2.13: Fairy Wings, Among Other Things

Parental Advisory Explicit ContentGeneration 2 is Not Safe For Work and Not Suitable For Children.


When we last left the story in 2.12: Ain’t No Sunshine, Annika was meeting the Riverhavens of Midnight Hollow, and feeling rather overwhelmed. As a few of you observed, it was interesting to see her without her usual unthinking self-assurance. While this experience will enable her to see new things from different perspectives, this is Annika we’re talking about. She’s going to make the most of any comfort zone she can find, Annika-style.

Jessie is disconsolate and pissed at the world right now. He’s realized too late that he’s in love with a girl who will never be able to give him her heart. Now he doesn’t even have the solace/torture of their longstanding friendship or her company, because she’s thousands of miles away–thanks to an act that he participated in. Aimee’s figured out his secret, and thinks he should move on. What do you think he should do?

Since the last chapter was nearly 2 months ago, this one is a little longer to make up for it, so grab your coffee and settle in.



“So, Annie, do you have a boyfriend back home?” Chance asked her.

Beside him, Natalia choked, and quickly reached for her glass of the fizzy beverage that had been served with dinner.

Unsure if it would be rude to ask for water instead, Annika sipped hers only occasionally. It tickled her nose and made her want to sneeze, unless she was careful to hold her breath before she took a sip. It was overly sweet, which, in addition to the overly salty food on her plate, only made her thirstier.

“I guess. There’s Abel,” she answered, toying with her glass. “Your uncle,” she clarified, and smiled at Chance’s crestfallen look. “But he also sleeps with half the village, and for all I care, since he’s not very good at it.”


From the head of the table, Alastair coughed not so discretely, and Annika ducked her head. She guessed she’d said too much.

Alastair had an authoritative air about him, and Annika found the eldest Riverhaven slightly intimidating. She had no idea what passed for proper protocol here; it probably didn’t help that she’d never worried about it back home.


“So! Annika. Tell us about your friends back on Ouroboros.” This from Seth, Natalia’s husband, who was seated next to Chance, across from her.

“Well,” Annika began, fidgeting in the dress that Sophie had loaned her. “There’s a lot of us that hang out for bonfires. My sisters Mary Jane and Lakelyn, and their boyfriends. And Abel’s two younger brothers, Drake and Archer—my friend Aimee likes Drake, always has–but they’re not together-together. And then there’s Jessie. He’s my best friend. Well, him and Aimee both are, really.”

She spared a moment to wonder how Jessie was. Aimee would be pragmatic, as always, but she knew Jessie would be blaming himself for this Midnight Hollow business. It really wasn’t his fault, but he would blame himself anyway.  He’d been visibly upset when she left, but she hoped he wouldn’t let it get him down for long.

“Jessie? Jessie…Jessie…” Natalia searched her memory for the name.

“Bronwyn Swift’s son?” Nicola suggested.

“Ah, that’s it!” Natalia snapped her fingers as the recollection fell into place, sparks skittering along her fingertips. “She had him when she was really young,” she recalled, with a note of derision. “How many kids does she have by now?”

“Um, just 2. And she’s Bronwyn Mabry now. She and Joel have a daughter, but she’s a lot younger than us. They have a baby on the way, though.”

Annika wondered at Natalia’s tone. Jessie’s mom had never been anything but nice to her, and she had always thought Jessie was lucky to have a mother like her, even if he found her annoying. At least he had a mom.

“It figures she’d go for the exotic foreigner,” Natalia commented dryly. “She probably ran out of islanders to–“

This time, it was Natalia who earned a stern throat-clearing from Alastair.

“Anyway,” Annika continued, slightly miffed on Jessie’s mom’s behalf. “I’m sure you know it’s not exactly uncommon for people to have kids when they’re young. Abel already has 2 kids with Diana. He denies it, but everyone knows they’re his.”

Glancing at Chance, she reckoned that Natalia had had him fairly young as well, as he was so near Annika’s own age. 


Finally, the awkward dinner ended, and Alastair’s wife had driven her back to the hotel, where she was left blissfully alone at last, at least until Natalia would pick her up in the morning. She didn’t understand why she needed to be ‘picked up’ in the automobile. The Riverhaven house was within walking distance from the hotel. She supposed she had a lot to learn about how things were done in the modern world. Never again would she take the simple life of Ouroboros for granted after this experience, that was certain.


