2.14: Challenge Accepted

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It’s been a few months since the last update, so you may want to look over the last chapter to refresh your memory. Annika’s acclimating to Midnight Hollow, and in some ways, hit the ground running, exactly as her brothers hoped wouldn’t be the case. She’s managed to blow off some steam with the sensual expertise of the resort’s bartender, and has just encountered a man in whom she might just have met her match in the form of a foul-mouthed fairy used to women falling all over themselves to be with him. He’ll quickly discover that Annika is not the average female.


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“Ahhh! Fuck! Oh gods!” Annika’s shrieks reached a new octave, her fists scrabbling on the silken bedcover but finding no purchase. Her thighs clamped around his head, and her insides melted into a boiling, spiraling pressure that burst much quicker than she would have preferred. She’d tried to hold back, wanting to prolong this experience, but the fairy gave no quarter, and her body meekly gave up what his rough lips demanded.

And he wasn’t finished yet. 

“Ah! I’m done, I’m done!” Electric twangs coursed up her spine as the onslaught continued. Sensitive and throbbing, she tried to edge back on the bed, away from him. but his tattooed forearms had her hips on lockdown. Coarse laughter rose from between her thighs.

The fairy’s head shook No, the motion sending shock waves from his mouth to the end of every nerve in her body. His pale, glittering eyes watched her with a great deal of self-satisfaction. “You. Are. NotDone,” he sneered.

His mouth was relentless. Where her bartender had been slow and sensuous, this fairy was rough and coarse, aggressive and demanding, and holy Master Controller, was he good. Almost unbearably good. Sweat broke out all over her body. Panting now, her body strained against his mouth, literally quivering in aftershock, thrumming with an ever-higher tension.


Another shattering peak rocked through her, so forceful that it bordered on pain. Before she could regain her breath, the fairy reared back and deftly flipped her over, onto her knees. Annika gasped when he drove himself into her, violently fitting her hips onto his. “Ohh….oh.” She sank onto her forearms, trying to catch her breath.

“What’s the matter, Mayberry? Not getting tired so fucking soon, are you? Where the fuck’s all your big talk now?”

He smacked her ass, then hooked his hands beneath her thighs and hoisted her hips to his, finding a deeper angle. His pace was driving her into the mattress, so she reached up to grab the headboard to keep her head from ramming into it.

“Harder,” she gasped. Her mouth hung open, gasping for air, her hair clinging to sweat-dampened cheeks. 

He slowed for a moment, and Annika ground herself back against him. “I said harder!”

 “You want it harder?” 

“Oh yes.”

She felt his sardonic laughter across her shoulder as he leaned across her back and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up.

“Challenge accepted.”


The fairy was more than able to rise to the challenge, and proved to be every bit as demanding as he was giving. And she had been happy to give as good as she got.

Annika rolled onto her side, watching curiously as he dressed. His battered, tattooed body, and his attitude, were so incongruous with the beautiful, shimmering wings fluttering delicately from his shoulders.

“So, now you know.” He glanced up at her with a smug, self-satisfied smile. “A fucking fairy can get you off. And this fucking fairy does a much better job than that fucking snooty little bartender out there.”

Annika had to agree. He was a glorious fuck, and she had to suppress a smile at his satisfaction with his own prowess. He was really rather…cute, once the edge was taken off. 

“Yeah, that was nice,” she said neutrally. She had to bite her lip to keep her expression bland when his brows flew up.


Nice?” He snorted. “That’s not what you were screaming 20 minutes ago.”

She fiddled with the tangled ends of her hair as she regarded him. This fairy obviously didn’t like to be challenged, she’d figured that much out very fast. And it had worked very well to her favor. 


“I’ve had better,” she said, sitting up and giving him a coy smile.

He gaped at her for a moment, then angrily shoved his arms into his shirt and pulled it on over his head.

The door slammed behind him as he left, knocking a framed picture from the wall as Annika collapsed back on the bed in a fit of giggles. I never even got his name, she realized. Oh well, next time. And she was pretty sure there’d be a next time.


Back on Ouroboros

She looked around her, letting her pack slide quietly to the ground beside her. No one had noticed her yet, something that seemed extraordinarily …irresponsible to Jaiyana. Dangerous. An open space like this was very vulnerable, and there were no guards that she could see.

