wasted no time hustling Annika aboard for departure. This nightmare was happening.

He hadn’t been able to say goodbye; he hadn’t been able to say anything at all. He’d watched, as if in a bad dream, as Abel kissed her.

“I’ll be back, of course,” she’d said to Abel and Aimee.

“I’ll be waiting,” he heard Abel promise. Annika said nothing to that.

He’d watched as her sisters, Mary Jane and Lakelyn, hugged her tearfully.

He’d watched as she walked into his own open arms, and he’d held her tightly, without a word, until she pulled away at last. Standing on tip-toe, she tugged his face down to kiss his cheek. She hadn’t said anything, either.

He’d watched as her older siblings imparted their counsel one last time before she boarded the gangplank. The roll of her eye would have made him smile at any other time.

He hadn’t taken his eyes off her, and he didn’t now as the group on the beach began to disperse. He felt Aimee hovering at his side. He heard Annie’s older siblings murmuring in conference before taking the trail back up to the village. “…had it with her…” “…didn’t know what else to do…” “…do her some good…”

He knew that Ayala, Annika’s oldest sister, smiled gently at him as she passed, but he didn’t look at her.

Abel passed him, walking with Ashlyn, but he didn’t look at them either.

And finally, Aimee too left.


At last, the ship disappeared from view, slipping behind the last spit of land that guarded the harbor.

Jessie sank down onto the sand, suddenly dizzy with Déjà vu. His dream! He’d dreamt of this moment nearly two years before. Annika, on a ship departing Ouroboros. Something about witches and fairies. It all made sense now. Some of the Riverhavens were witches. Years and years ago, when Jessie, Annie, and Abel were just babies, some of the eldest Riverhaven children had left the island, to study the Craft in another land, a land that was a haven for supernaturals. A land to which Annika was now bound.

She will return to you, his mother had told him then. His mother’s Sight had always been intrusive, even more so annoyingly because she was always right. She was indeed your lover, and will be again, she’d also said. That part had certainly proved true. He could only hope she was right that Annika would also return.

Only, when young people left the island, they often didn’t return. Like the Riverhavens that Annie would be staying with. The modern world, beyond the simple way of life on Ouroboros, held much allure for those touched by wanderlust, and Annika had an adventurous spirit that loved fun. Why would she want to come back?

It hit him, then. Like a ton of bricks, it hit him, and the air whooshed out of his chest. His skin prickled, the hairs on his arms and neck rose, and his body tensed against the coming impact.

I Love her. I’m in Love with her.

Annika is gone.

She has to come back.

He tried to shut out the thoughts, fighting panic as his ears started ringing. He clapped his hands over his ears, shaking his head from side to side. The vast blue harbor dissolved before his eyes, and the sand beneath him fell away.


Jessie woke up, staring at the wood plank ceiling above him, blinking in the pink morning sunlight creeping over the windowsills. Kicking off  the warmth beneath the blankets, he rolled onto his side, cupping his body around Annie’s, breathing in the familiar scent of her skin. Her even breathing was as familiar to him as his own heartbeat. Raising on his elbow, he swept the fall of sleep-tousled hair from her cheek, watching the morning light play across the long sweep of her eyelashes.

He slipped a hand under her nightshirt,  reaching to cup her naked breast, loving the feel of her body responding even in her sleep as her nipple stiffened beneath his fingers.

A faint smile crossed her lips as he watched, and Jessie leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Wake up, Annie.”

“You always wake up so happy,” she complained, not opening her eyes. “Let me sleep, you lecherous brute!” The smile still rested on her lips.

He rested his chin on her shoulder. “I did! I let you sleep all night!” He trailed his fingers down the side of her waist, wandering lower across her belly.

“Stop it Jessie, that tickles!”

His grin broadened at her burst of laughter. She flopped onto her back, gazing at him with mock exasperation. Reaching for his hand, she drew it lower, and lower. Spreading her legs, she used his hand to stroke herself.

“Oh Annie,” he breathed against her shoulder, watching her face in fascination as her eyes grew hazy with desire. Her cleft slickened, and their entwined fingers picked up speed. His smile faded and settled into an intense gaze as he watched his wife surge against their fingers, her breaths coming in sharper gasps.

“Oh Annie,” he said again. Extricating his hand from hers, he slid a knee over her leg, and hauled himself on top of her in one smooth motion. Annika had his shorts pushed down his thighs before he completed the motion, their moves of long practice of hasty passion together. They both let out sighs of relief when he buried himself in her.

“I love you.” Her words were a breathy whisper against his neck as their bodies moved together.

Then, beyond the doorway, the baby cried.

Jessie groaned, dropping his head against Annika’s chest as Annika burst into laughter again. She pulled his face up to hers and kissed him. “Later,” she said, then moved to sit up, pushing him off her.

Jessie rolled onto his back, watching as she stood and pulled her nightshirt back down over her hips. She smiled down at him, her fingertips trailing down his chest, then across his lower belly as she walked toward the doorway. Despite the interrupted moment, he couldn’t help but smile at the happy gurgles his daughter made in the next room as Annika lifted her from the carved crib.


“I need you Annie,” he whispered. The sound of the ocean filled his ears again, and he blinked at the bright sunlight. The empty harbor greeted his eyes. Annika was gone. With a pang, he dropped his head into his hands, pulling at his own hair. “I’m a fucking idiot.”

“Jessie? Are you ok?”

Startled, Jessie turned, looking up toward the voice in the bright sunlight. “Oh.” He searched his memory for her name. “Hi Calla.”

Somehow he managed to force a polite smile to his face.



 More coming soon. I ended up breaking the chapter into two smaller chapters. What do you think so far now?