Alastair had made her tense. It seemed like her every remark had drawn a silent, disapproving glare from him. Even the buoyant Natalia seemed reserved in his presence. The multitude of children loved him well enough, though–and oh gods! All the kids!

Annika learned that the older fairy girl, Sophie–whose wings she kept wanting to touch, but she wasn’t sure if that was the kind of thing you did to random strange fairies–was Linda’s oldest daughter. Linda and Alastair also had 4 younger children together. Nicola and her husband had 3, including a set of twins. Natalia had Chance, and 2 younger children with her husband. It was a full house, and the dinner table had been chaotic.


Happily, she gathered that Jace’s letter had been quite vague on why she was being placed in their care. “My family felt it would do me some good to spend time here,” she’d answered ambiguously, when asked. Natalia had given her a sharp glance then, and Annika reminded herself to take care with her answers in a house full of witches.


Nicola had thankfully guided the conversation to cover her apparent faux pas, but Annika still felt pecked over and interrogated to death, even if it was reasonable that they had so many questions. They’d received precious little news from home. None, in fact, since Nadia had notified them of Daniel and Daniela’s deaths, an event that happened before Annika’s remembrance. Nonetheless she felt as though she were on display, and was uncomfortable with so many eyes on her. Especially Chance’s. There was something about him that was unsettling, and she wasn’t really looking forward to spending more time with him. Oddly, she got the impression that his mother wasn’t, either.


Now, left to her own devices, Annika was restless, and felt ready to explode.

She prowled the rooms of her hotel suite, and while she didn’t know what most of the gadgets were for, the hot running water was fantastic. Back home, simple irrigation and cisterns provided a form of ‘running water’ for some islanders, but Annika saw no such structures here; it was seemingly magick. The electric lights fascinated her, and she spent more than a few minutes flipping the light switches on and off. In the end, she turned most of them off, save for a few softly glowing lamps. The garish lighting, along with everything else that had taken place today, had left her with a raging headache.

She flopped back onto the bed and stared at the carved ceiling, her eyes wandering over its ornate surface. Was everything so flashy and pretentious here? She’d give about anything for some of Jessie’s herb right about now. Annika needed to get mellow in the worst way.

Jumping up again, she checked the bar in the suite, but was disappointed to find it unstocked.


Finally, she wandered outdoors. So many people. So many lights. So much noise. Her head pounded dully. Skirting a chemical-y smelling pool of crystal clear water, she approached what appeared to be a bar, and watched a red-haired woman pouring and mixing drinks. The woman glanced at Annika with interest, giving her a slow once-over.  “What’s your pleasure, sugar?” she drawled.

Annika gave her a wry smile. “My pleasure,” she mused. Pleasure would sure be nice right about now. She could really stand to blow off some steam. “My pleasure is whatever you care to serve. I just need a damn drink, please. A strong one.” 

“Oh sweetheart,” the bartender laughed brassily. “I don’t think you can handle what I care to serve. But I’ll get you a drink. You’re new here, aren’t you?”

Nadia, as she learned the bartender was named, plied her with not one, but two drinks over the next half hour, chatting with her when there was no one else demanding attention at the bar. After being Riverhavened to death with all the questions earlier in the evening, Annika gladly took the opportunity to question Nadia about the hotel and the town, finally feeling herself relax as her limbs warmed with the alcohol.


“Midnight Hollow’s kind of the exclusive club of the region. The richer supes and trust-fund emos who get tired of all the tourists in Moonlight Falls come here for privacy and pampering. Lots of actors here, as well. And the Landgraab heir too, of course–his wife owns this place,” Nadia told her.

She leaned across the bar, lowering her voice so that Annika leaned forward too, their faces inches apart in the neon-lit bar. “Mr. Landgraab tried hitting on me, even cornered me in the dish room once, where I flat-out told him I’d much rather bang his wife.”

“Oh.” Annika tucked a loose tendril of hair behind her ear.Is he very ugly then, Mr. Landgraab?” Looks weren’t a big factor in Annika’s estimation, but it seemed a logical response to a stranger divulging such information. People seemed to focus overmuch on how other people looked; it was as true on Ouroboros as it was here. Well, maybe more so here.


Nadia leaned even closer, a flirtatious smile lighting her face. “Oh no, he’s quite handsome. Tall, sunny blond hair, all that. But I really would rather bang his wife, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh.” Annika sipped the drink in her hand leisurely, taking on a speculative look as Nadia watched for her reaction. She’s hitting on me, she realized. Perhaps there is a way to blow off some steam tonight after all.