She’d put her little skiff ashore a short way down from the village. Tired, she was glad she’d kept pressing in this direction, and was exceedingly thankful she hadn’t missed the mark. Had it been much later in the afternoon, she may have missed it in the night, but the smoke from evening cookfires had drawn her in like homing beacons.

Days ago, rude sailors in another port had told her of this island. They had sneered at her desire for someplace like this. And then they’d attempted to lay their hands on her. It was astonishing to her that undisciplined men would even contemplate to attempt such an action; she had brought punishment for their poor behavior. They had been lucky; the sentence would have been death back home.

But that wasn’t her home anymore.


She walked nearer the village, observing the villagers going about their meals and tending their children and fires. A woman with bright bronze hair saw her, and motioned to a man in her camp. The man walked forward to meet her, while the woman bent to stir up her fire. Back home, the men tended the fires.

“I am Joel,” he called to her, coming to a stop a few steps from where she stood warily eying him. He carried no weapons, she observed. Clearly not a subservient male, but not threatening, at least.

Her stomach growled, betraying her, and the man Joel smiled.

“We have food for you,” he said, beckoning behind him toward the camp where the bronze-haired woman tended the fire. His skin, she noted, was dark like hers, and a dark-skinned girl-child played in the camp near the woman.

“Come,” he said again. “You have come far, I can see that. My wife is expecting you.”

Expecting me? Retrieving her pack from the ground, she slung it over her shoulder and followed him down the short path to the camp with the tiny cabin. The red-haired woman rose to greet her, as serenely as her heavily pregnant belly allowed.


A couple of days later, Natalia announced she was taking Annika shopping for clothes to wear to school. Annika had become more accustomed to the resort and the Riverhaven household, but she hadn’t been anywhere else in town yet other than the school she was about to start attending, so when they arrived at the huge shopping center, her eyes were once again as wide as saucers. Natalia dragged her from shop to shop, and for the life of her, Annika couldn’t figure out how it could engross someone and entertain them so much, just browsing stacks and racks of machine-made clothing. Hell, Annika could have practically woven her own shirt in the hours they’d been at this, but Natalia had only found 2 outfits of the pre-made clothing that she deemed suitable.

Annika dutifully tried each blouse, skirt, and dress that Natalia handed her. They seemed stuffy and scratchy and frumpy, but she had no idea what passed for fashion here. She would’ve been absolutely bored out of her mind, were it not for the conversation about back home. Natalia asked questions about each of her many siblings on Ouroboros, who they had partnered with, how many children they had, where they built their camps, how they lived their lives. Annika was amused at Natalia’s story of how Ayala had actually hated Uncle Dustin for so long, and listened intently to any tales featuring her parents.


“Tell me about Abel,” Natalia said, quickly pawing through another rack of shirts. “He was just a baby when we left, but he must be–what, 18 now?”

“He’s an ass,” Annika said, then immediately wished she could take the words back. These people were all she had here, and it probably wasn’t smart to insult their family. Even if Abel was an ass.

But Natalia laughed. “So I gathered from what you said at dinner last week. The look on Alastair’s face when you said that was priceless. He can be a little…uptight,” She pulled a dress from the rack, and held it up to Annika’s shoulders, her eyes scrutinizing. “Not your color,” she said finally, replacing it on the rack and continuing her search. Annika rather liked the deep red color, but said nothing.

“Well, he’s tall-ish. He has light blond hair, like Nicola, and Alastair. He–” She paused. What could she say that was nice about Abel? “He does ok at school,” she finished lamely.

Trying to find something nice to say about Abel drove home her growing realization that Abel really was an ass. Thinking of him objectively started to make her understand her friends’ confusion about why she had continued to call him her partner. He really hadn’t been her partner for a long time.

“Didn’t you mention that he has children already?”

She’d forgotten she’d let that slip at dinner the other night. “Well, yes. He and Diana, since we were like 14, and, uh,” Annika decided to leave out that him screwing Diana had been a futile attempt to make her jealous. “Anyway she had a kid back then, and she’d just had another when I left. He doesn’t acknowledge them, though.”

Natalia’s face hardened. “Shameful. Riverhavens should always take care of their own,” she said. “And so young.” She tsked.

