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Chapter 1.0: Lilith Meadows, Generation 1 founder

generation 1

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Summary: The Story So Far…

Lilith Meadows is the generation 1 founder, whom I constructed from the template of Theodora Jayne in Sunlit Tides. Her world is the primitive island of Ouroboros. Ouroboros is a little off the beaten path of the rest of the world, but is reachable by ship, so it’s not completely isolated. The villagers of this island, however, have always lived simply, and that is the way of life that they prefer. You’ll find them cooking over campfires, living off the land, and battling the elements.

coollogo_com-309294654An only child whose parents passed on some time ago, Lilith starts out as a young adult, with her best friend Maru the closest thing she has to family. Maru, meanwhile, decides now that they’re adults, he and Lilith should start thinking of the future–together. It’s the natural progression of their relationship, he feels. Only, Lilith never thought of Maru in that way. After he bungles his approach to a romantic relationship with her, Lilith agrees to give it a chance. Having known Maru all her life, she of course loves him, but she is missing that romantic spark she’s always dreamed about.

Lilith decides to make a trip off the island and travel to Champs Les Sims to purchase some food and goods to tide her through the long season. Maru doesn’t like her going by herself, but reasons that it will only be for a short time. Although his jealous streak shows a bit when he warns her to stay away from the French men. Several days later, his jealous streak is again provoked when his cousin Shane also decides to travel to France. Shane too is traveling to procure winter stores. Not being particularly friendly with Lilith, Shane wasn’t even aware that she had left the island–until, that is, Maru loses his temper and accuses Shane of chasing after Lilith.

coollogo_com-309294664After Shane’s departure, Maru is beside himself over his behavior. He’s still convinced Shane is chasing after Lilith, and is tortured by thoughts of what the two might be doing together in France. To console himself, he turns to Kaila Swift, with whom he had an affair before he and Lilith got together, and sleeps with her. Meanwhile in Champs Les Sims, Shane and Lilith do indeed bump into each other.

Lilith had always found Shane Stone attractive, although this isn’t something she’s ever verbalized, even to her herself, or realizes. The two become friends and spend time exploring Champs Les Sims together. Before she leaves to return to Ouroboros, Shane realizes that he’s fallen for her. But since she’s in a relationship with Maru, he does nothing about it.

Upon her return home, Lilith is glad to see Maru, but comes to fully understand that she just doesn’t feel the same way that Maru does. When Maru tries to push her into moving in with him, Lilith breaks up with him. In a spectacle that many villagers witness, he runs to Kaila, and Lilith begins to see that Maru had some prior involvement with Kaila that she wasn’t aware of. When Shane returns to Ourorboros, he learns about the scene between Maru and Lilith. He is livid at the thought of someone cheating on Lilith, and confronts his cousin about it, almost violently.

Unsure how to approach Lilith about his own feelings, Shane takes no action other than to be the friend that she seems to need. Over the next week or so, though, they are slowly drawing closer.  At a wedding party of friends, their level of intimacy is unconsciously growing faster and faster, until they leave hand in hand without thinking about it. In a rush, Lilith realizes she’s feeling those butterflies she always dreamed of. At the same moment, Shane knows he has to tell her how he feels. Under a full moon, they share their first kiss.

coollogo_com-14248617Their romance grows sweetly and innocently over the next several weeks. By the time they finally become physically intimate, they’re inseparable, and it’s not long before Shane is thinking even further ahead. When Lilith confesses that she’s fallen in love with him, Shane’s response is “I loved you first.” Not many weeks later, he proposes–and she accepts. During the short engagement, she moves in with Shane, and just before their marriage ceremony, realizes she might be pregnant.

Marriage and family life are blissful and largely uneventful for the Meadowstones. After the birth of their son Carrick, Lilith soon has a daughter, Ayala. It is not for several years that Shane and his cousin Maru come face to face again. Maru finally had to know the truth of whether Shane “stole” Lilith from him. Although Maru’s now a married man and a father himself, he’s borne this grudge against Shane all along and couldn’t bear to face him. After a long talk, there seems to finally be a resolution to the love triangles of Lilith and Shane and Maru and Kaila.


After Carrick, followed by Ayala, Lilith had another son a few years later, named Jace. Shortly after Jace’s birth, Lilith suddenly decided she wanted another baby. Her desire was brought on by the realization that they were getting older; their legendary and incorrigible friend Daniel Riverhaven had just aged into an elder, a shocking dose of reality to Lilith. She wanted to make the most of the time they had. It took another year, but Lilith did get pregnant again.

It was an extremely difficult pregnancy, which ended early and dramatically when Lilith passed out, injuring herself and bringing on early labor. It was a harrowing day for the entire family, but it resulted in the birth of four baby girls: Lakelyn, Ashlyn, Mary Jane, and Annika.

After the birth of the quads, the story shifted more to Carrick and Ayala, now teens.


Screenshot-122Ayala, who had professed to hate Dustin Swift most of her childhood and early teens, later found herself attracted to him. Dustin, a young man now, was likewise attracted to her. After an interrupted almost-kiss, however, Ayala greatly misunderstood a rumor about Dustin and another woman, and refused to speak to him for a year. During that time, Ayala briefly dated Dustin’s younger half-brother Jake.


Screenshot-601After a couple of relationships, Carrick later falls in love with the younger Nala Riverhaven. She was orphaned after Daniel and Daniela died, and abandoned by her older sister at home, Nadia, leaving her to care for her younger sister Natasha (Jace’s girlfriend), Abel, and toddler twins. It’s Nala’s dedication to her family that Carrick comes to admire.


Screenshot-87Shane and Lilith lived long, happy lives, and were happy to see their oldest children grow up and find their loves. Shane’s only regret in life is that he knew he would not live to see his youngest children grow into adults.

After Carrick graduated, he moved out to live with Jake Riverhaven for a time, and later married Nala. Ayala and Dustin reconciled and grew closer, and Dustin proposed to Ayala just before she graduated high school. Jace grew into a young teen, experiencing the funny awkwardness of puberty.

The quads were little girls, but Shane and Lilith died soon into their childhood. With Carrick and Ayala already out of the house, it fell to young Jace to raise his sisters (albeit with the help of his older siblings).


Screenshot-2The generation ends with an epilogue, which ties up certain aspects, such as Lilith dying, and that Jace is now the primary caretaker of the quadruplets. A prior heir vote overwhelmingly determined that Annika would be the generation 2 heir, so the epilogue reveals a bit about her relationship with Jace, as well as her primary circle of friends, and their respective roles.

Generation 2 starts here. Thanks for reading!


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