Nadia cocked her head to the side. “What was that look for, sweetheart?”

Annika caught a whiff of her perfume, cloying and heavy. “What time do you get off? How long do you have to work here for?”

Nadia didn’t miss a beat. “I get off in an hour. Why, you got plans for me?”

“I do,” she said candidly. Downing the rest of her drink, she set the glass on the bar with a plonk, letting her hand brush Nadia’s. “If you’re up for it, and I think you are, I’m in that suite over there.” She motioned behind her. 

“Hmm.” One perfectly sculpted eyebrow rose as Nadia glanced over Annika’s shoulder. Her painted lips curved in a promising smile. “Well then. See you in an hour.”


Precisely an hour later, Annika had bathed the travel grime from her body. Just as she wrapped herself in a ridiculously luxurious robe, she heard the knock at the door and smiled.

“Well, well,” Nadia crooned when Annika opened the door. “You’re looking totally luxe.”

Annika turned, leaning against the door after she closed it behind Nadia. “We can talk later, if you want, but just to warn you, I’m not into cuddling. I’ve been stuck on a ship for 3 weeks, and it’s been a long day, and right now I just really need to get off.” Her hands dropped to the tie belted around her waist, pulling it loose.

Nadia burst into laughter, closing the distance between them. “You really cut to the chase, don’t you, sweetheart? Don’t be in such a rush. Sex is so much more than getting off. It is an art to be savored.” She traced the outline of Annika’s nipple, teasing it through the satin fabric.

“Flirtation has never been my forte,” Annika countered, pulling Nadia with her toward the huge bed. It was true. Back home, she hadn’t needed to bother with such pretensions with Abel or Aimee, and her one attempt at seducing Jessie had only upset him. A more utilitarian, direct approach was her preferred manner.

Nadia leaned forward, her lips not quite brushing Annika’s, slowly sliding her hand inside the robe. “This isn’t flirtation, Annika, this is foreplay. Sex is about worshiping your partner’s body. It’s about appreciating how sexy the person is.” Nadia’s voice was a throaty whisper across Annika’s cheek, her fingertips skimming around and around the now-sharp peaks of her nipples.

Annika groaned, pushing herself into Nadia’s hand, eliciting another cheeky laugh from the woman. “Oh, so eager!” she exclaimed. Straightening, her fingers slid beneath the robe, slowly pushing it down Annika’s shoulders, until it pooled in a silken heap on the floor. “Sex is about immersing yourself in your lover, discovering what makes them tick,” she purred, edging Annika back against the bed.


“It’s about the joy as well as the power of bringing pleasure to someone, making them lose themself and come undone.” She removed her jacket, and began slowly unbuttoning her blouse. “It’s about suspense, anticipation. The taste, the scent, the sound of your lover when you make love.” Nadia shimmied from her heavy skirt and discarded it on the floor, then pressed Annika down onto the bed.

“You make it sound dramatic,” Annika said breathlessly. “Show me.”

“Oh I will, sweet girl, but I’m going to take my time in doing so.”


As she writhed beneath Nadia’s skillful fingers and mouth, Annika realized how much she’d been missing out. The woman brought her to the edge over and over, leaving her gasping and sensitive, with a mounting desire in her belly. Abel had never done anything but worship his own orgasms, and it seemed even her experiences with Aimee left a lot to be desired after all. Only those first two times with Jessie had entailed anything like foreplay.

It was well worth the wait when the bartender did get down to business.



Jessie was miserable. It had become his habit to go to the dock each afternoon, as he had today, scanning the horizon for sails. Which was ridiculous, because Annika wouldn’t be back for months, if she came back at all. Even though each day was one day closer to Annika’s hopeful return, each day somehow gutted him even further. He’d never realized how attuned he was to Annika simply being nearby. Her lack of presence now was flaying him.

He groaned inwardly when he heard the light footsteps approaching.


“Hey Jessie!” Calla said, coming to a stop before him with a bright smile on her face.

“What do you want, Calla?” he demanded, his voice harsh.


“I don’t want anything.” Her smile faltered, and she flinched when he turned the full force of his glare on her.


“I,  I just thought I’d keep you company. You looked lonely out here.” Calla’s hands fell helplessly to her side at his responding curse, her smile fading entirely.


“I’m not fucking lonely!” he shouted. “I just want to smoke a damn blunt in peace, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d fuck off. I don’t need another friend, I don’t want company. Not from you, not from anyone.”

“Oh.” Her voice was small. “Well then.”

