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Generation 1: Shane and Lilith Meadowstone

Let me preface by saying that when I started the legacy, I wasn’t planning on it being a really in-depth story. Shane and Lilith just made it so. Consequently the first few chapters are short and superficial.

**Frequent NSFW**

Chapter 1.0: Lilith Meadows, Generation 1 Founder
Chapter 1.1: Just Another Day in the Life
Chapter 1.2: Options and Horizons
Chapter 1.3: What Tomorrow Brings
Chapter 1.4: The Right Thing (Maybe)
Chapter 1.5: Winter is Coming
Chapter 1.6: Not Your Possession
Chapter 1.7: Wish You Were Here
Chapter 1.8: Witchy Woman
Chapter 1.9: Butterflies
Chapter 1.10: Hollow
Chapter 1.11: A Little Old-Fashioned Scrying
Chapter 1.12: When One Door Closes
Chapter 1.13: The Show Must Go On
Chapter 1.14: Seeing Red
Chapter 1.15: Eyes For You
Chapter 1.16: Changed
Chapter 1.17: Prelude to a Kiss
Chapter 1.17.2: Prelude to a Kiss outtakes and backstory
Chapter 1.18: Dreaming of You
Chapter 1.19: Stay With Me
Chapter 1.20: Afterglow
Chapter 1.21: Snowed In
Chapter 1.22: Revelations
Chapter 1.23: I Loved You First
Chapter 1.24: Please Say Yes
Chapter 1.25: Making Love and Making Plans
Chapter 1.26: Welcome Home
Chapter 1.27: May My Hands Ever Hold You Fast
Chapter 1.28: We’re Just Getting Started
Chapter 1.29: Building a Life
Chapter 1.30: Time
Chapter 1.31: You Were Right  
Chapter 1.32: Lucky Man
Chapter 1.33: A Man Grown

Chapter 1.34: Halfway There
Chapter 1.35: Nothing To Forgive
Chapter 1.36: A Sixkiller Interlude, Part 1
Chapter 1.37: A Sixkiller Interlude, Part 2
Chapter 1.38: The Grow So Fast
Chapter 1.39: Making the Most of It
Chapter 1.40: Complications
Chapter 1.41: It Takes a Village
Chapter 1.42: Magick Hands
Chapter 1.43: Interrupted
Chapter 1.44: How I Feel About You      
Chapter 1.45: Don’t Waste a Moment
Chapter 1.46: The Scent of Destiny  
Chapter 1.47: A Lot of Moments
Chapter 1.48: You Have To Kiss Me      
Chapter 1.49: The Inevitable 
Chapter 1.50: New Moon
Chapter 1.51: Generation 1 Finale: Magick and Blood
Chapter 1.52: Generation 1 Epilogue (which is also the Generation 2 prologue) 




Generation 2: Jessie and Annika Swift

**Lots of NSFW**

Chapter 2.0: Childish 
Chapter 2.1: The Birds and the Bees 
Chapter 2.2: Just a Favor
Chapter 2.3: It Doesn’t Matter
Chapter 2.4: Getting Laid and Doing Homework
Chapter 2.5: Not a Virgin
Chapter 2.6: Just a Dream
Chapter 2.7: We Should Do This More Often  
Chapter 2.8: A New Version of Hell 
Chapter 2.9: Equilibrium Shatters
Chapter 2.10: What Can They Do?
Chapter 2.11: You Always Wake Up So Happy
Chapter 2.12: Ain’t No Sunshine  
Chapter 2.13: Fairy Wings, Among Other Things
Chapter 2.14: Challenge Accepted
Chapter 2.15: An Anomaly
Chapter 2.16: Better Than Sex
Chapter 2.17: It All Adds Up
Chapter 2.18: His Empty Reality
Chapter 2.19: Homeless
Chapter 2.20: Force


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