The mention of Abel being so young reminded Annika of how Natalia had spoken of Bronwyn, with this same note of condescension. “Why don’t you like Jessie’s mother?” she ventured.

“Why do you ask?” Natalia asked, her eyes cutting a quick glance at Annika.

“You spoke of her the other night like she’s someone you don’t like, just because she had Jessie when she was young. But she’s always been good to me. Jessie doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have a mom, much less one like her. She’s always so…calm.”


“Hmm.” Pursing her lips, Natalia held another dress up to Annika. “Here, try this one on, too.”

Annika draped the pink, frilly dress over her arm, along with a few others to take to the dressing room.

“I suppose people change,” Natalia said, turning toward another rack of clothing. “But she had quite a reputation when she was younger.”

“A reputation? For what?” Annika wondered.

 “Well. Sleeping around, mostly.”


“Well, she did it a lot. That’s how she ended up with Jessie so young.” The expression of distaste on her face announced that she thought such behavior was scandalous, beneath her.

“But you had Chance when you were young,” she pointed out. Chance was 16–almost 17, as he liked to point out–and Natalia wasn’t much older than Annika’s sister Ayala, so clearly she’d had him when she was just a teenager.

“That was different!” Natalia looked shocked, but to Annika, the comparison was obvious. People had kids. Often when they were young. Why did that matter, and why would that be scandalous for one person to do, and perfectly fine for another? On Ouroboros, having a child in your teens was a non-issue; it was sometimes a fact of life. Why was it such a big deal here and now?

I wasn’t sleeping with half of the island’s male population. She even tried getting to your brother, you know.” Natalia whirled to face Annika. “She didn’t–her and Carrick didn’t ever–?”

Annika shook her head. “Not my high-and-mighty brother, not that I know of, no.” She wondered why that mattered.

“Good.” Natalia shook her head as if to clear it. “Come, let’s find the dressing room. There’s the cutest little cafe here, we can get something to eat before we get back to the house.”


Trailing behind Natalia as she threaded her way through the store, Annika circled the rack, and did a double take when she saw the arrogant fairy swagger into the shop. A gaudily-dressed brunette was draped all over him, and with a hand on her ass, the fairy guided her toward the back of the store, toward where Annika stood. He stopped short when he saw her, his wings shivering behind him.

Abruptly he pushed the woman against a wall and roughly kissed her, his hand hiking her skirt up even further, pulling her thigh against his hip.  Turning his head, the fairy smirked at her expectantly, but when Annika merely raised an inquiring eyebrow, his familiar scowl fell into place. What’s his problem, Annika wondered.

Behind her, Natalia gasped. “That man has no class,” she said loftily.

The fairy stared at her over the brunette’s shoulder, his hand massaging her breast through her clothing. Annika realized he was looking for some reaction from her, so she smiled and gave him a flippant little wave before turning back to Natalia with a roll of her eyes.

Natalia glanced over Annika’s shoulder. “You don’t know him, do you? Why did you wave at him? “

Annika shrugged. “I saw him at the hotel once. He was trying to hit on the bartender.”

“Figures.” Natalia sniffed.

“Yes, Colin, yes!” she heard the brunette moan.


Annika turned and looked at the fairy again, meeting his eyes. Ah, so he has a name. Colin.

She smiled again, and watched as he dragged the woman into the dressing room and snapped the curtain shut. The sounds coming from behind the curtain left nothing to the imagination, however.

“Well,” Natalia said dryly. “I guess you’re spared having to try all this on now. Let’s check out. We can bring it back later if something doesn’t fit right.”



Alright, that’s a good enough cutting off point for tonight! I meant to have this published hours ago, but Midnight Hollow is being a pain in the butt! That town always is, no matter what save I’m in. Sucks, ’cause it’s one of my favorite worlds, too, but my machine just doesn’t like it.


Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of the Ouroboros legacy! (which was why I had wanted to publish before midnight tonight, but that didn’t happen).

Here’s to hoping for much more progress in the year to come. Annie and Jessie’s story has only begun.

Jaiyana is the first place winner of a contest I held back in August, submitted by Naiyasfury. We’ll be seeing more of her and the other winners over the next few chapters.