Jessie turned his back on her. The damn girl needed to leave him the fuck alone. Why was she always trying to hang around anyway? He’d told her rightly; he didn’t want another friend and he damn sure didn’t want ‘company’.


Shoulders drooping, Calla finally turned and made her way back to shore, leaving him in peace.

Good. He had precious little peace in this world lately and he just wanted to get stoned–by his own damn self.


The next morning, Natalia and Chance picked her up in the automobile, and they drove to the school she would be attending to register for her classes. Annika once again felt on display, and uncomfortable with Chance’s attention as he took her under his wing–literally, as he slung his arm across her shoulders–and showed her around the big, sprawling school building. The other students stared, and her soon-to-be teachers scrutinized her with fake smiles.

“Without a transcript, I can’t just take your word on her level of education,” a man was saying to Natalia as she and Chance made their way back to where his mother stood with two other adults. “We’ll have to schedule competency testing this week. If she can’t keep up with the senior class, you understand we’ll need to place her appropriately.”

“Of course,” Natalia responded. “Informal though education is in our homeland, I am betting she’ll be ahead of your own students in the natural sciences. It’s a matter of survival where we’re from. You’ll recall that my sister and I both excelled and graduated early when we first arrived here.”

“That’s Principal Jones and the vice principal,” Chance whispered in her ear. “They’re both incompetent asses.”

Natalia turned then, and froze at the sight of Chance’s arm around Annika. Chance dropped his arm as Natalia carefully composed her expression. “Annika, come meet Principal Jones. And Ms. Anderson here will be showing you to your classes next week.”

Annika went to stand by Natalia, glad to be free of Chance for the moment.

“She’ll need appropriate attire,” the man continued, looking her up and down with scarcely concealed distaste. Annika decided she didn’t like him very much.

“Of course,” Natalia assured him. “I’ll take her shopping myself next weekend, so she’ll be fully outfitted come Monday.”


Over the next few days, Natalia and Nicola, occasionally with Alastair’s oversight, drilled her in mathematics, literary concepts, and world history. Literature was not something she’d been exposed to on Ouroboros, and that proved to be her biggest challenge. She knew and understood grammar, sentence components, and other such concrete tangibles, but attempting to wrap her head around literary trends bored her.  Why something like the number of syllables in a line of text, and which were emphasized, was considered an art, she couldn’t fathom.

History was another subject that Annika knew little of–and it hit her again how very isolated Ouroboros was from the rest of the world–but she found it fascinating. It seemed a shame that they were only asking her to memorize certain dates and events, but they assured her she would learn more in her classes; for now she merely needed to pass the placement test. Math and science were a breeze for Annika’s logical mind, and what she didn’t know, she easily grasped. Mostly, it was just a matter of learning the proper scientific terms for things she already knew.

Annika easily passed the placement test, and would join the senior class the following week as planned.


To brush up on her reading, Annika often read to the little ones in the evenings after dinner, and this was possibly her favorite time spent with the family. After dinner, everyone was relaxed, the day’s work was done and there were no more responsibilities. Even Alastair found it acceptable to pull the stick out of his ass long enough to smile at Annika and compliment her on her studies. More questions about home were asked and answered, stories were told, memories shared, then Annika played with the children before walking back to her hotel for the night, usually for a rendezvous with Nadia.


I guess it’ll be the bartender again tonight, she thought, toying with the overly-salty fried potato sticks on her plate.

Nadia had scratched her itch, as well as opened her eyes to new joys and techniques of sex, but the need to blow off steam persisted. Annika was out of her element, in strange new surroundings in a strange land with strange customs, and strange, salty food, and for the love of the gods, all she wanted right now was a dick.

Hell, she’d even be happy to have Abel, at this point.

There was always Chance, she considered. He’d be most convenient. He’d also made his interest obvious, but something about him…she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. However good-looking, available, and convenient he may be, there was something about Chance Riverhaven that rubbed her the wrong way. Nor did she think it would ingratiate her to the rest of the family, and they were the only people she had in this crazy new world. She hoped she’d meet some interesting people at school next week.

Yeesh, these people do love their salt. She pushed the plate away finally, leaning back in her seat, idly people-watching.

It was then that she saw him.


. Another fairy! A very, very male fairy.

She watched with growing interest as he walked—no, swaggered—toward the bar, his eyes on Nadia. She gave him a bubbly greeting and asked what he wanted to drink. Annika couldn’t hear what he said, but Nadia’s facial expression needed no translation.

