2.16: Better Than Sex

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“You’ve never had a fuckin’ cheeseburger? Fucking seriously? Not a cheeseburger or a fuckin’ Whopper? Quarter pounder with cheese? Nothing?” Colin clapped a hand over his eyes and moaned dramatically when Annika shook her head.  “Pizza?”

“Never heard of it.”

Another dramatic groan. “No Pizza. What the actual fuck, Annika? Pepperoni, black olives, extra cheese?”

Annika shook her head again, smiling. Colin was obviously enjoying his theatrics.


“Macaroni and cheese. C’mon, everyone loves some fuckin’ mac & cheese.”

“Cheese maybe, we can make that sometimes when we have milk, but what is macaroni?”

“Wait, wait, wait.” He held up a finger. “Coffee. Please fuckin’ tell me you people have coffee.”

“That we do have. Sometimes. But it’s brewed over the fire, not out of that shiny machine that Nicola has.”

“Over a fucking fire? You don’t even have percolators? What the fuck?”


“Pancakes. You have to have pancakes. Nothing better than pancakes hot off the stove on a Sunday—“

“Colin, we don’t have stoves. Or ovens.” She waved her spoon at him. “Though on that score, I wish we did. It’d be a lot easier to cook when the weather’s bad.”

“What the fuck. Do you even have electricity?”


“Oh my fucking hell. Running water?”


“Sort of. But not really. And most people don’t. When he was alive, my dad rigged some cisterns at our camp, but most people just carry water from the springs.”

Colin stared at her like she was an alien. Which, she guessed she was.

“No electricity. So you’ve never seen a movie,” he stated.

“What’s that, like a car?”


“This means you’ve never seen Star Wars,” The fairy said, almost mournfully. He dropped his head in his hands briefly, then glanced back up in time to see her licking the chocolate from her spoon with a zestful appreciation that gave him other ideas. His gaze dropped to her breasts, perfectly molded and tantalizing above the low neckline of her shirt. Can that even be called a neckline? he wondered. Probably not, he decided after careful consideration.



This girl. What the fuck? She was from some fuckin’ hillybilly Twilight Zone, a virgin to everything the modern world had to offer, and it wasn’t even a fuckin’ act. You could see that every time she reacted to something–like that icecream sundae she was having some impressively distracting mouthgasms over. Best $3.99 he ever spent at Bee Gee’s. What the hell kind of place was she from that it didn’t even have chocolate? Or macaroni and cheese? Or pizza? Pizza, man. Fuck.

His eyes dropped to her breasts again as she heaved a contented sigh of chocolaty bliss. They looked most excellent in the push-up garment he’d bought her at one of the outlets in town, and would look even better in the lingerie he planned on peeling her out of tonight.

You are one lucky bastard, Kahekili, he congratulated himself. Apart from the fact that she had quite a healthy appetite for sex, she wanted nothing to do with marriage or relationships, wasn’t clingy, and wasn’t phased by money. And the bonus? She was only here for a few months, and seemingly had no desire to stay. She was the perfect no-strings-attached diversion, and Colin was considering exploiting the hell out of it. And, he guessed, he’d just be doing his civic duty. After all, how could he not enlighten the poor girl on the joys of pizza? That would just be cruel.

As innocent as she was to the modern world, she took to it with surprising grace, albeit with some fuckin’ hilarious faux pas. Her reaction to each discovery was something wholly unfeigned; she was a far cry from all the jaded broads after his wallet or a marriage certificate.

She was one intriguing female. So far. And besides, dat azz. Fuck. It made even spandex look good. 

“Gods. That was better than sex.” She finally dropped the spoon into the bowl and leaned back in her seat. 

“The hell you say.” Colin said, raising an eyebrow. He noted with amusement that, while there was still plenty of ice cream left in the dish, she’d eaten every drop and swirl and chip of chocolate from it.

And that gave him an epiphany.

Annika laughed at his expression of mock outrage. “No offense. But chocolate!”


She watched curiously as he pushed back from the table and swaggered over to the pimply clerk behind the counter. The poor kid looked first confused, then intimidated, as Colin leaned across the counter and made his request. A moment later, he removed the large dispenser of chocolate sundae syrup from the counter and returned to the table, wearing a cocky grin.

“What’s that for?”

“What, this? This is for the blowjob you’re about to give me. Then I’m going to have a chocolate Annika sundae. And then we’re going to make a royal fuckin’ mess of your bed. And maybe the sofa and piano, too. Housekeeping’s gonna fuckin’ love this.” He roared with laughter at the thought. “We’ll order a pizza for dessert.”


600ntsA/n: There are a few weeks left of this semester, but things are starting to settle down some. I wanted to go ahead and release this scene, even though it’d be a short chapter, since I’ve again gotten behind in updating. This update wasn’t purely filler; it was to show some of Colin’s thought process about why he keeps coming around and becomes increasingly invested in Annika. If you know him from Nirar’s legacy, in his youth he wasn’t the type to spend very long with any particular woman. Well, we already know Annika’s views on monogamy–that, and a few other things, make them ironically perfect for each other.

But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten Jessie! We’ll be returning to his part of the story soon.

The next chapter reveals a twist that ties Ouroboros and Midnight Hollow together closer than we thought–something some of you have already figured out. Half of that update is already in editing and just needs screen shots–which is admittedly the most time-consuming part of this for me–but I think I can promise the next update won’t take as long as this one did 🙂 Thanks for reading!