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Annika Meadowstone is the heir of generation 2, and the youngest daughter of Shane and Lilith–one of quadruplet girls. The generation 2 story opens when Annika is a 14 year old teenager. Her traits currently are Athletic, Heavy Sleeper (from the previous generation’s Runs In The Family roll), Angler, and Irresistible.

She is shocking in many respects: she doesn’t care about social conventions such as relationships, and what’s inappropriate or what’s not. She’s rather unemotional, possibly due to losing her parents so young. And she’s also very hedonistic. Annika does what Annika wants to do, and she wants to do what’s fun. With her confidence and cheerful personality, she’s one of the most popular girls in her peer group.


Annika’s main circle of friends consists of Aimee and the sunny-haired Jessie, and her boyfriend Abel, and they’ve all been friends for as long as they can remember. Aimee is easy-going, and goes along with whatever Annika wants to do, and Jessie is more reserved and laid back, so Annika is the dominant personality in these friendships.

Her relationship with her boyfriend Abel is baffling to her friends. Like Annika, Abel is one of the most popular boys in their peer group, and he’s very headstrong. Abel pressures her for sex. Annika couldn’t care less what Abel wants; from all she’s heard as a 14 year old motherless girl, sex hurts, and so it can’t be fun, and so she’s not interested. Abel sleeps with other girls, partly to try and get a reaction from her, and partly because he’s just a jerk, but either way, Annika is unconcerned.


When Annika does become curious about sex at 14, she doesn’t approach Abel about it, since he’s put so much pressure on her. So naturally, her two best friends are the recipients of her first explorations of sex. Aimee is a willing enough accomplice, especially once they discover how good it feels, but for Jessie, losing his virginity means something. For Annika, though, it was only an experiment to see what sex was like.

Annika’s total obliviousness to Jessie’s feelings, and his attempts to deal with them, are the true focus of the story early in generation 2. As one of her best friends, Jessie knows very well that sex only equates to Fun, for Annika, and that monogamy isn’t something that she seems concerned with. Her carefree spirit and careless confidence is something he loves about her, but he also knows it’s a big reason she would never take a guy like him seriously. Thus he struggles to compartmentalize his feelings, while maintaining their friendship–and only friendship.


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When Annika finally does have sex with Abel, he isn’t pleased to find she’s not a virgin. He quickly establishes himself as a selfish lover who is unconcerned for Annika’s pleasure, so she begins to tire of him, little by little as time goes on. Because they’ve always been seen as a couple, though, it doesn’t really occur to Annika to break it off; consider him something of a bad habit. Abel’s character grows nastier in the meantime. He takes her sister’s virginity in ‘revenge’ for Annika not saving herself for him, which doesn’t upset her so much as it comes across as incredibly childish. She continues to take her pleasure with her friend Aimee, which is enough to satisfy her for the time being.


Although she has sex with Abel sometimes, she usually feels it’s not worth getting dirty over for the few minutes it takes for him to see to his own needs, since he never bothers with her pleasure. And eventually, Aimee isn’t enough. She remembers,  one day day after a particularly dissatisfying tryst with Abel when they are 16, just how vastly different a lover Jessie had been for their first time, when Annika had first wanted to ‘try’ sex. He’s carefully maintained certain boundaries in their friendship ever since, something she’s not exactly conscious of, yet she knows him well enough to know he probably wouldn’t go for straight-up casual sex–so she decides to try seducing him.


It worked. But Jessie was extremely conflicted and upset about it after the fact, and they got into an argument before he fled. The incident made him realize for the first time that he did have feelings for her.


Jessie is a witch, but he is also ironically a supernatural skeptic. His mother Bronwyn is a witch, and her mother before her was a witch. Jessie isn’t willing to acknowledge that part of his heritage, and doesn’t have their power anyway, but he has nevertheless experienced what can only be called visions since his early teens. After leaving Annika on the beach after her seduction of him, he has a vision that raises more questions than it answers about his potential future with Annika.


He tells her to leave him out of her ‘fun’, and Annika understands–and is sorry–that she upset him. Jessie leaves her with the impression that he just isn’t into casual sex, and also justifies his stance with the fact that she’s still technically with Abel.


Abel happens to notice the scratches on Jessie’s back the following day, and congratulates him for ‘making some lucky lady very happy’. He never even considers that Annika may have been the person to put the scratches on Jessie’s back.

It’s around this part in the story that some readers began noticing a periphery character, whom they dubbed “purple haired girl”.


Another year passes, and equilibrium is restored between Jessie and Annika. They and their classmates are now 17 and looking forward to graduating high school and making their own camps and starting their lives as adults.


Jessie still struggles with his feelings sometimes, though.

Until one day…


Screenshot-1142 Screenshot-115

Well, he’s a 17 year old guy, with feelings for one of these girls, what do you think happened next?


Unfortunately, they were found by Annika’s older brother and guardian, Jace.


After a conference with her other elder siblings, it was decided that Annika needed to be separated from her friends in order to curb her rebellious attitude. The Riverhavens have family in Midnight Hollow, so at Dustin’s suggestion, they determined to send Annika there, until she graduates.


Only after she’s gone does Jessie realize that he is love with Annika.







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