Strike one.


Annnnd strike two.

“You think you can just walk in here like you own the place, snap your fingers, and I’ll just fall for your lines?” Nadia’s strident voice carried across the court. The fairy seemed genuinely surprised, but not at all embarrassed. He clearly thought he was Twallan’s gift to women if he was trying to pick up a lesbian.


Strike three.

“No thanks mister, you’re not my type!” Nadia’s hand flew up in a shooing gesture as she turned her back on him.

He shrugged and turned from the bar.

When Annika couldn’t contain her giggle, the fairy turned in her direction with a scowl that was probably meant to be intimidating, but only made her laugh harder.


“What the fuck are you laughing at?” he snarled, his pierced lip curling in disdain.

“I’m laughing at you. She doesn’t like men.” She tilted her head slightly as their eyes met. His were a pale color, made eerie by the purple and green lighting above the bar, or perhaps the way they glittered with open malice. It seemed like a long moment, but she didn’t look away. Her pulse thrummed to life in a visceral response, warming her skin.


The fairy swaggered toward Annika’s table.

“And how would you know that, Mayberry?” He gave her a contemptuous once over as he stood before her, his pale eyes raking her. “And what the fuck are you wearing?”

“What the fuck is ‘Mayberry’?” she retorted.

“You really are some backwoods hick, aren’t you?” He roared with a joke that only he apparently knew.

Annika’s eyes narrowed as he turned away and started to stalk off. She might be fresh off the ship, but she wasn’t born yesterday and she didn’t like some fucking fairy calling her a hick.


“To answer your question,” Annika said, rising from her seat, “I know, because I had her last night. And the night before. And the night before that. Believe me, she’s not into men, or fucking fairies, for that matter.”

He stopped in his tracks, his golden wings shivering in the night air. “You were with her? What the fuck?” The fairy’s eyebrows rose.

Annika shrugged casually. “So?”

He laughed again, throwing his head back. “Fucking great. The only two females I can find tonight are both lesbians.”

“I’m not a lesbian. I just like sex.”

Well, that brought him up short! She giggled at the look on his face, to which he again scowled.

“So you fuck lesbians, but you’re not a fucking lesbian?” He laughed at his own crass joke.

This guy is totally inappropriate. “My hand isn’t exactly my favorite way to get off. Pardon me if I don’t discriminate where my orgasm comes from. Anyway, she knows how to do it better than a fucking fairy, I’ll wager.” With that, she turned on her heel and strolled toward her hotel suite.

It was a gamble, but she was betting he’d follow. He didn’t seem the type to walk away from a challenge such as she had just delivered. She hoped not, anyway. She really wanted to see what a fairy’s wings felt like. Among other things.

“What the FUCK?” She heard him curse as she walked away.


The fairy watched in disbelief as she walked away, cocking his head in appraisal. Smart-mouthed Mayberry brat or not, she had a nice, fuckable little body, and he could definitely think of better uses for her smart mouth.

He strode after her.


Annika paused at the door to her suite, stealing a glance over her shoulder as she unlocked the door.

“Yeah, you think I don’t fucking see you being all fucking coy with me, Mayberry?” he growled as he neared her. Annika just smiled.


Slipping inside, she moved to close the door behind her, but his arm shot out to block it, and the door slammed back on its hinges, banging against the wall in her suite. His glaring eyes laid into hers, and a frisson of excitement ran up her spine as she backed up a few steps, willing him to follow her.

“You think a fucking fairy can’t get you off?” He slammed the door shut behind him, and stalked into the room, predatory. 


“Gosh, I dunno. I doubt you can eat pussy better than a fucking lesbian can.”


Annnnd Annika hits the ground running, but she may have met her match in this particular fairy. Shout out and huge thanks to the lovely Nirar for letting me borrow Colin. Many moons ago, Nirar commented something to the effect of Colin and Annika would either hit it off, or totally hate each other. Which it will be, remains to be seen. I hope I do his character justice.

For those of you who read Generation 1, you may recall that Alastair Haven is Daniel and Daniela’s oldest son, from before they were married (Daniela’s surname was Haven, before she and Daniel combined their surnames). Natalia and Nicola are the twins they had, after Jake. In the end, if I wanted every sim in generation 2 to have a mate, I had 1 male and 2 females too many Riverhavens, so I sent these 3 to Moonlight Falls to become part of the inactive population in another legacy save I play. Their spouses and children as they appear in this story are pretty much how Story Progression created them in that legacy.